Washed Ashore (Open)

  • Slowly bobbing up and down in the incoming tide the drenched rat raised up his head for another look. Despite being about to pass out Tul could tell that some kind of current had hold of his barrel. And when he was finally able to get his head up to look he could see land. He didn't care what kind of land it was, even if it had a instant execution policy for rats, it was land and that was enough. But with the lack of sleep and exhaustion he couldn't see anything beside the smudge of the land. But it was land…Grunting quietly he dug his hand-claws into the water-logged wood and just tried to hold on as he let the current take him toward the land.

    The waves when he got closer buffeted him about but the knowledge that it mean that land was closer pushed Tul on as he rested his chin on the side of the barrel he was resting against as he kept hanging on for all he was worth. His legs having long since lost the feeling in them and his arms soon to be following suit. He just had to hope his claws would stay stuck enough in to let him make it without falling off as he knew he would drown of he fell off his only life-line.

    Finally his toes touched sand and after a good sized wave Tul was deposited onto the shore line. But the slumped rat didn't give a scream of joy or anything as he just remained on the barrel. At least quiet breaths could be heard from the form but it seemed that the several days of floating had finally caused him to pass out, the waves gently lapping at his feet and tail with his claws still jammed into the wood.

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  • For a long time the only sound that could be heard was the gentle waves of the open sea. That sound was ecentually broken by the sound of foot paws upon the sand…and  humming.

    It was probibly a good thing the rat was unconcious for it else the poor beast would have been bombarded by the most horrendiously off key humming one could hear.

    There were two beasts. The one in the rear at least looked propper for such a place. A reptile of bright red scales with a yellow underbelly he was. His chest was covered by a fancy brown leather vest, left unbuttoned to leave his belly and chest exposed. His usual sets of tunics and shirts were kept in the napsack over his shoulder. The lizards head was covered by a rather wide brimmed hat with a feather plume.

    The belt at his waist held a slender long sword with a silver hilt.

    The lizard would have looked at home here on the beach had it not been for his charge's constant noise making. "Must you?" The lizard hissed with little accent. "You havn't shut up since we left the last town."

    The humming promptly stopped. Turning around and flashing his body guard a toothy smile Drakki spread his arms out wide and said, "But Dylan! I am just expressing my joy at such a wonderfull glorious day about us. Look! The birds! The sea! The vast epiciness of the endless ocean! How can one not take splender at such beatifull surroundings!"

    The lizard took off his hat as he rubbed the bridge of his snout. "Rather easily since we would be enjoying the spender of a ROAD had SOMEONE chosen NOT to try and sell long patrol uniforms to long patrol officers..."

    "What? How was I supposed to know they would turn hostile...the person I bought them from never said a word about them taking offense to a respectable business beast offering back their own goods at a humble discount."

    Dylan ran a claw across his snout, "Drakki...you are a wolverine...how do you THINK they should have reacted?"

    "Well just because I am a wolverine doesn't mean they should be rude...after all if you can't trust law enforcers to not be speciest then who can you trust?"

    "Drakki...they are the Long Patrol...their entire job IS to be speciest!" Two be fair the two wayward travelers did look like corsairs...or at the very least bandits....which Dylan was from time to time.

    And the wolverine looked vicious and fore boding no matter what he was wearing, even more so now. Being a creature of of the north Drakki De Butcher was rather unprepaired for the harsh climate of the south. Being close to the ocean was secretly a releaf for the wolverine.

    He wore his usual tunic like a turban over his head leaving the sweat drenched fur of his oper torso exposed. Drakki had a surprising ammount of muscle to his arms, or rather it was surprising he had any muscle at all judging by the size of his rounded belly. Dylan figured the wolverine had to have some muscle to him in the end from pushing that heavy cart around, or in this case a very large and very noisy back pack.

    "Well reguardless...how long until we reach the next city?" Drakki asked.

    "Soon." Dylan said simply before pressing on. He hoped at least it would be soon. Drakki may have been a soft overweight fool, but in the end he was a large carniverous monster, one whom Dylan had no wish of telling that they had ran out of rations...

    Niether wolverine nor lizard had seen the rat up ahead yet...

  • (OOC: First time using Ilex so far. Ilex is further East of Tulian by the way)
    Wildcats hated water. This particular water was no better; it was full of broken ship parts, which swirled and bobbed. Bodies floated around Ilex, the dancing dead, she clung to a fast rotting mast, chains and a taunting stoat were pulling her down, down into an abyss of cascading darkness…

    Ilex sat up with a bolt. Her matted fur hung around her as she blinked at the sunlight. She checked the claw marks beside her; a full season had passed.

    Brushing sand from her orange coat, Ilex Folium took a last look at the bones of a fish she had killed and moved on, dragging behind her a snapped oar and another set of chains, identical to the ones on her wrists. As she walked West, she swung the chains around and smashed the wood, splinters flying everywhere, removing the object that troubled her movement. All that was left were the chains attached to her wrists, but she could sort those out later.

  • Routinely moving back and fourth across the barrel the rat remained asleep. Probably for the best that he was asleep because of what he had been going through over the past two days. Though he would likely need to eat and drink something soon if he didn't want to be in a really bad way when he finally did wake up. But at least he wasn't dead, not that that thought was crossing his mind right now as he lay slumped on the shore.

    Rather what was going through his mind was a party, one that happened back on the ship after their last successful raid. Back when he was still respected and liked among the crew. They were having a feast on the deck, with music and dancing and the occasionally empty bottle being tossed over the side. Tulian was laughing, doing some dancing with the newer crew members after they had eaten…it was wonderful.

    Though on the outside only the soaked rats tail occasionally twitched and his mouth slowly opened and closed. So at least he was still hanging onto life as beasts approached from all sides.

  • Something which the wolverine and reptile completely missed until they were right on top of the castaway. "Well i hope this soon is sooner than the last soon you promised. Honestly it feels like we are walking in-"

    The wolverine managed to pause in mid step before planting his foot paw in the poor rat's head. Instead he yelped and flailed his arms as he fell backward. Scrambling on all fours the large beast dashed behind Dylan.

    Grabbing the lizard by the shoulder he poked his head around Dylan, "Dylan! Look! A…a...."

    The lizard sighed before he promptly stepped forward, letting Drakki fall face first into the sand. "It's just a dead sea rat you big dibbun." He said with a gesture of his claws to the rat. "Probbibly got drunk and fell off of his boat. Or tossed here after the storm."

    "Oh..." said the wolverine as he sat up on his haunces, scratching his ear with his hind paw. "What should we do with it."

    The reptile prodded the beasts side with his sheathed blade. "Well, if we let the drift wood dry out we could start a fire and eat him. He's kind of scrawny but add some pepper and..."

    Drakki stuck out his tongue, "Rat's give me indigestion. If I had an oven though we could make me mums famous rat pot pie." He paused to think for a moment, "Nah, too much work, plus it looks like the poor creature is still alive."

    "I can fix that..." Dylan said as he began to draw his blade. Behind him the gulo gulo gasped. Grabbing the lizard's paw Drakki spun Dylan around and pleaded with him.

    "But! But! But Dyyyylaaaan! You can't just kill a poor unarmed beast! Look at him, he is so pathetic and...and lost looking!"

    The lizard snatched his paw away from the wolverine's grasp. "He is already half dead. Might as well put em out of his misery..."

    "But we don't need to eat him! We got plenty of meats and sweets already in your pack!"

    Dylan hesitated for a lont moment, not quite wanting to tell the large carniverous creature they were out of food. Drakki found this action to be a sign that he was getting through and so pressed the argument.

    "Look at the poor thing. He is so helpless! He probbibly has a whole family waiting for him back home, a little rat wife and ten ratty dibbuns who will all cry and say, 'where is papa momy! He was supposed to tuck us in at night and tell us a story!' And she will be all, 'I'm sorry me wee poor, starving dibbun's but your papa wont be coming back. He was eaten by a greedy guts lizard in some distant land! And then the tax collectors will come and toss them out in the cold! And little billy..."


    "Yes! The poor orphan rat with the crippled tail! Billy will catch a cold and and and die! And their mum will die of a broken heart and then, then eagles will swoop in and devour the rest of the dibbuns because they were tossed out into the cold cruel world!"

    Dylan paused, arms crossed over his chest as he took in this argument. "You have issues Drakki...you know that, right?"

    The wolverine puffed out his lip and gave the lizard wide puppy dog eyes that would have put any canine to shame. "Dylan, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?"

    The lizard finally relented, casting his head back he said in a clearly annoyed voice, "Fffffffffine."

    Turning towards the rat Dylan pulled out his water skin. Taking out the cap the lizard took a long swig of the water before pouring a few drops on the fallen creature. "Rise and shine critter."

  • Ilex could see ahead a wolverine and a lizard arguing over something on the ground. She hoped it was food; raw fish was not the best meal, but when your stomach feels like your throats cut, it was edible. Ah well, losers werent choosers so she had to become a winner.

    Approaching the site, Ilex noticed that the object was not food; it was a rat. Snarling in disgust, the wildcat began to turn away. But as she turned, she noticed the wolverine talking about how full their bags were. What if Ilex were to dispose of the pair and take their food? No, that sounded violent. But why did others get away with murdering innocent beasts? Because thats the way they were born. Then why shouldnt I be able to? Just look at the size of that wolverine!

    Sulkily, Ilex let common sense take over and slunk away to search for small edibles under rocks or covered by sand.

  • (XD Billy…great Cool.)

    It was starting to rain on the party boat. A few drops at first that the crew seemed content to just ignore and keep dancing, eatin, and drinkin. But the rain proved to soon be a torrent, a torrential storm! The crew starting to shout and run about trying to get the ship under control. Tul unfortunately finding himself unable to move as a massive wave appeared off the port side! All he could do was watch as the wave crested the entire ship and then crashed down on them all.

    The soaked rat slowly opened its eyes as the water was dribbled down on him, eyes roving up to look up at the lizard and the wolverine...right above him. His eyes widened as he seemed to make some attempt at movement but it was more of just a wriggle. Next came a quiet croak before the rat slumped back onto the barrel and just watched

    It didn't seem like he was doing that well, but alive he was, though his claws were still embedded into the waterlogged wood and seemed to be preventing him from doing anything. Though he didn't seem that able to do much regardless if his previous attempts meant anything.

  • The lizard snapped his claws. "Blast…he's still alive."

    "I'm sorry but...isn't that a GOOD thing?" The wolverine asked quizically.

    "For him maybe, but now it means we have to take care of him." Dylan rubbed the back of his neck, "And you're positive you don't want to-"

    "Just hurry up and give him some water." Drakki rolled his his eyes as he crossed hiw arms. Sometimes Dylan could be just as hard to deal with as Drakki.

    "Fine." Said Dylan begrudgingly. Leaning down the lizard opened his canteen again to lift up the rat's head and pour some of the vital fluid down hiw throat. "If you die while drinking the last of my water, I will be very cross with you." He hissed.

    "What was that?"

    "I said go make your lazy tail usefull and collect some fire wood." Dylan replied.

    The wolverine whined. It sounded like Dylan was sending him out to WORK. "But I thought we were heading towards a village?" He said with protest.

    "We will have to make due here. I am NOT dragging this beast around. Now quite complaining and go grab some fire wood. Unless YOU want to take care of him?

    The wolverine grumbled but complied. Stalking off he mumbled something about bosy reptiles.

    Little did he know that he was about to run head long into the wildcat over the hill...

  • Ilex did not hear the wolverine coming. She had found a plant and was looking at it doubtfully. Should she eat it? She decided to and bit into it, only to spit it out in disgust. She marched further up the hill, deciding to try and get some food from the lizard. He would probably listen to sense if she grabbed his tail…

  • Now at least he was awake and getting some kind of aid as the rat slowly sipped at the dribbles of water he was being given. It honestly tasted pretty bad, warm and not substantial but it was still aid and he would accept it however he got it. Though it wasn't like he could try and run away in his current state as after the water was offered he flopped back over the barrel and just slowly breathed. Eyes closed as he took a few moments to just lay there before he looked back up at the lizard again. Though he seemed to understand the state he was in and didn't try to talk, just smiled and kept laying there as his tail flicked a bit.

    A meal had been lost but a life had been saved, at least for now as the rat rested on the waterlogged barrel, slowly regaining strength.

  • Dylan may have been cold blooded but he wasn't cold hearted. Not completely anyway. The reptile made sure Drakki wasn't watching before pouring the rat more water all the while annoucing, "Yep, thirsty little scamp is drinkin all our water."

    In a calmer more hushed tone Dylan said to yonder rat, "Easy mate. Just relax. You are with friends here…more or less." A thought just occured to him. If the rat chose here and now to subcome to his injuries he would die in obscurity.

    The thought dragged up several rather unpleasent memories in the reptile. Memories involving wounded soldiers and long forgotten battles.

    "You got a name rat?" Dylan asked next.

    Drakki for his part may have been a wolverine, a vicious brute of a monster known for their depraved violence and agression, but he wasn't the most observant monster. Looking for fire wood the large creature caught sight of the wild cat over yonder hill and not too far away from him. "Evening miss." He said pleasently before turning back to his search.

    The wolverine then paused. He preformed a double take, turning to stare intently towards the beast before him, fire wood he had already collected slipping from his paws with a loud clatter to the ground.

    He then let out quite possibly the most undignified and un needed scream one would ever have associated with a wolverine...

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  • Ilex looked at herself. She supposed she was a bit of a mess, really. In chains, in rags, scars all over her, she wasnt the best site in the world. But a _wolverine_ screaming at her, it was a bit too much for Ilexs liking.
    Hey, you! Come here! she yelled, but decided to go to him. It was unlikely he would listen in his sort of state.

    Ilex had powerful legs and was soon charging up the hill towards to wolverine. If she could kill, or at least get him away from the lizard, everything would suddenly become so much easier.

  • The rat opened his eyes again as the lizard requested his name from him. But in his current state all he could really do was make little noises in between the drinks he was getting. Though he had started to slowly worm his paws back and fourth to try and get them out of the barrel but it was slow going in his weakened state. But after a few attempts at his name, just quiet tch sounds coming out before that the rat took a few breaths and swallowed before finally able to get a formed word out.

    "Tu…Tulian." Though with how quiet it was said it would likely not be heard over the scream of the wolverine as Tul tried to lift his head up enough to try and see what had made that scream, but just slumped back over the barrel after a short jerk of his head - but at least his eyes were staying open.

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  • "Tu-tulian?" Dylan rubbed at his scaley chin. "That's a funny name for a rat." Patting the beast on the shoulder in a friendly mannor the lizard continued. "Don't worry, your among friends here. For the moment at least. I promis we are most likely NOT going to eat you and-"


    The lizard's sword glinted in the light as it seemed to just appear in his claws. Turning abruptly to the source of the yell that echoed down the shore line Dylan managed to catch sight of a flailing wolverine rushing toward him.

    "Save me Dylan!" Drakki yelled before launching himself towards the lizard, wrapping his arms and legs around his upper torso. "Gak! Drakki! Wha…" is all the lizard managed to say before he collapsed under the gulo gulo's weight.

  • Okay… so it seemed the wolverine was not a big tough beast that ate his enemies. He sounded more like a whining young vole who thought his food was going to be stolen. Ilex slowed at the top of the hill and strolled down, grinning cheerfully.
    Do wolverines taste nice? she asked, hoping this would scare them enough to give her something to eat.
    Because I havent eaten in days`

  • Managing a smile and a chuckle as the lizard seems to think that his name was all he had stammered out Tul grunted in pain and cringed a bit as the laugh set up wracks of pain from his worn out body. Though he was finally able to extract his claws from the barrel and managed to flop over onto his back off the barrel as he shut his eyes and just tried to focus on breathing. Though the screams did made him try to look up at what had caused it. Though the wolverine leaping on the lizard blocked off most of the view he had of the upside down scene as he erred a bit at all that was going on. But he just lay there for now, not trying to talk as he was still thanking the Sea for not claiming him in his mind, and trying to be able to form a full word.

  • The lizard flailed under the weight of the wolverine ontop of him. "She's going to EAT ME!" Drakki paniced.

    "Drakki you idiot! Get off of me!" Dylan finally managed to toss the creature off of him. Picking himself up and dusting off his hat the lizard hissed, "Trust me when I say that this wolverine would give you indigestion…heaven knows my ulcer comes back when ever I deal with him..."

    Dylan bent low and retrieved his blade. Striking a more dignified stance the reptile asked, "Now if you would be so kind as to tell me who you are I would appreciate it..."

    Dylan did not menace the feline with his blade, but he did not put it away either. He had trust issues with carniverous beasts who appear with out warning...

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