Oh Captian….(100% OPEN!!)

  • Ryills looked at the Captain coming towards. Suddenly she felt super nervous and took back a few steps as the Capitan lept to shore and hugged Armos. They greeted each other like old friends and Ryills gave a small smile at the notion. She gave a glance at Sultra and nodded slightly to tell him that he was ok. She stepped in front of Sultra, sorta shielding the huge hare from view of the captain, in-case the captain let his rage get the better of him at first site.

    Once the greenting was over between the two best friends Ryills met the captians glance, "'ello Captian." she said nervously and squeaked in pain as she was hugged and patted on the back, "congrats Ryills! That was amazing, I didn't know you could do it! You basicly won the battle single handily." Ryills felt like she was gonna pass out, "Captian…ribs..." she said as he let go. She collapsed down the ground, breathing heavily, "No touch please..." she muttered shaking her head, "One of your cannons got me when I lit up the last balaste..."

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  • Ezikeil stepped back in suprise. "Aye, apologies Ryills." He said as he offered a paw to help Ryills. " I must say I is impressive that you managed to pull the plan off." Suddenly Armos whispered something in Ezikeil's ear and Ezikiel gave Ryills a odd look for a moment before going back to what he was saying. "Anyways, I am glad you all made it back safely." Ezikeil then looked over at the hare and for a brief moment had a glare in his eyes that could even make a wolverine flee in terror. Armos saw this and spoke up in order to prevent any incident (we all know what could had happened right there…) "Uhh Captain, relax this is Sulta. This lad saved my life and is a friend." At that moment Ezikeil's glare softened and once again had a smile on his, "Well Sulta,correct? Anyways a friend of Armos is a friend of mine, well met." Ezikeil said as he stretched out his paw. "I am Captain Ezikeil DeSota at your service."

  • ((STULTA!!! STULTA!!! WITH A T!!!))

    Stulta, now feeling much recovered from his headache, shook the young Captains's paw quite heartily. He was quite glad that Ezekiel meant him no harm, thanks to Armos putting a word in. Retracting the paw after the shake, Stulta gave a grin.
    "Good to meet you, Captain Sir, wot? If Armos is an example of what all your bally beasts are like, then I am not likely to be found facing them in a bloomin' battle that doesn't include ships and metal ballista balls." Here he cocked his head sideways.
    "What were those balls anyway?"

  • (two things 1) We have been calling Stulta "Sulta" for so long and now you just noticed, fail… 2) "What are those balls anyways? ......must resist dirty joke!!!)

    Ezikeil chuckled at the hare's question. "Well lad allow me to explain," Ezikeil said he looked back to see Armos and Barf helping Ryills into the rowboat. "Now to begin with, those are not ballistas on board our ship. Honestly do you really think those would fit on such my ship?" Ezikeil chuckled as he looked at the hare's face now plastered with confusion as he walk towards the rowboat before making a gesture to Stulta to come along. "Now what we use is a rather new weapon called a "cannon", once onboard I can show you. Besides we have much to discuss about Mr. Stulta and do not worry about the crew they wont be hostile unless your a foe, which you clearly are not. Other then that they are rather friendly actually, wouldn't recommend challenging a duel to one of them though..." Ezikiel said as he climb into the boat before the Stoat pushed the boat out so they can row back to the ship.

  • Ryills accepted the help of Barf and Armos into the rowboat and remained silent on the way to the ship, she fiddled with her dirty bandages, the odd look Eziekel gave her when Armos, and she assumed that he told the Captain that she was a lass, made her even more nervous. She looked at Stulta who sat across from her and gave a small smile, "Cap't isn't that bad..he is very reasonable," she stayed silent the rest of the way to the ship.

    She waited for the others to get up on the ship before she gingerly climbed up on the ship, wincing in pain as the wood dug into her burnt hands. She shook her head when she reached the deck, slowly her hearing was returning to normal. Cheers accompanied as she boarded the ship and she received a lot of calls and pats on the back and congradulations. Ryills smiled and nodded at her crew mates, "Tis nothin', you guys woulda done the same." she said lowering her voice.

    Ryills followed the others to the Captains quarters and sat down on one of the available chairs.

  • Ezikeil looked out of his window as he unbuckled his sword from his belt and tossed it on the table into clear view. It was a magnificent blade, it was finely engraved on its white-gold hilt along with a grip that seemed to be obsidian. One odd thing about it was on the blade it self there was an engraving of a angel and a demon alongside the quote " Iter incipit paradisus in inferno. "  Ezikeil turned and saw both Ryills and Stulta looking at the blade. "A fine blade isn't it? The young ferret said. "Aye that was a gift from a close family friend. Its one of a kind," Ezikeil said and then paused for a moment before looking at Ryills in the eye. "I can see you looking at the writing, Iter incipit paradisus in inferno." It means the path to paradise begins in hell." Ezikeil watch Ryills look at him with some discomfort and nodded his head."Ryills, do you know what it means?"

  • Ryills shifted uncomfortably in her chair and retreated under Ezikels stare, "yes, sir…" she muttered looking down at her feet, "It means you have to go through hardship and work your way up to achieve what you want and to be rewarded..." she trailed off the last bit, refusing to meet his eyes. Suddenly she felt insignificant compared to the young captain, vulnerable to put it another way. Her secret was out and she didn't know what would happen next or how Ezikel would react.

    ooc: a quote from Dantes Inferno...have you ever read it? Really fascinating and several ways to interpret the meaning if I remember from high school.

  • (ooc: no actually i haven't read it yet, at the moment im in american literature and we are studying the Romanticism period in America so sadly no. I actually looked up quotes to find)

    Ezikeil nodded slightly impressed. "Interesting interpretation. But that is besides the point Ryills," Ezikeil looked at her once again square in her eyes. "Look at me right now and tell me what else you might be hiding from me, all I want right now is the truth." Ezikeil looked at her waiting to listen to her.

  • Ryills looked in his eyes, she twisted her paws and licked her lips nervously. "Well…um..you see..I-Im not really who you think I am...." she said and looked away from those piercing eyes. Taking a deep breath she took of her banana and ruffled her hair. She met Ezikels eyes, " My name is Dominique Perrie..I was born up on the coast to a merchant family." she said quietly, her voice became soft, as she told the story that she told Armos and Barf and Stultra in the cave.

    She felt silent afterwards and refused to meet Ezikels eyes.

  • Ezikeil gaze softened as he listened to her story. After Ryills (or Dominique) finished her story the young ferret simply nodded. "Ryills er, Dominique I knew that pain far to well myself. It might explain why I placed so much trust in you but still nonetheless you did lie but, I am honestly not mad at you." Ezikeil pause and thought for a moment. "Dominique, I am going to give you a choice and it is up to you to decide." Ezikeil gave a small smile as he looked at the surprised face on the otter. "You see I had gotten word before we left the port that I will be receiving a new ship as a gift and I will need another Captain. I am sure you understand where I am going with this option but there is a catch to this," Ezikeil paused for a moment. " If you do decide to accept this offer you will no longer disguise yourself as a sir, understand?" Ezikeil watched the otter nod before he continued. "Now If you choose to decline you can stay as Ryill till we reach port and I will pay you enough to settle down and live comfortably, the choice is yours." He leaned back into his chair waiting for the otter to decide.

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  • (OoC: Wow your accepting his offer, Ezikeil is going to be happy. Now Im just going to have to name the fleet that is about to arise, feel free to give me ideas and hopefully we get more ships! :D)

  • Dominique jaw dropped in surprise, "What?" she said, shocked, "I mean…what..um..wow." Dominique said, both offers that he has given her was insane and she wanted both. Her brow furrowed in concentration. At the next port she would get paid and then she was free to do what she pleases, head to Redwall Abby, live out the rest of her life. Free of work, can eat what she wants and bask in the sunlight all day long. She closed her eyes just thinking about it, living out the rest of her life. Oh yes that sounded glorious to her and its all she ever wanted.

    But the other side of her, loved the freedom and adventure she got, it ran in her families blood, yes times would be hard and she hated it, but other times it was  a certian freedom that she could have. Guy or girl, she loved it.

    She looked at Ezikel, "Both options sound wonderful, cap'tn." She said slowly, "But I think I know what my calling is..." she said and stood up looking out of the window, "I would like to serve as a captian on one of your ships...take the helm, chart the stars and the sea., find new places, see new things.." she said, passion in her voice, turning and looking at them, "thats a whole different kind of freedom sir, one that I am willing to dance with.." her eyes glistened brightly, and for a moment she felt like she had when she served back in her fathers fleet.

  • Ezikeil couldn't help but smile. "Well then Mr.Perrie, allow me to present you this." he said as he went towards a chest next to the desk. He pull out one of the finest blades the otter had ever seen. the blade's hilt was made of finely crafted gold and silver and the grip was made of a velvet cloth. on the hand-guard there was an engraving of a rose. Ezikeil unsheathed the sword and gave it a quick swing as the blade whizzed through the air. "This blade was made by one of the greatest blacksmith throughout the southerns seas. Finely crafted and built for elegance..and deadly accuracy." Ezikeil then balanced the blade on its side using only the tip of his paw. "While maintaining perfect balance, consider this blade a token marking you as a captain." Ezikeil then sheathed the blade and placed it on the table in front of the otter before nodding towards the hare. "As for you, ask away for what you would wish and I'll see what I can do."

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    Stulta, who had been sitting quietly throughout the exchange, was a tiny bit surprised when the Captain addressed him.
    "Oh, er, well… I've left the bally mountain now, and I have no place to go. I like ships, and I like Armos, and I like the look of those bloomin' balli- cannons you've got, and you'll need a jolly strong beast to replace Dominique"
    He grinned at the Captain, not at all modest.
    "I'm a jolly strong beast." he offered.

  • Ezikeil chuckled as he looked at the hare. It would be slightly ironic to have a hare a member of the very crew that fired upon a mountain of hares, but who is he to turn him down. After some thought Ezikiel spoke. "Actually my friend, I have a much better idea," the ferret looked at the hare's surprised look. "I'll have you work as Mrs. Peirre's first mate, if she wishes that is." Ezikeil chuckled as he got up from his seat. "But as I said, that is for our new captain to decide but there will always be a spot open for you on board the Defiance Mr. Sulta. Now if you excuse me, I got a ship to sail before those hares on the mountain get bold again." Ezikeil patted the hare's back as he got up and walk out onto the deck closing the door behind him.

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  • Dominique looked after the Captain then at Stulta, "I am looking for a first mate to help me on my ship. If you want the position…" she said. Dominique was open to having stulta on her ship. Good to have some beast that she knows.

    ooc: Stulta I offered you the position, its up to you to decide if you want to join Captain Dominique in "Tales of Warm Waters". 🙂

  • Stulta looked heartbroken for a moment, then grinned, first at Captain Ezekiel, then at Captain Dominique.
    "First mate? Of course, wot? I'm jolly good at all those nautical terms you know. Should be easier than eating porridge" he exclaimed, throwing a clumsy salute to his new captain, not at all how it was supposed to be done. Then he marched off proudly using about a hundred incorrect nautical terms per minute as he searched for whatever he was supposed to be looking for (not actually realizing he didn't need to be looking for anything.

    ((OOC: Well, I think that probably is my ending post too, unless you want to ask Stulta a final question or give him some advice.))

  • (this RP is official done)

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