Vermin Raiders

  • ((This is supposed to be for the biography of my mole character: Urkurr.))

    Urkurr and his brother Urkarr traveled slipped down from the steep slopes of the northern mountains. It was bitter cold, Urkurr's teeth vibrating like dragonfly wings. It was so cold, he had forgotten the cliched fear of heights for moles. It took them a whole day to get across the mountains. Both moles were happy they made it to safer ground.
      The mole brothers traveled in a southern direction. The land was getting warmer, and green foliage became more common. Urkurr knew they were in better lands. One night, they camped in a small flat area in the hills they were in right now. Urkarr heated vegetable soup for them, speaking in a mixed accent of the curious mole speech and northern talk. "Burr, here be's sum soup for ee, bruzzer. Aih loike mah soup noice an' warm, so Aih do."
      Urkurr accepted the bowl gratefully. After they had eaten, they fell asleep beneath a clear starry sky. At dawn, the brothers woke up. They were just about to finish tidying up camp when they were surrounded. Urkurr looked around. There were a score of the vermin. A fat stoat came up to them, who was apparently their leader.
      He spat at them. "Wot are you two moleys be doing here in our territory, eh?" he said. Urkurr gestured to Urkarr to be quiet. The stoat glared at them, walking closer. "Huh, can't speak, eh? Never mind 'at. We'll be taking yer food and weapons, so hand them 'ere if'n youse know whats good for youse!"

    ((According to my biography, I need a Long Patrol unit (about a score of hares, maybe) to save Urkurr. The stoat is an open character, if you want to control him.))

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    Urkurr, being the larger than his brother, took a step in front of Urkarr. "Hurr, no we ain't 'oin tae go down wi'out a fight, zurr."

    The stoat bared his teeth. "Oooh, brave little moley, are ye? Well, we'll just see about that." Suddenly, a sling stone struck him in the back. The stoat whirled around and stared at his crew accusingly.

    "Okay, who did – aargh!" Another stone hit the paw he was wielding a bone handled scimitar with. The weapon dropped onto the ground. Suddenly, the sky was blocked out as endless waves of stones poured down on them from the trees.

    Completely taken by the surprise, the crew rushed about panicking. They leaped towards bushes and hide behind rocks to escape from the hail of stones. Several were already slain. Urkurr and Urkarr kept still all the time. None of the stones had ventured less than five feet from them.

  • A sudden yell arose up from the trees and about two score javelin wielding hares rushed from the tree's cover. Sling stones still raining from the sky, the hares charged after the already retreating vermin. Following behind the charging hares walked a very large hare. His chest was littered with various metals denoting his bravery and aptitude. His swagger though, showed that he was more proud of those metals than anyone else could be. He turned barking orders to a pair of runners standing nearby.
    "You two. What are you standing there for?  Get a move on. Help those two fat moles. They looks as though they're in need of food and warmth. Move it now, or I'll have your innards for garters." Being the pompous beast that he was, Col. Sebastian Trill Gullman III did not drop his vocabulary to the levels of 'Wot, wot'. He thought them the most atrocious and unnecessary words. Many beasts at Salamandastron whispered that he was in fact half rabbit and that this was the cause for his attitude.

  • ((BTW, in my profile thing, the vermin killed Urkarr after a long fight. We should give the vermin a chance.))

    Several vermin, at least two score more, appeared from the trees after hearing the commotion. Urkurr blinked. There were more vermin than he had previously thought. The vermin were hiding cowardly beneath rock ledges, bushes and etcetera.
      Suddenly, the stoat leader whirled around. "Oafs! Buffoons!" he yelled at the vermin who were hiding, pointing at their reinforcements. "We should be able to outnumber them two to one! Charge 'em!"
      After a few seconds of processing the information through their stupid brains, the hiding vermin leaped up from their hiding places brandishing a dangerous array of weapons. Cutlasses, daggers, branches, ropes burning torches and even fish bones were put into action. They charged at the hares.

  • Col. Sebastian had not expected the very sudden regrouping by the vermin and was caught off guard. As the vermin charged he quickly turned to his officers. "Get the moles to safe ground. Group our archers front and bottom, set up a javalin protectorate for our flanks. Hop to it." The officers jump to the order and quickly began setting up a quick defense.

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  • Urkurr had a painful lump on the side of his head when he was struck by a long wooden paddle a vermin had swung with. The North Mole had taken care of the striking creature in the most gruesome manner with his digging claws. But the pain on his head was slowing him down. Before he fell unconscious, he was saved by two hares and brought to safer ground.
      Urkarr was fighting with three other hares. The Long Patrol hares were using their javelins against the vermin, while the mole was using a fallen cutlass. Hacking away at the enemy, they soon found out that they couldn't go on much further. They retreated. As Urkarr thrust at a stupid-looking weasel, he was stabbed at the side by a wooden spar. One of the three hares with him had fallen, and another was badly injured.
      They were soon, however, rescued by half a score of hares. Urkarr had passed out because of his injuries. He was laid beside his unconscious brother.

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    Col. Sebastian looked down at the two unconscious beasts, and frowned. He had hoped for a bloodless victory, but he was already getting reports of many both slain and wounded. He couldn't help but let a small unwelcome thought creep into his mind. "What I hadn't ordered the rescue of the moles? My hares would still be alive." Shaking off the though, he turned to the nurse who was busily bustling around injured hares. "What do you make of these two moles Mam?" He asked forthright.

    -booc- Better take over for the Nurse. You'd better make the diagnosis.

  • The Long Patrol paramedic nodded at the wounds. "One of the moles is badly injured. It's all I can do to stop the bleeding. Looks like time's running out for him, unless I can interfere. As for the other," the hare turned towards Urkurr's senseless body before continuing, "he'll be okay, since his wounds are minor."
      Meanwhile in the background, the hares were slowly gaining a complete victory. The vermin fought savagely, but they were no match for the skill and technique of the Long Patrol hares. One weasel was creeping up slowly towards Col. Sebastian.

  • In an almost comical fashion, the Col.'s saber whipped up behind him and neatly dicapitated the weasel without the Col. even turning around or batting an eyelash. He looked at the shocked face of one of the paramedics. "I'm very skilled with a saber." was all the Col. said.

  • The battle slowed down as many bodies were revealed in the settling dusty battlefield. A few hares lay dead, but there were by far more vermin carcasses. The stoat captain and a faithful half score attended him. "If we can take out their commander, we can get them all! I say for an ambush."
      The stupid vermin wandered out in what they thought was a very hidden and sneaky way to get closer to the enemy. However, as they were about to leap at the most-wounded hares, they were surrounded by javelins. But that did not stop the foolish vermin. They lashed out with their weapons, only to be slain by the javelins.
      The paramedic that was seeing to Urkarr's wounds shook his head. "I've never seen vermin so stupid in me jolly young life, wot!"

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