Ilex Folium

  • Nickname: Ilex

    Full Name: Ilex Folium (pronounced ee - lix, foe - lee - im)

    Species: Wildcat


    Ilex Folium (Pronounced ee - lix, foe - lee - im) Is a muscular orange wildcat with black stripes on her tail, face and faintly on her limbs. She is larger than most wildcats and much faster and stronger too. Along her back are criss-cross scars, in long thin lines. Her eyes are piercing green.


    Ilex usually wears a red tunic with a belt. She keeps a polished sword with a black bound hilt and an emerald pommel stone in a sheath on the right side of her belt. She also wears a red cape that sweeps behind her when she walks.

    Ilex wears a shining silver chest plate over a tunic of chain mail. She has a silver helmet with an emerald embedded sort of at the front rim, in the middle.She wears a black belt with a silver buckle. An emerald studded leather sheath holds her powerful broadsword. She wear the red cape with this too.


    • Fast and strong
    • A ruthless killer
    • Excellent with broadsword


    • Not good at tactics (just rushes straight in)
    • No good at academic stuff (never learnt
    • Reckless
    • Fast temper

    Ilex is a no nonsense type, and just doesn`t understand metaphors. She never smiles, always has the same battle hardened expression on her face.

    There is talk that Ilex is in the blood family of old King Mortspear, hence all the emeralds that resemble green eyes she owns. No one knows for certain.

    When Ilex was young, her family was constantly defending themselves against sea raiders. These vermin popped up in annoying places, attacked, then vanished like smoke.

    Ilex`s father, Mortem lost patience and went out, fully armored to do battle with the leader; a sinewy wearat, leaving Ilex with her mother, Lamina. The wearat declined the challenge and Mortem charged, only to be hit by twelve poison arrows. Losing life fast, Mortem threw himself at them, snapping his blade and throwing the pieces into their faces.

    Unable to watch the slaughter helplessly for any longer, Lamina charged. Now the vermin were faced with two angry wildcats, one of which was almost dead.

    A lot were killed that day. But the most important couple were a pair of wildcats, lying paw in paw.

    Later, a score of the survivors found Ilex, covered by a thin blanket. They chained her to an oar on their ship and she became an oarslave for three seasons. She was often starved and whipped for not rowing fast enough.

    One day the ship hit rocks and sank, but Ilex and one other slave, her oar friend, a stoat managed to escape by ripping the oar from it`s socket and getting to the panicking top deck. But the Captain chased them, and slew the stoat. Ilex, still with the stoat chained to the oar dragged him and the oar over the side and jumped overboard.

    Ilex spent three days getting to shore and a season to recover. Once she was strong enough, she ripped the chains off her wrists and wandered away. Ever since then she has been seeking revenge on the vermin who killed her parents and her only friend.

    Recent Events:

    • Ilex found a wolf, lizard and rat and threatened to eat them.
    • Then they set off together to find food.
      Current Events:
      -Currently Ilex is going into a fight against some pine martens and ferrets, to help the hares so they can give her some food.

    Age: 31

    Alignment: You should probably call this one vermin.

    Job: No job, survives alone.

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