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    Brad walked around the pond, deep in his mind. He previously walked from the council room where he was talking to the elders about that figure with the Scythe. It was frightening to the large mouse warrior, never seen anything like it. He was ready to fight for this peaceful place though, no matter the circumstance.

    Brad walked over to the pond and sat on the edge of it. His large blade on his back. "Man, I need to talk to someone."

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    -bic- Foremole had just left the council hall himself. Too many voices in such a small place was not good for him. He would rather spend time alone underground than above with the noisy affairs of others. His own personal preference was to let the creature in. He had done no one any harm as of yet. Still, the council was not going to simply follow the advice of a mole, so Foremole and quietly taken his leave to find a place to slowly unwind when he saw Brad by the pond. Walkin over he greeted the mouse with and smile and without another word sat down at the edge of the pond.

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    "Hello there." Brad exchanged a smile to Foremole. He was skipping stones across the pond still in thoughts of that ghastly figure. Brad yawned and looked at Foremole. "So, you tried to talk to the council too?" He kept on skipping perfectly flat stones across the pond, it kept him from thinking too much about the whole council and that figure.

  • Foremole shook his head and chuckled. "Hurr, no zurr. Oim purt of da counzil. Sumtoims Oi wunder woi though. If yous don't moind moi zeyin so." He added tugging politely on his nose.
    Foremole continued to watch as Shadow skipped rocks, periodically complimenting him on a good throw.

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    "Not at all." Brad smiled at Foremole. "Man, times are really changing in Mossflower. Too much war and lost lives. Unfinished battles that could go on for seasons." The mousewarrior was concerned for Redwall. He sighed with displeasure. "Sometimes I wish vermin could be goodbeast and keep from killing innocent lives."

  • Foremole thought about it for a moment before delivering a traditional tidbit of mole logic. "Oi think zey can zurr. Maybees they'ms just aren't bees a wantin' to change."

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    "Absolutely. I knew someone that lived in my village; was a goodbeast. He changed, and now hes a vermin." He pulled the large jeweled scabbard off of his back. "This is a result of those battles, my brothers sword." It made a thud sound as it hit the ground. "After his death, I vowed to protect all that is good. I want to stay here and help protect the people of Redwall." He smiled.

    "Redwall.. what a peaceful place, why would anyone want to go to war against such a beauty?" He let the question hang for Formole.

  • "May bees that they wants all that beeooty fors zemselves." came the mole logic. If you ask a mole a question, be prepared for the obvious to come back. It may be obvious, but mole logic is always true and usually insightful.

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    "Haha maybe." he sighed."At any cost this place needs to keep it's beauty, and should never fall in the hands of someone who wants to hurt it." He unsheathed his large blade, both paws on the hilt; he raised it high above his head. The sun glistened on the steel wonder. "I would die at any cost to keep this place from falling into the wrong hands."

  • Foremole looked at the kind mouse and gave a gentle rebuke. "Hurr zurr, Oi thankee koindly gude zurr, but we beez critures of peace. If a beast bees needin' 'elp, we gives it to 'em. We'ms onee fight iffn' tis nes'sary." Foremole smiled. Shadow was a good and kind creature, but needed to learn to stay his weapons and let kindness of the heart rule more than the edge of his blade.

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    Brad looked into the water and saw plenty of fish. It was peaceful; let his mind wander off. He looked at the Foremole. "Well, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Bradley Steelwall of the Canyonlands."

  • 'Yezzir, Oi know. You'm inderduced yerzelf to da council. Oi'm Foremole. Leader uv zee molers art Redwall." Foremole extended his large shovel like paws to Shadow in a pleasant expression of greeting.

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    Brad did the same, shaking his paw with a smile. "Its nice to meet you Foremole." Brad loved making new friends. It was something he usually tried to do. "Man I love this pond, its so calming and nice. Such a beautiful day today too."

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    As the two beasts were talking, a small mouse dibbun named Gerrin ((open)) was exploring the edge of the pond. His little mind was full of ideas and being a dibbun, brimming with imagination. So it is of no surprise that when Gerrin discovered the small piece of curved bark, he decided to take it for a sail in the pond.
    Being very careful that no adult beasts saw his adventurous maiden voyage, he set the bark into the pond. He was indeed pleased with himself. The bark rested perfectly in the water. A few leaks perhaps, but what was a wet rump when you could pirate the entire abbey pond?
    Gingerly, Gerrin stepped out into his vessle, to his great pleasure, the tiny makeshift boat held his weight.
    "I'm a piwate Gerwin. I'm gonna taked da monies from all da beasts inna pond." He pronounced proudly to himself. Due to a lack of paddles to go with the bark bout, Gerrin resorted to the use of his paws. In no time at all, Gerrin was in the center of the pond.

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    Brad stopped skipping stones as he spotted something. "Hey whats that in the middle of the pond? Looks like a dibbun." Brad panicked slightly. He didn't know if Gerrin would fall over and start drowning. He took off his armor and got near the water, just in case something bad happened.

  • Gerrin saw the squirrel coming toward him and frowned. Big beasts were so stupid. Couldn't he see that by making him go back to land, he would ruin his fun? Determined not to be perturbed by the squirrel's attempts to capture him, Gerrin took off surprisingly fast in his little boat, attempting to dodge Brad's groping paws. Turning around Gerrin smiled at the squirrel. "'Err, goes back ta ware ya came fwom you bigga beast!"

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