Open Season on Polecat (Open)

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    The whiskers on the end of her snout twitched at the sound and the vixen opened her eyes to a squint. Judging by the light coming in it was daytime and going off the loud crash the squirrel was awake. Tilting her head to look across the room towards the chair the white vixen noticed said squirrel was already sitting in the chair in place of the flask which was now out of sight from her perspective apparently shattered on the floor. With the bushtail not moving in any speedy fashion but just sitting in the chair munching on mint Nova didn't make any more efforts to move.

    ["Ah…by Hellgates that was a stupid thing..."]

    Nova flared her nostrils giving off a quite amused snort at the remark and watched the bushtail speak to Eve.

    ["Well…good morning to you, madam. Thank you for providing me with a chair but I must say...the quality of the wares leaves something to be desired."]

    Putting one claw on the edge of the blanket as if ready to remove herself from the bed the white vixen's other claw was wrapped around the hilt of her sword which was still nestled in its scabbard on her belt. Being a non-woodland beast and outside the abbey it really didn't matter where she rested for the night she wasn't letting her blade sit anywhere but by her side. She tensed on side of her mouth pulling her lips around more to the other side of her snout giving an appearance of curiosity "Hi there… Say you know you passed out in the hallway last night right? Hemm err, what were they talking about downstairs anyways? You know, before you took a nap?"

    A small grin crept across her face "I'm sorry I haven't introduced us heh heh heh heh. I'm Nova and this, this fine polecat here is…"
    The white vixen burst out giggling unable to truly imagine the polecat's reaction to her spilling the (beans) "EEEEEhheheheheheeee."

  • Eve jumped with a quick squeal, surprised by the sudden noise of the shattering glass. The noise however did bring her back to the room from the thoughts that were swimming around in her mind.

    Turning around she blinked in surprise at the squirrel who was already sitting in the chair that was placed over him. She was slightly confused as to how the squirrel managed to do that so quickly. She opened her mouth to stay something to the squirrel, though glanced at Nova as she began to wake up. She didn’t linger on Nova for too long before turning her attention back to the squirrel.

    Eve sighed as Nova tried to introduce her to the squirrel. She wasn’t expecting for anyone to know her identity the next morning after discussing the plan with Nova the night before.
    ‘And so it begins.' She thought to herself, finally moving away from the window. “I think my dear friend Nova is trying to say, is that I’m Eve.” She said sweetly, acting as though she knew nothing of the prophecy. “What is your name?” She asked with a tilted head and sat on the edge of her bed. “What was going on down there last night? We could tell it was some busy…and loud.”

  • “I think my dear friend Nova is trying to say, is that I’m Eve.”

    Riscar blinked owlishly at the rather abrupt turn in events, mindlessly crunching on the sweet leaves. He flicked his bushy tail and stared back at Eve as she continued.

    What is your name? What was going on down there last night? We could tell it was some busy…and loud."

    Once more, Riscar blinked, this time at the sudden influx of questions. Scowling slightly, mostly because severely would have required effort, he held up a paw. His head hurt even more now.

    "By everything that is unholy…" Riscar muttered. "Have pity on a man hungover." Brightening somewhat, he dragged his flask from his hip and took a long swig of the foul concoction within.

    Head lolling to one side, he gave them a secretive smirk. "The secret to curing a hangover...more drink. Though I suppose I'll need some food eventually.."

    Riscar frowned a little and glanced at his awaiting audience. " asked...questions." Riscar sneered somewhat as he said the last word. Answering questions took effort and was incredibly dull on top of that.

    He stood up, albeit unsteadily, and performed a passable bow. "Riscar Gentlewind, at your service. Re-known thief and drunkard, extraordinaire!" Riscar's whiskers twitched. "More drunkard than anything else."

    Sitting down with a heavy groan, Riscar waved a hand vaguely. "I didn't steal anything from you so don't worry. You seem like the type to want your stuff back. Ugh. Your types are the worst."

    Holding up a paw, he counted down on the connected digits. "Last night...I got drunk. Stupid woodland beasts said stupid woodland things, prophecies and such. I was drunk enough to actually get riled. I don't remember the rest."

    Tossing more sprigs into his mouth, Riscar grinned lazily. "I do remember them mention you, Eve." He scoffed and leaned his chair back on two legs.

    Unfortunately for him, he was both hungover and not quite yet awake.

    A resounding crash and a few muttered curses later, Riscar found himself staring balefully at the ceiling. He didn't bother to get up.

    "Prophecies...true prophecies...they exist. But you don't read fate in such an easy manner, with names mentioned and all. When a seer...sees...they are literally interpreting what happens in the future. So much information, all at can't be interpreted in a normal manner. Thus, the seer channels the information into riddles and thus you have a prophecy."

    Riscar grimaced at the long sentence. "At least that's what I was told by an old seer once. A true one, mind you."

    "I robbed her blind, afterwards, on principle. What a load of..." He glanced at his current roommates. "...Anyway, I've heard old prophecies, fulfilled ones, recited before. They're never that specific."

    He chuckled dryly and continued munching his mint, mindlessly staring at the ceiling. Too much talk and not enough laze, made Riscar a rather irritable squirrel.

  • Eve glanced from Riscar to Nova, and back to the thief and drunk, who drinks even more to cure hangovers. It seemed as though they weren’t going to get much more information from him than that. She smiled slightly at his confession that he didn’t steal anything, not that she would trust a thief if he had said that, but she didn’t really have anything for him to steal. Plus it was highly unlikely as she was already awake, if he did steal anything he would have tried to leave and not sit back down in the chair.

    The polecat then eyed Nova once again before quickly returning to the squirrel. So the tavern patrons continued to talk about the prophecy and her well into the night. She winced slightly as Riscar fell back with the chair, though he didn’t seem to be hurt, except maybe his pride if a drunk had pride.
    She nodded at his explanation of a true prophecy. It was quite odd, this prophecy. It seemed to clear, though perhaps the seer just heard the names in their vision, it wasn’t a far stretch to think that.

    As the squirrel made no effort to get home Eve sighed. “You mentioned you had gotten riled up. May I ask what about this prophecy talk got you so, while you were drinking?” She asked, more curious than anything.

    “Well I guess we should go get something to eat, while it’s still morning…” She suggested to Nova. “You’re welcome to join us, providing you not steal from us…” Eve said, inviting the squirrel.

  • Nova flared her nostrils as the squirrel took another swig of his drink "Thief, drinking that stuff a stripedog could smell you a days march away… Not to mention the sound any belch caused by that stuff... Hergh, next subject."

    Next thing the white vixen knew the squirrel tipped the chair backwards and was on the floor facing upwards. Giving an irritated huff Nova rolled the blankets off her and climbed to the back edge of the bed so she could look down at the squirrel "Wrong, you stole my sleep with this rukus you keep making."

    Letting a small grin escape her lips she rested her cheeks on the palms of her claws as the squirrel continued his speak despite his awkward positioning. The woodland beast brought up the prophecy and seers making her grunt slightly "Well at least there's someone else that finds it a wee bit off. Of course there's not much to tell when this entire thing started circulating and if someone figured the riddle out. I mean why run around blithering a riddle like a fool when you can just slap them in the face with the answer."

    [“Well I guess we should go get something to eat, while it’s still morning…”]

    Nova flared her nostrils again "There's a lot of fighters about and they just got slaughtered by Savas's horde, not sure how they'll behave with… us about." the vixen slipped off the bed and went to the small table beside her bed "I'd very much prefer not devolving to old practices by force." as she said this her claw opened the drawer and removed the barbed whip within it. At this point she turned to Riscar and held her free claw out to him "Come on, 'afore your stomach and everythin in it comes out yurr mouth layin down like dat."

  • “You mentioned you had gotten riled up. May I ask what about this prophecy talk got you so, while you were drinking?”

    Riscar's head lolled to one side as he squinted at Eve. "What part of 'drunk and I don't remember the rest' did you not understand? Woodland beasts are stupid beasts that will latch onto the smallest bit of gossip and exaggerate it."

    He waved a paw about lazily. "Ignorance and gossip, the two worst things to have in a beast. Unfortunately, the two seem to go hand in hand." Noticing her eyeing the room he continued. "I just mentioned that I didn't steal anything. You don't have anything worth stealing."

    Rolling his head back towards Nova, Riscar twitched his snout at her. "That's what a bath and mint sprigs are for, vixen fool. I didn't steal your sleep, either. I just…took it away from you."

    Listening to her statement about prophecies, he snorted in derision. "You wouldn't know a prophecy if it tweaked your whiskers and smacked you a good 'un on the bottom. At least you know what it isn't, though, so perhaps you're not a total loss."

    “Well I guess we should go get something to eat, while it’s still morning…You’re welcome to join us, providing you not steal from us…”

    "There's a lot of fighters about and they just got slaughtered by Savas's horde, not sure how they'll behave with… us about...Come on, 'afore your stomach and everythin' in it comes out yurr mouth layin' down like dat."

    Glaring balefully at her, Riscar accepted Nova's paw and hauled himself up. "While your point is indubitably valid, I am going to resent that statement on the mere principle of being the recipient of it."

    "Don't hurt yourself trying to figuring that out." Riscar snickered to himself.

    Sighing loudly, Riscar swallowed his mint sprigs and smoothed his ruffled clothes once more.

    "Aye, let's go get something to eat. As you saw fit to lend me your room, I will purchase our breakfast." A fat coin purse appeared in his hands and disappeared just as quickly.

    With a lazy grin, Riscar pulled open the door and began to whistle the tune of a tavern song. He sauntered torward the stairs, humming lyrics to himself.

    "There once was a ruler of Zariskadia,
      a nasty fellow indeed,
      with eyes of blue and long sharp claws,
      evil was in every deed!

    Kariska was the name of that prince,
      an ugly name, I know,
      and he loved his enemies queen,
      she loved him not though!

    One day as he was pining,
      a bauble his eyes did catch,
      of his love he was designing,
      with his gift her love to fetch!"

    Riscar paused and snickered before turning around, his right paw on the first stair. "I would sing the rest but it's an incredibly crude and crass song. However, it is very catchy and I cannot do it justice. Perhaps I'll ask the tavern band to sing it for us."

    Grinning to himself at something undoubtedly crude, Riscar descended the stairs.

    OOC: I couldn't help myself and I just had to reference my old character and the role you and I used to play, Kiara.  😛 😛 😛

    I'll come up with the full song later. I just made that up on the spot hahaha

  • (( ooc – omg, love it. Haha ))

    Eve shook her head at Riscar. He was certainly an odd beast. He seemed smart enough, though with his love of drink and laziness, it didn’t seem like the two qualities go hand in hand, but with him all three fit with his personality.
    At first she was suspicious of Riscar, if he had any connection to Savas. Though as smart as Riscar seemed to be, she doubted her brother would hire a drunk. Drunks would be a liability for him, even if said beast was smart and slick enough to be a very good thief.

    Eve nodded and smiled silently at Riscar’s offer to pay for breakfast. She was quite amazed at his talent, as the coin purse disappeared just as she caught sight of it.
    She sighed, looking to Nova as Riscar opened the door, and started to follow him down the hall and stairs to the tavern below. She was mentally preparing herself for the crowd of beasts there were sure to surround her once they knew her name. She was thinking of ways how best to handle them and how to best handle leading these beasts against the warlord Savas, if they were brave – or stupid – enough to confront him. She was not leader material, though if Savas could lead a horde of beasts through fear and strength, she might just be able to lead beasts against him, though different means of course. She wondered if beasts would still fight with her against Savas if they ever learned that they were in fact family.

    Her thoughts were interrupted as Riscar recited a tavern tune. She tilted her head listening to the story that was intertwined within the song; A prince in love with his enemies queen, but didn’t love him back. That was sure to be an interesting story, though he didn’t finish the tune but suggested he’d get the band to sing it. Eve simply nodded, following him to the tavern.

    The tavern was quiet as beasts slowly woke after the excitement from the night before. The smell of stale ale and the welcoming smell of breakfast mixed together between the walls of the tavern. There were beasts still sleeping in the far corners, some already enjoying breakfast, conversing in hushed tones about the attack and prophecy. Their dull faces indicating that they were still groggy from both being hung over and sleep. There was one hare however that seemed to be more alert than the others, as if he had just got there, unaware of the goings on the previous night, which could have been the case, if he had traveled from the opposite direction, especially since he seemed to be the listener in a group of beasts that were lazily talking about what had happened and what was going on.

    Eve followed Riscar to a table for them to sit and eat. She already had picked up on her name being said, and each time it had, her ears would twitch in the direction of which she had heard her name being said as if someone was calling out to get her attention.

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    {"While your point is indubitably valid, I am going to resent that statement on the mere principle of being the recipient of it… Don't hurt yourself trying to figuring that out."}

    Giving a slight huff Nova let a small edge of a grin creep from the side of her mouth "Wouldn't be the first beast that's gotten offended just because."

    When they left the room Riscar started to whistle a tune which the white vixen didn't quite understand. She closed her eyes momentarily in irritation until Riscar stopped and turned to them {"I would sing the rest but it's an incredibly crude and crass song. However, it is very catchy and I cannot do it justice. Perhaps I'll ask the tavern band to sing it for us."}

    Eyes bolting back open she waved her hands exaggeratedly "Thank you, you figured it out! If you're going to make a song, use some words!"

    Down in the main room the three of them sat at one of the tables where they waited to put in their order. Nova slumped slightly in her chair and clasped her claws on the table which she then rested her chin on. She watched Eve twitching every now and then, it took a bit before she realized her action's were occurring in sync with her name being said in the background. The white vixen buried her head in her arms and snorted "You're not used to a lot of attention are you?"

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