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    BIC: Arcturus, now missing his broadsword (Which had fallen out of sight when the roof caved in) drew one of his stilettos from its scabbard. As he began to quickly retreat from the massive snake, he flung the thin knife directly at the reptile's underbelly, a little more than a meter or so below the monster's head.


  • The knife hit its mark but did little more than cause him a slight pain across his chest. The wood striking his tooth as he bit down with all force upon the hare however, that was a tad more painfull.

    Flailing his head about the massive snake hissed insults and curses best not repeated. "Why wont you all just die!" And in his fury swung his tail at the hare like a baseball bat.

    All the while Articus was given a helping paw. The heavy set bounty hunter began helping his fellow fox move away from the monsterous beast. "Move it fluff tail and try to stay out of the way!" Dale growled before drawing a tannning knife and heading back into the fray.

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    Stulta smiled in grim satisfaction, as the snake hissed and cursed at the wood lodged in his tooth. The fang had missed the hare by about a whiskers length.

    But his smile soon disappeared as the snakes tail swung around in a frenzy. He sprinted away from it, but he was too late, and he found himself  lodged into the wall after a short flight and immense pain. He was struggling to breath, until he took one deep calm breath, and pulled himself out. Then he had an idea. One that probably wouldnt work, but was worth the risk.
    Hey, big worm! Come and get me if you can. Though I doubt you will. I bet youve never caught any prey in your life. I bet your mummy finds all your food for you and even crunches it up for you…the hare hurled more and more insults at the snake, always edging to the hole he had made, until he was right in front of it. It would be able to fit the hare, and he could widen it if need be, but the snakes head would just go crunch if it tried to fit it in. Stulta moved a paw back, until it touched the wood. He began pulling bits of wood and straw out quickly, to give himself more maneuvering space once in.

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  • The snake had at that point been biting at the bounty hunting fox, the fat one. Basilisk was indeed angry at this point, mostly because his wounded eye was throwing off his aim, making it hard to hit such a large, slow moving target who scurried around the snake on all fours.

    There was no plan in Dales mind, just frantic panic until he found some opening either to attack and kill the beast, or an opening to escape.

    Basil turned his attention again towards the hare. Dispite a lack of eye lids the snake seemed to squint as he seethed in pure hatred.

    No one talks about Basilisk's mum that way!

    Jaws opened wide Basil launches himself towards the bunny with the speed of a runaway cart…

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    The 'bunny' was shocked at the speed of the snake, but he was ready for it. He leaped back into the hole, watching the snake's head land with a sickening thud into the wall, not touching Stulta one bit. He grinned at it, unsure if it was unconscious or dead.
    "I was right" he said. "Your mummy must have done all the work, you useless lout, wot? Hey, Dale, fancy helping me move this big lump of uselessness to somewhere out of my way?"

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    The snake made a paniced, and rather pained gasp as he barroled through the wall. His sleek body became stuck inside the rotten stone wall, unable to pull himself out or foreward.

    In his rage Basilisk began to thrash about, violently wriggling his tail back and forth. As he did the snake loosened the stones of the already broken wall. They began to fall, and as they did loose debrise from the cieling began to fall as well.

    The bounty hunter would have liked nothing more than to lop off the snakes head while it was still trapped. Asuming if he could find the other fox's sword in all this mess. His own rapier got bent out of shape.

    Dale passed a glance towards where he hid his fellow foxy bounty hunter. Dale himself was not a nice beast, he had no qualms for hurting others for money, but he wasn't evil enough to not have standards. Lines he would not cross.

    That's why he became a bounty hunter, so he could beat up beasts who deserved it and not offend his already shaky concious, a concious that would curse him if he let just left his fellow vulpine to die.

    At this point Dale wasn't even worried aboit finding his bounty. He just wanted to get out of this alive!

    "No, I plan on running for my life and screaming like a wee dibbun all the way back to town. In the mean time," the heavy set fox lifted his fellow bountu hunter over one arm, "Help me with this big lump of useless before that snake brings the whole ruins down on us!"

    (The story is close to ending though XD)

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    Stulta gazed at the thrashing snake. Quickly, he stood on it's head and leaped to the side, leaving the snake's head still trapped in the hole. He looked up an saw the roof was groaning again. His head snapped down and he leaped for something shiny in the rubble. It was a sword! Then he ran to Rancell, who had been forgotten in the excitement and cut his bonds, booting him out the hole onto the grass as he did.
    "Run" he said. "Run and don't come back"
    Then, he turned back into the mess and, dodging falling stones he weaved his way to the foxes, and helped the other 'big lump of uselessness' out of the room and to safety. As they sat puffing outside, they watched the roof smash down onto the walls.
    "Well, that's one snake dead wot?" Stulta gasped. Or at least that's what they hoped…

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