Oh Captian….(100% OPEN!!)

  • It was early morning as a ship loomed on horizon. Unlike the sleepy atmosphere that surrounds it, the vessel was very active and busy.Every crewman was busy with their tasks on sailing and maintaining the vessel. As the crew continues to work a figure exits the Captain's quarters. A crewman notices the figure and gives him a quick nod."Mornin' Capt',"  The Crewman says. "and how ar' you this fine mornin'?" The Captain grins as he tilts back his hat revealing the ferret's youthful face grining. "Aye Fernir, I am doing quite fine actually." The Captain say to Fernir. "and what of you?" Fernir seems to glance towards the coast they have been sailing before responding. " Well Ezikeil," Fernir responds to the captain. "The crew seems to be slightly confused about the purchase you made last time we was at port. They feel like this "weapons" you had outfitted the ship seem to be a waste and take to much space, they tend to say that this was a major waste and your father wouldn't have approved." The rat winced as he knew mentioning the ferret's father tend to bother the captain greatly but this time Ezikeil did not seemed to be bothered by this response but merely chuckled. "Well Fernir that is why i decided to take us along this coast here." Fenir gave the captain a rather puzzled look as the captain glared at him upon noticing His confused expression. "Fernir you can't be serious,"  Ezikeil says in a annoyed tone. " We sailed here so i can demonstrate the power our new weapons have and how effective they can be! Haven't you noticed the only thing on that coast is that mountain and the forest? We are nowhere near a town so we wont have to worry about having to deal any issues." Ezikeil sighed as he could tell Fernir wasn't fully grasping the concept he tried to explain and eventually gave up trying to explain his motives. "Fernir, just get the crew…." Ezikeil watched as Fernir gave him a salute and left to gather the crew for the demonstration. The captain leaned against one of these new weapons and waited for his crew to assemble. After a short time the crew was finally gathered and the young ferret was finally surrounded by his crew. Ezikeil looked around as he made sure everyone was paying attention before he spoke. "Well lad's I have heard the mumbles about what you think about our knew...."toy" if i may." The crew began to gave each other confused looks wondering exactly what is their captain trying to get across. Ezikeil saw this and raised his paw to draw the crew's attention before he continues. "Well then allow me to explain." The captain jumps down to the deck and gestures the object next to him. " This here is called a cannon, now the cannon can fire these large metal balls at a large distance with can deal heavy damage to our enemy." At this point the crew was muttering to each other trying to understand.
    "What is the captain rambling about? There is no way such a weapon exists!"
    "Fires these metals balls?? Wow..."
    "What is the point of this? We don't know how to use such a weapon, what a waste of gold."

    Ezikeil once again calls the crowd's attention before thing get out of hand and countinues. "That is why we have sailed to this coast. We are going to have a demonstration of what these weapons can do. Once My First mate is done explaining how to load and fire a cannon we will fire onto the mountain and coast nearby so you can see the damage they can cause." Ezikeil then nods to his first mate. "Go ahead and begin teaching the crew, once you think they are ready to fire them come and let me know." Ezikeil then retreats back to his quarters to review the the papers the explain the specifications of his purchase in silence.

    (Note: that mountain is in fact Salamastradon by the way so know you know what they plan to shoot at. The crew just has no idea......let see how quickly this will escalate!)

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  • Might want to read what his weapons are.  Cannon's are not in the books at all.

  • Hence the reason the crew is uneasy..they never used cannons. Maybe its time to introduce canons, if Jaques was still alive I mean as years go on, weapons will be improved and such.

  • Doesn't the cover of the book with Gabool The Wild (???) show him with flintlock pistols?

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    Ezikeil awoke to a knock on his door. Must had fell asleep he thought as he brushed himself off and started to head towards the door yawning. He opens the door and a Fox stood there at attention. "Armos relax, you know I don't care about formalities much, just the respect is what i care for." At this point the Fox relaxes and speaks " Aye Capt, well I thought to let yew know that the crew has been educated on how to fire the cannons and seem to be a bit more eager to see what they can do." Ezikeil's ears perked up once he heard this as he look out the with and grinned. " Well Armos there is still light out and I also wish to see how effective they can be on board." The ferret spoke while remembering when he bought them back at port. He only saw a demonstration with a single and rather small cannon on land firing out into the sea so not even he has seen exactly how effective his purchase was. Armos nodded to Ezikeil and began to make his was to the door again. "Very well Capt, I'll go let the crew know of ya orders." Ezikeil looked back ,"That is why your my first mate Armos!" He said with a chuckle and began to put on his favorite black boots. He knew he shouldn't keep the crew waiting so he simply put on his wide brimmed straw hat and grabbed his green and silver coat as he walked outside. ""CAPTAIN ON DECK!" said one of the crewmen and the crew glanced up at Ezikeil already knowing what is going on. Ezikeil began to put on his coat as he spoke to his crew."Alright lads, now that you have been taught the basics of firing a cannon I think its time we test our new gear." This statement was followed with  several cheers of approval. Now smiling seeing how eager his men now are he yelled out  to the crew. "ALRIGHT LADS, BATTLE STATIONS AND AIM FOR THE MOUNTAIN ON THE COAST!" Once he gave the order the crew began to scramble each heading to the cannon they was assigned on during their training on the cannons. The ferret gave his crew a nod of approval, he was impressed with how quickly the crew can learn. "On my mark!" Ezikeil yells out. These very moments seemed to last for a eternity and he waited  for the right moment. The ship was moving slowly and and they all waited eagerly until finally  the mountain was in the perfect angle. "FIRE!" The young captain finally screams as he pointed at the mountain and was soon drowned out by the loud rawer of the cannons. They all watch, jaws hanging as they watched  the iron balls sail through the air. Each projectile hits it target and all the crew could see was the large cloud of dust, smoke, and rocks flying through the air. At that moment everyone began to cheer now knowing that this purchase just might give The Defiance the cutting edge it has been needing.

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  • A small refined male otter was part of the crew, which was odd since woodland creatures never joined a vermin crew. But he was different, a life of enslavement changed him, and instead of dying, he chose piracy, joining the vermin crew, plundering and burning and ransacking villages. Under the young but reckless captain, he worked hard and never looked back on his previous life, for fear of showing who he really is and what would happen if the crew found out.

    Ryills was at first very skeptical of these 'cannons'. Never before had he seen something that fired with black sand and fire and fly through the air to hit something. Yes he found it very bizarre that such a thing was invented. Before the captain ordered practice rounds, Ryills had inspected the cannons up close, didn't do anything to settle his nerves. He admittedly jumped when they did practice rounds, boy were those cannons loud. It left Ryills ears ringing after every shot and if he stood behind he would be knocked backwards, which in turn, he got jeerd and teased by the crew, "Lil baby can't handle a cannon." "He so short, a bug can do better then him." Ryills tried his best to ignore the calls as he returned to the cannons.

    He was happy when practice was finally over. Exhausted he sat down, closing his eyes. It was short lived though when he was pushed over, "You tired little creature? Bet you want your mommy…oh wait, you have no mom."

    "Leave me alone Barf." Ryills snapped getting up, "Can't you pick on someone your own size?" he was shoved roughly back down and he blinked back tears, "Oh look, little creature wants to fight back. I"ll give you something to shut your mouth." Ryills was hauled roughly to his feet and braced for the blows to come. Which Ryills was used to and knew that he could do nothing about it, the reason being picked on was due to him being an otter and not a vermin.
    He was saved when the first mate called out

    Barf let Ryills down, "I"ll teach you a lesson next time." he muttered and shoved Ryills hard. Ryills groaned and got up facing the captain.

    Ryills sat back, no way did he want to go next to the cannon, but instead helped stock up on the cannon balls. My goodness they were heavy. Ryills was panting as he hauled the cannon balls up on deck And saw as he staightend up as the cannons sailed over the water and hit the mountian side. He whisled impressively. "That's cause some damage" he muttered

  • Ezikeil was in shock in what had he seen. He never was able to even fathom that this new weapon could tear through solid rock as if it was only mere paper. He knew he wouldn't be able to land on the beach and get a good inspection of the damage due to the rather large cloud of smoke and dust so he decided that they will inspect the damage at an other time. The young captian then turn around and faced his crew with a huge smile across his face. "So lads, what was this about these cannons being a waste of gold?" Ezikeil could stop himself from laughing from watching some of his crew members turning bright red in embarrassment of there comments. "Well lads I'm not surprised to say I told yew so. Now I want you all to start making these cannons more presentable." He then heard the crew groan in disappointment when he turned and added, "Once your done you all will get the rest of the day to relax, it is time to celebrate our purchase." Ezikeil grinned as he heard the groans quickly turned into cheers of happiness. He began to head back to his cabin when his first mate then joined him. "A word captian? The fox said. Ezikeil nodded at him and responded as he walked. "Armos we will speak in my quarters." The fox quickly responed with a  "Aye captain" and they both headed to Ezikeil's Quarters on the ship. Upon entering Armos closed the door behind him as Ezikeil began to take of his coat and place it on his chair and sat down. Armos looked at Ezikeil for a moment and spoke. " Well sir, it appears Barf is at it once again." Armos said. Ezikeil sighed as he opened up his logbook and began to write. "Who is Barf harassing this time?" The young ferret said without looking up from his writings. "Well sir," the fox said while rubbing the back on his head. "It appears he is harassing one of our newer members of the crew…" The fox sighed before continuing. "It is the riverdog, I believe that his name is Ryills." Once hearing this Ezikeil paused for a moment and looked up. "The otter?" Ezikeil asked trying to make sure he was hearing him right. Ezikiel remembered that this sailor in particular was added to his crew after a childhood friend whom also joined the life of piracy gave him some sailors to help him repair the ship several months ago and began to remember what his friend said to him. _" You see that riverdog over there loading up some cargo?" The wildcat said to Ezikeil pointing. "That one is a special one, he is rather small  for one of them otters but[ my god he can be a hard worker." Ezikeil nodded at the comment of his freind when the wildcat spoke again. " I can have him work on your ship, consider it a  thanks for all you have done to help me." [/i] Ezikeil looked back on the rather pleasant thought but look at his first mate and spoke. "Give him a warning but keep an eye on Barf and if he continues to be a bother let me know and I'll have him scrapping barnacles off the ship until i grow tired." The fox nodded. "I will warn him right away." The fox said as he got out of his chair when the captain spoke again. "Also be sure to tell the riverdog that i wish to speak with him." The fox nodded once again as he left the cabin. Once Armos had left Ezikeil groaned. Why did i decide to allow that riverdog on my ship? it was a question that constantly bothered him. He began to remember that dreadful day 3 years ago . A small tear rolled down his cheek as he remembers all the pain and suffering he felt that day. He wiped the tear and went back to writing as he muttered to himself. "Oh father, if only you could see your son now…" _

  • Ryills was panting as he brought up the last crate and just heard the Captians announcment. Ryills stretch his body and check to make sure his bandana was covering his left eye befote heading over to help make the cannons more presentable.

    "Nothing for you here riverdog.  Get moving." A rat snapped an Ryills backed down quickly. He froze has he heard Armos' voice "Riverdog… Ryills isn't it? Captian wants to speak to you right away."
    Ryills nodded and his heart pounded in his chest. So far he had managed to stay away from the scrutiny of the capital. "Yes sir.." He muttered and passed Armos but not before tripping over a box and went sprawling. He got up quickly and brushed himself off. Red-faced in embarrassment he went on.

    It's always him to be picked on, after 3 years still getting picked on. Sometimes Ryills really thought to himself why he did what he did with his life, "only for you..." He muttered as he knocked on the Captians door and went in. 
    "You wanted to see me Captian?" Ryills said looking up at him  but not exactly making eye contact.

  • ((Ugh, Ill just put Stulta in as if this was before he ran away from Salamandastron. I dont want to wait any longer!!!))

    A hare was watching them. A young hare, but a hare nonetheless. His fur looked like it was halfway between his winter and summer coat, and his eyes were like emeralds. He wore a new beige tunic with a freshly woven string belt. He looked around 18.

    The hare whistled in a carefree manner while collecting nearby stones to put in a pouch by his side. He undid his sling (cleverly disguised as belt), from around his waist.

    As he stood up, he watched in astonishment as lumps of metal came smashing into the mountain. He heard a few faint cries of shock from the mountain, and he was galvanized into action.

    Rally up hares. Theres a Bally Big Boat headed our way, and it has an odd type of balista, wot?`
    With that, he ran to one of their ballistas, already packed with hares. He checked their progress, and ran to the next, until he found an unoccupied one. This he levered into place and began loading with rotten vegetables.

    Other hares were already fixing the damage made by the cannonball. 3 were carrying balls away to the forge, where new weapons could be made. Others were loading stronger ballistas with them and firing them right back. Others were loading rocks and pebbles back into the holes in an attempt to fix them.

    Threescore hares were bringing out longbows and twoscore were carrying out arrows. These were seized up and used to fire at the ship, knowing they were powerful enough to hit.

    So the mountain made their defense with longbows, ballistas and quick thinking against big metal balls with power enough to pulverize rock.

  • Ezikeil glance up at the otter. Not making eye contact, typical… The ferret thought but sigh. He already knew how the otter felt in a way. "Ryills have a seat." He watched as the otter made his way to the chair before continuing. "I have heard about Barf, well don't worry about him anymore. I will handle him if he cause anymore trouble." He chuckled at the otter's dumbfounded face, clearly the otter has yet to understand how he feels about his crew. "You see Ryills," Ezikeil said while pouring himself a glass of his favorite ale. "I like to treat this crew as a family, regardless of who you are and where you are from." Ezikeil said this as he looked straight into Ryills eyes. "I do hope you can understand that what I am about to say, this is stuff i hate to talk about but since you are the newest crew member and the only otter I think I should tell you something…" Ezikeil paused. It always pains him to remember that incident despite several years have passed. He looked at Ryills with a slightly pained expression. "You see-" He was cut off as a he began to heard shouts from deck and Armos bursting into the door. "Captain!" Armos yelled running in. "Armos what in blazes is going on??" The ferret asked in shock. Armos looked at the dumbfounded captain. "Captain we are under attack!" The fox exclaimed. Ezikeil got up in shock. He was told that there wasn't anyone who lived in the area. Ezikeil decided now wasn't the time to bother worrying about how such a terrible error happened. Ezikeil quickly buckled his sword to his waist, placed his hat on before running out with Armos. When they opened the door all he saw was a hailstorm of arrows, rocks and strangely rotten tomatoes. "MOVE THE SHIP OUT OF THEIR RANGE!" Ezikeil yelled out to his crew. "ONCE WE GET OUT OF RANGE OPEN FIRE AT THE ENEMY!!" Ezikeil grabbed a spyglass and looked out to the coast to see the hundreds of hares scattered and trying to attack his ship. Just the sight of the hares angered him, he remembered that day 3 years ago. He wanted them to pay. "STOP THE SHIP AND FIRE ALL CANNONS!" Armos looked at Ezikeil. "But, sir we are still in range." The fox said to the captain. Ezikeil turned to him and eyed him with a glare that could freeze fire. " Those are hares....." Those was the only 3 words he said before turn and giving the order to open fire.

  • Ryills was confused as he accepted the offer and sat down facing the capitan. I have heard about Barf, well don't worry about him anymore. I will handle him if he cause anymore trouble. He looked up quickly, dumbfounded, 'Was it that easy? After so many months on the ship it was over that easy?' his mind was making quick calculations.

    Ryills focused back on the young captian, watching him as he pour the ale and he kept talking. "I do hope you can understand that what I am about to say, this is stuff I hate to talk about but since you are the newest crew member and the only otter I think I should tell you something…You see-" Ryills never finished hearing what he said when Armos burst in, Ryills jumped backwards out of his chair in shock. Just registering that the ship was under attack.

    The captian raced out after Armos, leaving Ryills behind. Ryills didn't think, but followed after. Maybe it was just a feeling but as Ryills ran he ducked, just as a few arrows slammed in the wood a hairsbreath away from where his head was moments before. He foze, eyes wide looking at the arrows above his head. His breath came rapid, "This can't be happening." he said, "Maybe it is.." he muttered under his breath. Looking around he saw the captian yelling to turn the ship around, and Ryills looked to where he was staring and saw arrows and weapons flying through the air to the ship and .."is that tomatoes?" he muttered as one landed at his feet. "Why yes it is." he muttered. He was thrown to the ground as the ship rocked, "What the-" he looked at the captian and heard "Hares.."

    "Hares.." Ryills muttered has he layed on the deck, "Hares...HARES!?" Ryills cried, "My kind.." he muttered. He jumped up and ran to side and looked at the shore, and it was hares. He turned back to the captian and saw his face, which chilled Ryills to the bone. "FIRE!!!" came the captians order and Ryills clapped his hands to his ears and the cannons went off.

    "ST-" Ryills was about to yell stop at the captian but choked on his words as he recieved a blow that knocked him to the ground, "GET UP RIVERDOG!" it was Barf yelling at him. Ryills srambled back out of range as the cannons kept firing. He found himself up against the mast and pulled himself up. "I NEED MORE AMMO!" came a cry, and without thinking Ryills jumped below deck, grabbing crates and brining them up to the crew members doing his best to avoid the his crewmates as he replenished the ammo.

  • Ezikeil watched as the cannons soared towards the shore and it's impact. "KEEP FIRING!" He yelled. " I WANT THOSE HARES TO BE AFRAID TO WALK OUT AND SURRENDER." The crew responded with only more cannon fire. Unfortunate for the crew and Ezikeil, the impact of the cannons was creating a large cloud of dust due to the amount of sand being kicked up from the explosion. This made it extremely difficult for the crew to aim at this point. Yet somehow the ship was still being hit. Ezikeil looked closely at the large cloud of smoke and dust. He knew that the only way the hares onshore was even able to hit them was through the use of some sort of artillery yet it was clear it wasn't cannons.They must be using some sort of catapult. He thought to himself. But know it was practically impossible to target them and for all he knew, the hares may be using the dust cloud to move their artillery without anyone on his ship to see. At this point it was clear that they would waste ammo trying to target them. Ezikeil began to try to think of his next move but was cut short when a rather large stone almost managed to hit the main mast and leave the ship crippled. By this point Armos ran up to Ezikeil shouting " Captian, we can't stay here! We need to move out of range." As much as he didn't want to, Ezikeil knew that even with the cannons his ship can't handle such a large barrage of attacks for long. the Ferret nodded at Armos and gave the order. "Move the ship out of range! They wouldn't be able to fire at us then!" Ezikeil gave the command with a some anger at the situation. the ferret wanted to to keep force his enemy into submission but now the ship is beginning to take more damage than  expected. He watched as the Hare's attack began to miss more often as  the ship moved away. Thank the stars this is was the fastest ship my father had  Ezikeil thought to himself. He knew the cannons can reach that once they are out of range but at this point he is focused on get out of range.

    (OoC: I think we just started a inside joke related with rotten tomatoes at this point…)

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