Dusk, the King Torix Gammelis' brother

  • Nickname: High Prince, the artificer, The crazy brother of the King

    Name: Dusk Gammelis

    Gender: Male

    Species: human

    Nationality: Eselbrador

    Description: Dusk is six-foot two-inches, and is on the thin side, much thinner than his brother Torix. His features are much finer and gentler, more feminine, although he does bear some resemblance to his brother. He would normally have red hair like his brother, however he dyes it jet black, keeping it at shoulder length and tied back in a ponytail. His normal clothing includes whatever he feels like at the time, however when he's feeling serious, or needs to perform some royal function, he will wear a black tailcoat, a crimson vest underneath, a grey undershirt under that, and a set of black dress pants. He normally wears a fine silk top hat and carries a blackwood cane inscribed with silver scrollwork. He's fairly unserious, treating a lot of things like a joke, only truly focusing on his own personal work. He enjoys studying magic and machinery, combining the two in inventions of his own, some of which are actually quite useful, while others are just made for his entertainment and his jokes.

    Possessions: The things he creates, a glaive, a golden medal with the sun engraved on it, and his hat and cane.

    -Creative, inventive
    -well educated in the fields of magic and machine

    -His unserious nature can upset others and get him into trouble with others.

    I'm apparently the king's brother now, so I will now take up residence in the royal palace and do things of a crazed nature.

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