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    "Granted" smiled Somniare, shuffling over to a table to pour a drink.
    "Adi said you were originally headed towards Salamandastron. Are you still going, or will you stay?"
    The pleading look in her eyes as she handed Armos the mug showed what she wanted.
    Just then Adi bounced in, holding a beaker of strawberry fizz.
    "Toasting? I like toasting. What are we toasting?"

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  • Despite Seigs' lack of through training on social interactions and the subtler cues people could show even he could see that Somniare wanted him to stay. It actually made Seig a bit sad that once again he was wanted in a location but he wanted to leave and get back on the road. Maybe that's just where he was in life - he remembered back North hearing tales of soldiers that would go on long leaves and often never return…Well at least he intended full well to return one day to his home in the cold. What he would do when he got there? No idea.

    Thanking her as he was offered the goblet he ran through her question once more as he slowly spun to toast the new door, Somniare herself, the armory, the defenders, and Adi as he bounded in, before drinking down nearly half of the container and setting it down. "All the improvements and things that made them possible Adi. And unfortunately I will still be going Somniare. But don't worry, you have a proper defensive location now and troops to back it up. The ferret perhaps missing the point of her concern, but that lock of training coming back. But Seig just smiled as he did a check of his equipment again and nodded at them both.

    "I would like to thank you both again for your hospitality, how long do you think it will take to reach there Adi?"

  • Somniare bowed her head and set down her nearly empty drink. She hurried off miserably. Adi watched her go, her sorrow reflected in his eyes. He soon returned to the Seig, and answered the question.
    "Well, if it were just me, I'd make it in a couple of days. But since I will be going on foot with you, it will take maybe five days, if there are no distractions. When do you want to go? Tomorrow?"

  • Frowning again as Somniare ran off Seig considered going after her to try and see if he could help but he suspected that if he did he wouldn't leave and he probably couldn't help anyway. Then again she may have just been sad that Adi was leaving and after his near death experience a few days ago she was worried she may loose him again. But before he could even give her another good-bye she was gone. Directing his attention back to Adi and smiled a bit.

    "Is it because I'm not a Squirrel? But that sounds good to me, and I thought it may be best for us to leave today while the daylight is still good. But I think we have some time to pack for the journey…and that you could spend trying to cheer up Somniare." He said, frowning a bit at the end as he very much disliked seeing people distraught like that. One of the reasons he left home in the first place really.

  • Adi nodded to Seig's question, then again to his suggestion. He stood up.
    "Okay. Meet you back at main entrance in… three hours time." he offered. And without waiting for a reply, he bounded off.

    His barkcloth tunic still wet with Somniare's tears, Adi waited for Seig to arrive. He was lightly laden with food supplies, enough for about four days, five if he rationed it out. He also had a cloak and a length of rope.

    There were a few cooking items, like a pot and lighting material. A bit of rope, some fabric for shelters, and a dirk for all sorts of things, from cooking to defence.

  • Nodding at the Squirrel Seig moved away from the newly made door and headed for the kitchens to get himself rationed up for the journey - leaving his backpack of armor and his halberd by the door and just taking his shield with him.


    Arriving back with two satchels on either side of his waist, attached to straps over both shoulders, Seig was rationed up for the trip. Well with the two satchels plus the small bag that would attach to his armor bag he was good to go. It would be a good amount of weight but the ferret could do it. And its not like they would be hard marching or anything and they would likely be making camp when needed. They just needed to keep as much food as possible until they reached the dunes as the forest should be able to be foraged for food as they were going.

    But when he finally arrived back and started to get his backpack and equipment on he looked over at Adi and frowned a little as he worked. The dampness of his clothing wasn't a good sign but at least he looked good and ready for the trip. The cooking materials were a good thing to see as well as Seig's pots were getting pretty raggedy. But getting everything on his person was a bit of work, and as he did so he nodded at Adi's chest.

    "Is she alright? Or just worried about you?"

  • Adi looked at his tunic as if only just noticing it.
    "Yes, just worried. I told her to prepare a feast for my return" he winked at Seig.
    "That way, She can keep her mind off it and I can have a good feed when I get back" Adi opened the great shining door and slipped through the gap between water and stone.

    Outside the air was cooling. The sun was sinking behind the mountains,leaving the sky a pretty pink and orange colour. There were a few white puffy clouds in the air, and the trees swayed very gently in the breeze. Adi took a small sip of the waterfall's water, and wiped his mouth, satisfied by the coolness and freshness of the water. He disappeared for a second, reappearing with an embarrassed laugh. Then he set off at a slow sort of pace through the trees, due South.

  • Seigs frown turned into a little smile at Adi's sly response as he shrugged a bit. "That's one way to tidy up ends here. I hope that I'll be able to visit again one day, hopefully before I decide to head back north and home." Doing some last adjustments of his backpack and armor the ferret followed the squirrel out of the solid door and back into the forest. It had turned out to be a very nice evening as Seig smiled at the colors and took a drink from one of is canteens before topping it off at the waterfall. Slipping it back into his belt he looked back to see what direction Adi was heading but he was gone…Only to pop back a second later.

    Rolling his eyes Seig followed after him after the squirrels little laugh, heading in some sort of direction that Seig could only guess at their proper heading. "So long as you don't leave for good you can do your little squirrel vanishing act as often as you'd like Adi if it makes you feel better." He said as he clanked along quietly with all his equipment.

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    Adi hid a smile as Seig told him he could disappear whenever he wanted. He nodded solemnly then ran up a tree.

    At the top, he could see land for miles around, but he was only looking in one direction; South. After a bit of squinting, Adi jumped to the next tree, barely any leaves rustling. He poked his head down and called to Seig "Be back in a tick", then he flitted from tree to tree for a short time, fast disappearing. Once the squirrel was out of sight, it was ten more minutes before Seig saw him again.

    Adi jumped down from a tree next to Seig and puffed.
    "I spotted Salamandastron, but only just, in the distance. I reckon, we should cut south-east a bit first, because I spotted deep marshes straight ahead, and a party of ver- foxes and pine martens to the west" he jerked his head to the left.
    "Come on, I reckon we can get to the big four topped oak I saw south-east before it gets too dark to see anything."

    As Adi predicted, they did make it to the oak before midnight, and Adi laid precooked food out for them to eat, also disappearing for a moment to get some nuts and berries. After the meal, Adi set up a crude shelter, and laid out a bit of moss he had gathered while foraging and wrapped himself up with his cloak.
    "Nighty nighty, Seig; you're on first watch. Wake me up halfway through the night, so I can take over" he cocked his head sideways, as he thought again.
    "And wake me up if anything happe… hap... ha... zzz"

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