Washed Ashore (Open)

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    Ilex smashed a marten's skull with one paw, and stealing his sword, beheaded another who was just about to slay an injured hare. The hare stared at her as she crashed away, thin but impressive, weak but wild. She locked swords with another, and watched as her sword snapped. Madly, she swung her arm around and caught the sword by the blade, yanking it away. She roared in pain, and madness set in her eyes as she chased the terrified marten into the deeper, more dangerous areas of conflict.

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    Towards the outskirts of the battle two cloaked pine martens hid by several boulders. The younger one glanced over to see the elder one reaching for his blade. "Easy brother," The younger one said. "Keep your blade sheathed. If you draw the blade we are dead." As the younger one spoke he pointed out to towards the wildcat chasing a rather unlucky marten into the more intense parts of the battle. The elder one looked at his your brother. "But Serghei, we can't just stand here." Serghei sighed as he glanced at his elder brother. "Emil, they thought it would had been a smart idea to attack those hares. Clearly they was wrong so let us not make their mistake." Serghei watch his brother nod and let go of his blade's handle before looking back and observing the battle. "Besides Emil, father made it my job to keep you safe due to my...talents. So I won't let you do anything you regret."

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  • To say that chaos had decended upon the battle field was a bit of an understatement. The lizard, the wild cat, and the rat, while few in number their sudden appearence was so unexpected it threw both sides into dissary.

    The hares recovered first. "Right then." The grey furred hare with one limp ear said almost casually. "Finish them off! Kill the…" he hesitated for a moment. "Kill the sorry lot of martens and ferrets!"

    Dylan had to admit this was quite the odd set up as well. Fighting along side the long patrol against vermin He had the sinking feeling that thistell was not a story he would brag about later in tavern...

    The vermin for their part were broken. The fight was barely even to begin with, even less so when the wild cat appeared out of nowhere and came at them like a ferral beast. Marten's and ferrets took to fleeing in all directions from her. The few that stayed were slaughtered like cattle, falling prey to the long patrol's spears and knives.

    Which begged the question, what would happen when the fight was over?

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  • Doing his best to follow his new friend into combat Tul fell back on what he did when he was still part of the corsair crew the few times he did fight. Stay out of it mostly until the opponent was fully focused on the Hare fighting him, and then move in to push or stab or otherwise distract the other enough for the Hare to finish off. The particular hare he shadowed used his help to good effect and managed to kill three mustelid with his help and actually smiled at the Rat as they worked. It didn't take long till after more of them started to fall that many of the foe beasts ran off to abandon the battle. Tul had a moment of consideration that he should run as well…but he knew the hares would be able to run him down without much effort and make him very dead.

    So instead he carefully held out the dagger he had been given and lowered it to the sand before sinking down to his knees and putting his paws on the top of his head as his hare friend turned around to look at him. Doing his best to smile Tul started to speak, "F'iend Rig't? I halp'd ya wi'h ta ba'dis?" But the hare just waved a little and told him to shush till the Sergeant decided on the fate of their very odd vermin auxiliaries. They were told not to kill them, but they may still need to bring the vermin in if the Officer decided it to be so. So the hare moved to Tul's side after picking up and sheathing the knife with a paw on the rats shoulder.

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    Ilex watched in dismay as the martens and ferrets either fled or lay on the ground killed. When the hares discussed what to do with the four, Ilex gave a low growl to anybeast who looked her way. When it was decided that they were to be left alive, Ilex snarled in displeasure at the tone that the sergeant announced it in. She gave the hare a glare an followed after the group.

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  • Serghei shook his head as he saw a ferret and a pine marten run their way. Both of the brothers recognized the 2 as they approached them before Serghei yanked both of them behind the rock. "Are you two insane?" The pine marten said with his slight accent. "Your going to get us all killed if they spotted you!" The ferret shook his head. "Serghei your being paranoid, if they saw us they would had sent that wildcat upon us and we'd be dead before we even got close." At this point Serghei cuffed both of them in the ear. "That what you idiots get when you think it is a good idea to attack well armed hares! Next time think." Emil stood their and sighed. "Brother relax, Rehn and Kul were not aware about this. Besides the fighting has died down we can just wait until everybeast there relaxes and we can slip away. How hard can that be?"

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    True to the rumors surrounding the Long Patrol the only survivoring vermin of the battle were those who fought along side them. The ferrets and martens were slaughtered much like cattle and with less mercy.

    The after battle rest period was…awkward to say the least. Drakki had found his way out of his hiding place and slowly taking a stand next to Dylan who was very much certain another fight was about to break out.

    Thankfully he was wrong for a change. The leader of the hares, a grey firred beast with one ear that perpetually hanging down to one side came to greet the lizard. Not that he considered him a leader by far but it was either talk with the sea washed rat, the wolverine or the wild cat, or the shrimp of a lizard.

    Hard choice there.

    "Well...this has certainly proved to be an interesting development." Said the hare. "Call me Logan. Lieutenant in the Long Patrol. I must say you came at a good time." Dylan just nodded his head.

    "We were just passing through. Decided to help and..." the lizard gasped as the wolverine pushed passed him to shake the hares paw...whether he wanted him too or not.

    "Pleasure doing business with the Patrol I always say. If you ever need us again feel free to look us up. We always give the LP a discount for mercenary services!" He said with a wink towards the lizard.

    "Mercenary services?" Dylan blinked. A paniced hiss escaped his scaley lips, "No! No you did not just volenteer me for mercenary work! Don't listen to him! This beast is crazy!"

    The hare pulled his paw free. "Indeed." While he spoke a second hare approached him and whispered into his ear. "Well then. It seems we are needed else where. No rest for the wicked, wot?" The hare laughed before giving a shrill whistle. with in moments the hares finished their hunt around the camp for supplies and taking souvineers from their fallen enemies, tails, claws and teeth.

    Giving the vermin a wary glance the party of hares moved away from the camp, moving down shore until they dissapeared around the bend.

    "Well...that WAS different." Dylan admitted.

    "The Long Patrol certainly are odd beasts, arn't they?" Drakki asked.

    "Not as odd as our own party, that's for sure." The reptile said, casting a glance towards the rat and wild cat. "Come on. We better rustle up some food for us...less that cat decide to eat one of us..."

    About an hour passed. The martens had been working on a stew before the battle erupted. It was by far one of the worst stews the lizard had ever had but it was fresh, filled with grab meat and he was hungery enough to fill his gullet until his belly was swollen. He wasn't the only one. Drakki lay resting gorged with stew a short distance away.

    The hares had, for one reason or another left the bodies where they lay and took what little gold they had on them. There wasnt much in the way of valluables left to loot save for a few weapons and a few spoils too heavy to carry off or simply over looked by the soldiers.

    Dylan didn't feel up to giving the creatures a propper burial, seagals would see to that once the smell set in. But for right now he was too tired from the fight to care, and littledid he know a few of the beasts had survived and were close by.

    "You know...I feel good." He said allowed to no one in particular. "I mean, actually good. I got to fight off thieves and bandits and rescue the good guys for once. And you know...it felt good."

    There was a rustle against the grass to the camps east. Dylan turned to see a marten appear over the hill there. Dusk was just setting in at that time so the reptile could make the marten out to be a female in a green and yellow dress. He could also see the two dozen hares that appeared shortly there after quite easily enough as well.

    Unlike the previous patrol members they were more uniform in clothing. Sword beasts and paw fighters in chain mail with green uniforms.

    The marten shouted in a loud voice, "Thar! Thar they be!" She pointed a claw at the beasts in the camp, "Those are the beasts that helped those bandits slaughter my camp! Thar they be!"

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    Having been very relieved when the hares had decided that his body wouldn't be joining the pile of slain mustelids Tul had started to yawn again as they were told good job and the hares soon left. Still very exhausted and now with the adreline from the fight gone Tul had sheathed the dirk the hare had let him keep and helped clear a space around the cooking pot, dragging two slain ferrets away from it and away from them. Before just nodding at his comrades as they moved to the soup.

    "Pl'z sa'v sa'm fer me mates - I tak' a lil nap." And with that the rat slumped down onto the sand, curled up a little, and was soon snoring happily away.


    Having been prodded awake by some beast around an hour later Tul still felt like crap but at least it was something, and food had also eluded him as he bobbed toward land so he worked on getting some of that into him. The stew may have been terrible but to a rat that was starving it was good enough.

    Though as he ate he started to think about what to do...the old crew had abandoned him and he had no maps to figure out where he was in the world now. He had a inkling it wasn't Sampterra or the Green Isle as there was too much sand here. Mossflower would be a good guess because of the famous Long Patrol hares but he had heard tales of them traveling to other islands to 'clean them up'. Maybe if they found a prominent landmark then he could figure it out. Sink that crew for leaving him for dead, me mused darkly as he finished off his stew and yawned again - before he looked over at some beast shouting at them.

    Blinking a few times he started to wave at the other hares before his eyes widened and his paw fall back to his side as he dropped the empty bowl and tried to get back up onto his footpaws as he waved his paws in a no gesture. "Nay! Nay! H'ar Fr'ends! We na' don' non' of dat'!" Sea willing it would work...he really didn't want to save some Long Patrol hares today only to be killed by another team.

  • Ilex groaned as she realized the situation they were in. Explaining surely would not work, so it either was fighting against the uniformed hares, the non-uniformed hares, both, or simply running away. Running away seemed to be the easiest, since they had eaten and rested, but the wild cat loved a good scrap. She would run, she decided, because it was not her fight.

    Ilex ran to Tul, pulling the rat to his feet, and dragging him along to where the Drakki and Dylan lay.
    "Get up" she hissed, tugging at the wolverine's ear and kicking the lizard.
    "We're going. We've have food and rest, and it's time to go"

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    Serghei was shaken awake by his brother. The pine marten opened one eye and glared at his brother. "Emil, why are you bothering me again?" He said in annoyance. Emil pointed towards where the hares set up camp. "Look brother, just look!" Serghei rubbed his eyes as he got up and looked over in surprise to see a force attacking the encampment before finally speaking. "Wake Rhen and Kul, we need to leave." Emil nodded as he proceeded to wake the other 2 before dawning his cloak along with Serghei. "Let us go brother." Emil said as the 4 began to walk away from the encampment.

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  • "Dylan! What is-" Drakki began to shout until the lizard grabbed him by the ear to pull him along.

    "Just shut up an run!" Dylan then released the wolverine. This was it. This is where he drew the line. He wasn't going to die protecting the idiot wolverine if he didnt have enough sense to escape!

    As the militia beasts each broke off to chase after each potential vermin bandit Dylan dashed into the shrubbery of the woods With Drakki close behind.

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  • After seeing that all of his current party was fleeing the situation Tul did the same, fleeing from the camp site as quick as he could and following the others. He did make sure to grab the dirk the hare had given him before but as he ran he started to think that would be a bad idea. Now he was armed with a hares weapon, one that he cold be claimed to have killed to get. But if he left it he would be disarmed…can't win it seems. But he had in his paws now so nothing left to do but run and hope that the Hares didn't run them down - something he he was sure they could do if they really wanted. But he didn't dare look back or else his clumsy paws would trip him up, he just tried to focus on running across the sand.

    He would need to sleep for days when this was all done...

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