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  • This is an ooc planning thread for an upcoming Snake Plot. Let me know if I put this in the wrong place.

    I havn't seen too many plots with snakes here and St. NInnians has not seen rp in a good long while. So I was thinking about running a plot with my newly aquired snake alt here as the villain of a plot.

    I am looking for players to bring alts or npcs with a 50/50 chance of either escaping or fighting off the villainous viper, or getting eaten.

    Basilisk is a talkative sort and true to redwall tradition large enough to wolf down basically anything but wolves and badgers.

    They were like the books version of dragons or at least terrible monsters that lurked the woods so he would put up a challenging fight if that is the way the story goes, but not impossible to beat.

    The setting is open to change but I'm thinking a raining fall day around St. Ninnian's or some other forgoten ruin in the area.

    How about you guys? Anyone interested? Idea's welcome. The story is open to change.

    Maybe the heroes will survive…or maybe they wont....

  • Hmm, well, I can make a random beast up, I dont want to lose any of my characters. How about I do that? That way I wont mind if he dies.

  • Sounds good. ^^ feel free to make another snake even if anyone desires. No reason for Basilisk to be the only serpent in mossflower. :3

  • Im wondering how many people we will need for this plot or if I should just start it up and see who all jumps in ^^ what kind of npc where you thining of bringing?

  • I was thinking maybe a hare, you know one of those funny travelers everybeast seems to bump into because they hear him singing or something like that.

    Also, I`d sort of advise you not to start the thread until you have support from at least 6 characters

  • I was thinking Arcturus could get involved at some point, depending on the time the story is set in, my notes placed him in Mossflower for 3 years before he left for the south and 5 after he came back, but there was around a 10 year gap between those two points in time (Yes, I'm that type of guy who writes down everything about made-up characters). I mean, not to take away from the point of the story or anything, but I was trying to get a way for him to settle down in Redwall anyways, and a snake would sure do the trick.  😛

    I really like Basilisk as well, cool character design from a species not extrapolated on that often in the series.


  • Thanks :3 and a snake could make him settle down easily enough…as a fine foxy feast >:3 lol I kid I kid. I'll do my best not to get anyone eaten that doesn't actually want to see their alt eaten by a snake.

    I only remember one snake  in the books. They set it up like most fantasy stories depict dragons. It can take place when ever we need it.

  • There were two in Doomwyte that I know of, as well as a couple outside of both of those stories.


  • There were three in Triss, and one mentioned. There are actually quite a lot of snakes in the Redwall series. Such as Asmodeus, Emperor Ublaz{s pet and the Doomwyte two that Fell Blade just mentioned.

  • I did not know Redwall had so many snakes o.o

    Either way, what setting does everyone want to play in.? I was thinking the setting would be during the fall during a rain storm. The characters would either be taking shelter in ninnian's ruins or a simular building. They are either in the same party or happen to meet each other.

    The shelter they land in just happen's to be the same shelter a snake, or possibly snakes if anyone else wants to play a vilian. (No sense that I should get all the fun ^^)

    But I am open to ideas. Im going to start up the story over the week end with a scenery post and let the players pose in…infact i may do that tonight...

  • I'm not sure if this would complicate the game too much, but I was thinking of joining with a character who is a prisoner of someone else (volunteers welcome to be his captor!). So my character would have his wrists tied, just to make things harder for him when the snake turns up. He'd also be looking to escape his captor, or trying to convince the other characters to untie him. I just think it would be interesting to have a character in the group that nobody trusts, but they have to have him along anyway, because he's a prisoner being transported somewhere to face justice for his crimes. I'm thinking maybe he's a slaver, so he'll get little sympathy from the others, especially if he gets hurt or killed. Whilst I think it might be interesting if he died, I'd rather discuss that in advance with you, coolcoyote, because I'd want some time to roleplay him and develop his character first. 😉

  • I can do that. I tend to play coy with the monsters, creating buold up for it. Unless someone else wants to take over his captor I can play him. I need an npc anyway for dialog before the snake arrives ^^ which do you prefure, a slaver, bountry hunter or lawman?

  • Bounty hunter sounds pretty cool for a captor! 🙂

  • Sweet. I have a couple of bounty hunters from other sights I can bring on as an npc. Dale the fox comes to mind. Ill be starting the scene soon. Something simple everyone can post too

  • Coolcoyote, it would be preferable for your character not to be a slaver or bandit, since that is what my character is.  😉

  • Alright, I think I'll wait a couple of posts to join in with Arcturus.


  • Is my hare a good character to be there?

  • Ooc ok. Thank you for letting us know. In the mean time the pose order is me, dreeka then gerns. When you want to pose your fox in feel free to just pose him in.

    And yes. The hare will be perfect :3

  • I'll be away for a few hours now, so try not to get too far ahead without me. 😉

  • @coolcoyote:

    Ooc ok. Thank you for letting us know. In the mean time the pose order is me, dreeka then gerns. When you want to pose your fox in feel free to just pose him in.

    And yes. The hare will be perfect :3

    OK, if it's alright I'll post after the initial introductions for your characters-I believe Arcturus is somewhat established continuity-wise though I'll try and explain slightly what's been going on without creating inconsistencies in Tale of Travel an' Conquest.


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