Jarret the Half-Breed

  • Name: Jarrameijah Shlaine but doesn't really care much about that name. (Seriously, what was his mother thinking!) He prefers to be called Jarret
    Gender:  Male
    Age: 19
    Species: half-breed mouse/rat (his mother is a mouse, father a rat)


    Much to his own dislike Jarret's appearance resembles more rat than mouse, and more than once he had been mistaken one. When he was a small kid, he looked more like lil' mouse-pup, but as he grew older and taller, his rat-like features broke into the surface.

    Like rat's, Jarret's snout is sharp-shaped and his tail is long and thick. Though his ears are bigger than most rats, they still are oval-shaped, not round like mice tend to have. He has rat-like claws though he tries to keep them short.

    Jarret is much taller than average mouse but still not as tall as a pure-blood rat. But he's still young, so he might still grow more (Jarret himself hopes he doesn't).  Because he's been working at rowing boat and climbing up the coast-cliffs, his frame has become firm with muscle. However, he still does have some of that mouse-like litheness left in him.

    Jarret's pelt is pitch-black, except of two orange-brown spots. One covers his chin and the other is right on the base of his neck, just above his chest. A thin stripe connects those two spots, same color as the spots. His toes and hands are also orange-brown and his eyes are bright green - the only feature he has inherited from his mother.


    :Necklace:   a round and thick jade ring hanging on a strong leather-cord. It's size of palm and its surface is glass-smooth

    :Red vest:   Keeps the clothing unbuttoned.

    :Belt:   And old leather belt in which he carries the hook and coil of rope.

    :Weapon:  Line and hook which he always carries. A harpoon is what fetch when Greyscale calls him for the "pest control"


    Jarret is hot-blooded, but he has learned how to control it and it doesn't burst out as badly as it did when he was younger and unable to bite down his anger. But even now, when he loses his temper, he really loses it and then he doesn't think about the backwash of his actions.

    Jarret is fixed in his opinions, firm in his friendships and square in his dealings with others. Most of times he's an excellent worker, but he also has urges to slack off now and then. When he does, you can find him napping somewhere.

    Since his a half-blood, Jarret has always been thinking about his identity: is he mouse or rat? He would rather be a mouse since villagers have taught their offspring that rats are usually bad news. This might understandable as all the coast-located villages fear corsairs and among them you won't see any other species as often as rats. This negative imagine of rats has made Jarret somewhat ashamed of his other half heritage. Most of time he acts like it doesn't bother him, when it actually does, as he secretly fears that he might eventually become a vermin too.

    Jarret is bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in word around him. He's adventure hungry and easy to stir up into challenges. When new ways and new experiences aren't always enough satisfy his restless nature, his adventures tend to lead into bad or dangerous situations. And Jarret has this charming ability drag others into them with him. He doesn't wish to bring harm to others, but sadly he isn't very farsighted to  notice the point where fun, thrilling adventure is turning into bad idea.  Basically he's trouble-maker, in most villager's adults' eyes.

    Nevertheless Jarret has developed intuition, patience and the ability to look after those he holds dear - if he isn't caught up in the heat of excitement, then he's very responsible, possessive even, towards others.

    Under all of this Jarret is hiding his insecure part of him. When it surfaces - and it sometimes does when half-breed is unable to conceal it anymore - he's irritated, violent , and doesn't know what he wants.  He desires to balance his life with those around with him, but doesn't always know how and every try just seems to make mess out of everything instead. So when meeting new beast he acts guarded and aloof.  He's craving acceptance, the feeling he belongs somewhere and it's making him insecure in unfamiliar company.


    Jarret lived with his mother Lisian in small village on the shores of wide blue sea. Jarret has never met his father as the rat was away long before Jarret was even born . What the young half-breed has gathered, his father was sea-rat who abandoned  his mother when he knew about the pregnancy. The meanest rumors claimed he was a pirate who dispiteously took Jarre's mother by force.

    Lisian never confirmed any of those rumors, not even to his son. The only explanation the frail mouse-female offered to soothe Jarret's troubled mind was that his father had gone to seas and was never coming back. That was the only thing his mother ever told - that and when she mentioned that Jarret was a spitting image of his father. This, however, didn't make Jarret feel any pride, as he didn't want to have anything in common with beast that juts abandoned a mother to her own fate.

    Jarret's living in the village was mostly peaceful, though sometimes he felt left-out like he didn't really belong.  It didn't help that Jarret got into fights with the other kids on his early years, as he was teased about his rat-heritage, especially after his rat-like features started to show. Back then Jarret didn't draw back his punches and in hot-white temper paid back in twofold. But because of this many kids started to stay away from Jarret.

    Eventually Jarret learned how to hold down the anger as he really didn't want to be left alone. But damage was already done; he wasn't openly disliked or mistrusted, but he wasn't open-armly welcomed either. You know how it's in small villages, where parents don't say anything but still give their children impression they don't want them associate with that particular family's trouble-kid.

    When Jarret was about succumbing to believe that he would never make friends, an ocelot-family came from far-away lands and settled living in the outskirts of the village. They had a daughter, Tali about a same age as Jarret, and so half-breed found a kinder-spirit in that dotted little kitty. As the both of them were a bit of misfits in village full of goodbeasts. So they become quickly the best and were inseparable ever since.

    Lisian had always been fragile in health, so Jarret decided to take upon himself to provide for both him and his mother. Sadly it was easier said than done since there was a only a few things young boy could do. A top of that it was difficult to find a job in the village as the residents were reluctant hire a kid with questionable heritage. And when the Jarret's rat-like features started to surface, it got even harder.

    So it came the time when Jarret was at his wits end what to do and how to earn the living. That was the time he crossed paths with an old clam-diver Greyscale.  The sea-otter hired Jarret to be his "boat-boy" whose task was to row the boat out to the sea and keep it in position while Greyscale dived. And of course otter needed somebeast to haul net-sack back up after he had filled it with clams.

    At first all the old sea-dog needed was some muscle pull the oars. But when Greyscale learned how good swimmer Jarret was, the otter decided to train that talent further. So he taught Jarret to be a clam-diver. Of course Jarret never came  as good as an otter could be, but he got close enough to be of use for the old salt-fur.

    Eventually clam-diving wasn’t the only thing Greyscale taught to Jarret. The sea-otter also took half-breed along to carry out pest control. Meaning they chased off crabs and seagulls, sometimes destroying their eggs and nests One could think that was a cruel thing to do, but Grayscale said it was a necessity. Should they allow the seagulls nest too close to village and after a season there would be more seagulls. And the more there were, the more dangerous they'd become: eventually they might attack the villagers' fishing-boats and even the town itself. So it was best to warn them off so the village could continue live in peace.

    In those missions Jarret learned how to use line and hook as the seagulls usually make their nests up high on the cliff-face. Handling the throwing-hook and climbing the rope became a second nature to him and he's very proud of his skill. To the point he sometimes tries dangerous stunts with the rope. And because seagulls never appreciated intruders near their nests, Grescale taught Jarret how to use javelin and harpoon.

    Jarret's mother passed away at the winter when he was 15-years-old and Jarret started live in their home-cottage alone. After that day Jarret started to stare open seas more often, while wondering what kind of adventures there might be on the open waters. His home village started to feel so small and dull, full beasts who just went on their lives never dreaming to become something bigger… But as always Jarret would shook off those thoughts and urges, mainly because of Tali, as the feline was one of the few reasons why Jarret wanted still stay in village. Half-breed hoped he could make his place in there.


    :Strength: Due the rowing and climbing the cliffs, Jarret has gained a good portion of strength in his frame.
    :Swims extremely well: no need to explain this one more
    :Navigation: Knows how to use stars in navigating.
    :Hook and line: Knows tricks how to throw the hook


    :Harpoon: Jarret's weapon of choice is mainly thrusting-only. It may be used as deflect attacks but its deadly weapon only when there is a chance thrust it through the vitals or other vulnerable areas. 
    :Has hard time to get along in new company: Jarret doesn't always know how express himself and ends up making trouble instead.
    :A habit get into troubles due his short-sightedness: And drag others along with him.
    :Unconsidered about others when angry or overly excited:
    :Doesn't know how to write or read: Not even his own name
    **:Insecure self-image: **


    : Loves stories:  Could spent  hours listening tales of heroes, adventures and far-away lands. Secretly dreams to see those places with his own eyes.


    : Lisian Willowgem:  Jarret's mother. Deceased.
    :Jarret's father:  Jarret doesn't even know his father's name or if he's life or dead. And quite frankly he doesn't care to know. If asked, his father is dead to him.
    :Tali:   Jarret's best friend, known her from since they were kids. Would do anything for her.

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