The marvellous adventures of a couple of schmucks

  • Miraculous Happenstance flutters its feelers and spreads its wings wide, accepting the gifts from both on high and from its humble follower. It dons the cape and stows away the crown and wand. It sweeps a wing down over the bunny arrow and grants it the blessings of the great and terrible Moth Gods of old, accepting the sacrifice.

  • You SACRIFICE the unfortunate bunny, and as his posh corpse burns, the two of you feel great.
    Although it is doubtful that such MOTH GODS OF OLDeven exist, the two of you have earned a new ability
    NEW ABILITY- Moth Gods' Favor: for each enemy that you kill, you earn 1 Moth Charm. Burn any amount to get a temporary boost. The more burned, the greater the boost.

  • Another player appears!

    Name: The Batter

    Class: Epic Paladin

    Personality: Pure

    Description: A tall black fox that looks awesome.

    Possessions: A TRUSTY BAT and three STRANGE FLOATING RINGS.

    The Batter walks up to the two people and gives a NOBLE AND PURE GREETING.

  • I accept The Batter's NOBLE GREETING with a SELF-RIGHTEOUS GUFFAW and decides to proceed onwards to cleanse the basement of rats and pillage their RAT HATS with my new-found deity and fellow paladin.


  • You enter the next room in the basement, the MAYBENONALCOHOLIC DRINK ROOM where four rats sit around, drinking. One, a LARGE AND BURLY TYPE, takes another swig of a dark drink before pointing at you three.
    "HAY! YOUSE THREE! GIT OUT ME RUM ROOM!" He gets up, BIG AXE in hand. The other three, FAST AND SNEAKY TYPES, pull out blunt objects from their TATTERED RAT HATS.
    WHAT DOOOOO!?!?!?


  • Leading the now POSH PARTY into battle, I emit a WITTY CALL TO BATTLE from my POSH AND RIGHTEOUS VOICE-BOX. I conjure an ARROW OF ABSTRACT REASONING AND RESULTANT INSANITY, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS AN ARROW OF VAN GOGH while devoting my attention towards a RELATIVELY POSH AND FASHIONABLE THROW RUG THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE MADE OF THE FLOOR that the LARGE AND BURLY TYPE happens to be standing on, wondering if it will match my posh and righteous decor in my shabby condominium.

    (OOC: So much posh…)


  • The Batter is disgusted that such impure beings could even exist down here. Thus, The Batter walks nobly up to one of the FAST AND SNEAKY RATS and purifies his face with the TRUSTY BAT. The Batter then decides to pillage the body for anything else that requires purifying.

  • Due to the ABSTRACT NATURE of the ARROW OF VAN GOGH, the LARGE AND BURLY RAT is now ABSTRACT AND ENRAGED. There is now a 50/50 chance that attacking him will hit. NICE JOB, HERO.
    One of the FAST AND SNEAKY RATS is slain, but as THE BATTER is LOOTING THE CORPSE, the other two FAST AND SNEAKY RATS strike from behind, dealing 6 damage.

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