Adipisci Velit

  • Nickname: Adi

    Name: Adipisci Velit

    Species: Squirrel

    Adi is an average size, but very wiry. He has amber eyes and a scar running from the top of his head to the solid part of his tail, where there is a slight decline in the growth of hairs on the line only. There are also several pale scars on his arms, legs and chest.
    (Scout Clothes)
    He wears a barkcloth tunic with leaves attached and his tail could well be a small bush from the looks of it. He wears a mask of bark that is lined with twigs and leaves.

    Possessions: Adi owns no possessions of his own; he shares with the beasts in the cavern he lives in.

    Strengths: Adi is the master of disguise, often disappearing and leaving only his eyes visible, and occasionally doing this by accident. He also is a skilled climber an expert dancer, and a good singer.

    Weaknesses: His scar sometimes bothers him, but he hardly ever shows that it does, just endures the pain. He finds it hard trying not to be a smartypants sometimes and generally evades questions aimed at his past.

    Personality: Adi is an eccentric squirrel. He is troubled by previous raids, and sometimes takes the time to wander off and sit alone, by most of the time hes in there and being busy. He can sometimes sound like hes trying to hypnotize you, until he knows who you are. Then he usually waits just a bit longer until hes 100% sure, then bang! Hes your best friend.

    Background: Adi`s home has been raided a few times. Twice, they were big raids, where there was no hope, and fourteen times they have just been little gangs, easy to overwhelm and drive away. On the first big assault, four seasons ago, there were just enough beasts to defend, but most were killed, and Adi was knocked over the head, damaging his ability to act normally. On the second assault, the following season, Adi got his big scar, and was nearly overwhelmed, but help arrived just in time. Even then, defeat was slightly in sight. This was when he met Somniare.
    (Will add to background)
    Recent events:

    • Adi had invited a ferret named Seig to his home, where they ate and chatted, until Seig asked questions that Adi did not answer, so he distracted him.
    • Adi went outside and sat alone for a while, then heard vermin coming, so ran back into the cave and warned the others.
    • Adi went into the narrow tunnel to the cave, where he killed the oncoming force one at a time until there were none left.
    • During this, he was badly wounded and taken to the hospital cave.
    • Once out, Adi toasted a new door.

    Current events:

    • Adi is discussing travelling to Salamandastron with Seig.

    Age: 21

    Alignment: Good, just a bit annoying sometimes. Well, most of the time.

    Job: Scout to Spero Cave, his current home.

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