Tulian Solum

  • Sa'm creatrs git sa' mad when ta' loot is' 'nvolved.

    Name: Tulian Solum - 'Keeneye' to his former corsair comrades

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23 equivalent years.

    Species: Rat

    Job: Former map maker, navigator, and lookout for the corsair ship 'Bloodskimmer'. But now just a outcast, slowly bobbing toward land.
    Physical appearance: Fairly normal looking for a rat. The only unique things about his out wards appearance would be his clothes. A somewhat baggy looking undershirt and a dark vest that has since been discarded for less weight. Dark brown pants to protect against the cold of the sea breeze tucking into thick sea boots finish off his piratey clothing. His oddly bright green eyes that always seem to be focused on something even when hes just looking around. The final thing would be a large chunk missing from his left ear where his corsair earing has been torn out in the disagreement on the ship before his oust. Unlike many pirates he was never one for tattoos or many piercings so other then the clothes you wouldn't guess he was a corsair.

    Possessions: As he floats toward shore on the waterlogged barrel hes since lost most of his personal items that were on the ship. The only things left for him are what he carries that haven't been discarded to desperately stay above the water and alive. The only things he has as the view of land comes up is; his drenched clothes that have a slight pirate look to them, a long straight dagger, a belt with a small telescope and writing utensils, his memories, and thankfully his life.

    Personality: Generally a happy creature, he greatly enjoyed being on the corsair ship and sailing around, finding many of his comrades great creatures with stories and knowledge to share. Having spent much of his life on the corsair ship he hasn't has much experience with 'woodlanders' and as such will likely be quiet and nervous around them. One of the main reasons would have been the only expedience the corsairs had with them were as raiding targets or small resistances and ships to be killed and swept aside. Tul doesn't have any particular hatred for them and now that his former comrades left him to drown he doesn't have any love for them anymore. Just worrying about himself until hes back on solid ground, not sure who to trust anymore.

    Strengths: Very good eyesight, memory, and a steady paw from map making.

    Weaknesses: As a map maker he was never at the fore front of boat to boat combat and for the most part was held back by the fox captain anyway, not wanting to risk their navigator in fights. As such he is not a fighter, although he picked up a few techniques from the other pirates for his dagger if he got into a real fight he would not do well.

    History: Having been on a ship since he can remember Tulian hasn't known much else besides the ship and the crew. Not that he minds, he loved his time on the ship. There were times of of excitement and times of lull to give him time to practice his artist skill. Soon the fox captain took notice of the now then young rat he put him under the tutelage of the current navigator. It didn't take long for Tulian to take to the job. His great memory for details and steady paw soon turned out many great maps. As came with the job he was soon put on navigation as well, his great eye sight put to use as well.

    Throughout his corsair career they stumbled upon many maps for areas that led them to supply caches and sometimes valuables. But most of the time to woodlander settlements or small ships ripe for the plundering. During these raids Tul would take more of a support role in them. Examining the maps of the locations to determine the best ways to attack so they could take the creatures by surprise and have the least danger to the crew. He soon got a reputation from the crew has being very good at determining weaknesses and planning for raids. But there were always times when their was no need for a plan and Tul joined the rest of the crew to attack. He never had any formal training but with most of the crew attacking it didn't matter much. Tul would just shadow a skilled fighter, waiting until the opponent was fully focused on the fighter until Tul would strike. A quick stab in the opponents side of back was all that would be needed, if not, then the distraction would be enough for the other to finish it off.

    Such continued until just a few weeks ago. As low supplies for the past month had begun to lower morale and make tempers drop to a all time low. Tulian had been apprehensive as the supplies dwindled at being ordered to follow a map not scribed from him toward a supposed treasure. As he did his best to follow the poorly drawn map and instructions he noticed the eyes of the crew turn to him with anger more and more often.

    It finally ended in violence as a strong weasel attacked him when he was trying to direct the helmsman, in the grapple the weasel got a hold of his earing and ripped it out, along with a chunk of his ear. Although he was valuable to the crew none came to his aid as the weasel beat him down to the deck with punches and kicks. Spitting in his face and calling him every word under the sun the weasel grabbed Tul around the throat and dragged the kicking and struggling rat to the side of the ship. With a great heave he was tossed overboard into the cold dark ocean. Gagging and trying to get air through his constricted throat the weasel laughed at him, tipping a barrel over with taunting that if he was any good at reading maps he would be able to get to land before the sea claimed him.

    It has been almost three days of Tul desperately clinging to the barrel, trying to remember all his maps to remember the closest way to land from where he had been dumped. It was only on the night of the third did he finally spot land on the horizon, but days of exhaustion had drained him of strength, and he could only slowly drift toward it. Trying not to fall asleep, knowing that he would have no chance of living if he did.

    Relations: Due to his recent 'friendly' oust from the corsair ship he was serving on he now knows no-one as he slowly floats toward the distant shore on the horizon. Though he will be all alone when he gets there.

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