Seig Averi

  • I don't know where you got this idea that all 'vermin' as you say are savages, apparently you haven't traveled that much.

    Name: Seig Averi Gender: Male
    Age: 29 equivalent human years
    Species: Northern Ferret (White fur in winter and brown fur in summer)
    Occupation: Trained soldier from a northern fortress, now traveling blade.

    Alignment: To whoever he is currently serving. But as he is a traveler right now neutral.

    Physical Appearance:
    Because of most of his life being composed of combat and training he is very fit and fairly strong for his species. But because in his old army he was a light infantry man not a heavy soldier with a full suit of armor his training had less emphasis on strength and more on speed, balance, and defense. He is actually slightly shorter then a normal ferret So his weapon of choice seems slightly larger then it needs to be in relation to him but its of average length. His eyes are dark brown to match his fur in the summer months and he has a slight chip out of his right ear from a 'training' exercise. Other then that he has several scars hidden under his fur mostly on his arms and chest and his fur changes color depending on the season. The only odd thing about his appearance is his left hand paw for some reason always stays brown even in winter. To help hide this oddness Seig often wears gloves so he doesn't get looks to asks about it as he couldn't give a answer.

    Clothing-Dark green long sleeved tunic with a folded collar that may have been part of a cloth uniform at some point. But after his traveling its dirty and a little damaged, but he still wears it because it reminds him of home. He also has a dark pair of pants with a thick sword belt and a faded silver buckle of what appears to be a castle. Other then that he has light thin leather boots for when hes not in armor.

    Armor-A Sallet style steel helmet with a tight chin strap to make sure it stays on his head, it also acting as a holder around his neck when its on his back. The slit for him to see suits his main weapon well as its all about thrusting,horizontal, and vertical slashes. A two piece cuirass, one for his chest and the other for his back, connected by straps at the shoulders and waist. When hes not wearing it he sets the back piece inside the front and carries it in his backpack. He also has a pair of gauntlets and boots for when a large battle that he knows about is approaching but these are mostly just kept in his backpack. Although his travels have taken him far away from his old home he takes time out of each day to clean his armor and keep in shape, not wanting to let it get dirty or rusty. But he does not have leg armor or shoulder protection, just enough armor to protect the areas where damage would take him out of the fight.

    Weapons-A wood shafted Halberd, with a axe head on one side, hardened spear head on the top, and a hook on the opposite side from the axe. There is also a metal cap on the far end to keep his paws slipping off when he swings. This is his main weapon, but as his trainers were quick to point out it wasn't that great in close combat if they got past the business end of his weapon as hits with the haft would often not do enough to take a creature down. So he also carries a simple double bladed short sword for close up work or in case his Halberd is knocked from his grip, broken, or hes otherwise caught unaware.

    Other things-Close to his heart in a small pocket he also carries a small painted portrait of his wife and young daughter who he was forced to leave behind when he left the fortress. He also carries two medals in a small side pocket of his backpack from his days in the fortress. One from a campaign that he was a part of in his earlier years and the second for his battle plan and dedicated defense of his sides archers that helped them emerge victorious. Other then that he has a backpack for carrying his armor and a few small cooking supplies for use in his travels and survival in the wilderness.

    Trained as a soldier from a young age he speaks only when spoken too and stands straight and upright all the time unless told not too when around people. He also has a good eye for fellow warriors and gives them respect when he meets them, generally a crisp salute and greeting ending with sir. Although in his travels most goodbeast warriors are taken aback by this discipline and most vermin act disdainfully towards him when he does. Leading him to slowly begin to do it less and less as he travels toward Mossflower.

    Strengths: A very potent melee fighter and a decent tactician when battle is around. He's also a dab hand at repairing armor and weapons as well as survival skills.

    Weaknesses: Outside the reach of his weapons he is absolutely useless, he's never had any ranged experience at all. He also has a terrible sense of direction and just keeps walking without much thought a to where he's going. Although probably his biggest failing is the fact that he cant read, this is something he's terribly ashamed of and tries everything he can do to avoid the task at all cost so no beasts know about it.

    Born in Fortress Taruli, led by the Wolf of the same name, which resides on a small plateau in the deep north soldiering was the only career option besides being a farmer or smith. Because the young ferret wanted excitement, and due to the fact that his parents were also soldiers, the choice was obvious for him. Beginning at a young age he didn't have the rock solid arms to become a archer or the fast feet and hands to be a sword and shield defender. Nore did he preform well enough in the various test to become a fully armored knight. So instead he was given a spear and told to be a defensive troop. He stuck with this for awhile until during a patrol with some of his comrades they were ambushed, and while trying to fight them off a troop with a Halberd fell beside him, quickly hurling his spear into the enemy he grabbed the weapon and stood in front of his fallen comrade. Using it mostly as a heavier spear he was able to keep the raiders far enough away for his friend to regain his footing and get back up, grabbing a sword and helping him fight the attackers off.

    Seig still uses the same Halberd head from the first time he picked it up, only replacing the wooden haft when it was broken or old. But after that attack he was congratulated on his willingness to protect his comrades and skill and chosen to follow his Lord in a war-band to the large camp of the raiders that had been pestering them all summer and taken several patrols captive. Still with minimal training in this new weapon he gladly accepted the new position and left with the group to do battle, leaving about a fifth of the garrison behind to defend the castle. Marching over several days they soon got within range of the raiders outpost, by the bank of a stream with a small wood wall around it. Put under the command of a old rat captain he was given his orders, once the fires had been lit, he would charge in with the other pikemen and clear a position for the rest of the group to safely enter the fortress and then advance. The young Ferret waited with his fellow soldiers until the fires started, shouting a battle cry they leapt the shortest part of the wall and began stabbing, thrusting, slashing, and holding ground until the remainder of the troops entered behind them. Holding the line as best he could he was still badly cut across his right arm and a mace had left a large dent in his chest armor, falling back a little due to his injury's he used the length of his weapon to stab over the shields of the swordsman in the second line. But soon he was pushed to the side as the Knights ran forward. It was a awesome sight, the various beasts in their full armor, the fire glinting off them as they charged headlong into the poorly equipped raiders. Those that weren't cut down fled through the fires of their destroyed camp and were never seen again.

    This was where he got the first medal, for one so young (23 equivalent years) to hold the line and continue to fight despite they're injury's. He was one of several who received awards for that battle, and although he was very proud of his medal he rarely wore it, as he didn't want to appear to high and mighty to the older Beast-at-arms. Apparently some of them had noticed his humility and skill and helped train the young ferret in the ways of the Halberd, even giving him a short sword with simply the words, you will need it later.

    For the next few seasons nothing that drastic happened, and the fortress enjoyed several seasons of peace and plenty for those inside, but Seig still trained as much as he could with the older warriors until he turned into a potent combatant. It was during these seasons that his parents passed away. Although Seig didn't lament their passing that much as he knew it was their time. It was a simple service for two of the older members of the guard but every beast still attended. It was in the middle of his 27th year when they began to hear rumors of some army approaching through the lands.

    Although they were quick to try and ready themselves for the siege they knew was coming they were not fully prepared when the battle started. Because there was still a wall in between him and where he could be useful he spent the first few days of the siege making arrows for their archers and carrying them over. But as the days passed a idea began to form in his mind. On the four day he checked the enemy numbers and then presented his idea to his Lord. The lord waited almost a full day before agreeing to his plan. Just as dawn on the fifth day crested the horizon the attackers were surprised to see the walls deserted, and the gates slightly ajar. Seizing this change the commander ordered all units to change. As the first lines burst through the door they could see almost the entire defending army halfway across the court yard. Long arms in front with all the archers behind, ready to fire. The attackers stopped in their tracks, but were pushed forward by the back lines as the gates were slammed shut. The entire service of shield and sword beasts blocking their way. The fight was short but brutal as Seig slashed and stabbed faster then he ever had before to protect their key to victory, the archers. Entirely surrounded the attackers surrendered once they could see the battle was lost. Seig was surprised that the Lord of Taruli did not order them all slain, but instead just took all their arms and armor and tossed them out the door, saying that he would not be so merciful next time. This taught the ferret a valuable lesson, that you don't have to kill your enemy to win. His second medal was awarded after this, and he began to develop a reputation with the garrison of the fort.

    Shortly after that he was approached by a ferret maid as he trained. She explained, with a few tears, how her husband had been killed in the defense and she had heard that he put forth the plan to end the siege. That she would be honored if he would fill the spot her husband left and help raise her young child to be as strong as him. It didn't take Seig long to accept the offer had he had liked Emelia for awhile but hadn't made a attempt to speak because he respected her husband. They were soon married and living happily in peace. But as Seig has often found out peace never lasts.

    He was approached by non other then the captain of his unit who challenged for the hand of Emelia. The conditions, one match of single combat, first to draw blood wins. Although he was hesitant to accept this challenge he was honor bound to accept it, especially since it came from a higher ranked soldier then he. But Seig knew that it would be hard to defeat Yaric as he had been trained by him, so he knew what Seig would attack with. Although he fought well Seig was finally disarmed, his Halberd sliding across the yard, and before he could draw his sword he was uppercutted by the pommel of Yarics longsword. Staggering back he could only see a blur as it flashed toward him, a sharp pain from his ear then a warm feeling let him know that he had lost. Swallowing his pride he dropped to a knee and accepted that Yaric had won, trying to ignore the pain from his bleeding ear.

    After that he seemed to drift further and further away from the fortress, and although several of his comrades tried to help him he could never get over his loss. He tried his best to be happy for Yaric but he could never be happy whenever he saw her with Emilia, and he could never tell if she was faking her new happiness or she actually did love him. It was this indecision that made him pack up a travel backpack with his armor, strap on his weapons, say a last good bye to all his old friends, and leave the fortress. He may never know if he's missed or what happened after he left, but he vowed to not look back, or else he would never be able to leave.

    Its been two years since he stepped out the door, and although he has not been wandering in any particular direction he's been making his way towards the land known as Mossflower. Once closer he had been drawn to it mainly by tales of the might fortress Salmandrastron and its army. He would love to see such a well trained army and the fortress they had. Of course because he is so new to the land he has no idea of the stigma his kind has here, so with a smile he heads, to his best knowledge, toward the fortress of the Badger lords.

    Using his Halberd as a walking stick and the clanking of pots and metal hanging from his backpack as he hums along, keeping time as a sizable forest comes into view…


    Wife-Emelia. Back at the fortress with his former captain.

    Daughter-Lexie. With Emelia and 'uncle' Yaric.

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