New Genesis: Act 1

  • Valin watched carefully as most of the other beasts went into the crate and grabbed their belongings. He certainly hoped that the wolverine was sane enough to not turn his massive gun of death on the rest of them. He'd seen what those could do and did not want to become paste anytime soon. When it seemed that no one would try and kill each other any time soon, Valin pushed past the hare and grabbed the other fusion cell battery. He put on his helmet and snapped the battery in place, his suit hummed to life, it made him feel whole again. He quickly found his pistols and combat knife, and carefully pulled his customized sniper rifle out of the pile. The name "Natasha" had been written on the side of the gun and nearly forty marks could be seen on the butt of the rifle. The rifle was nearly as tall as he was. Stepping out of the container, Val looked at the plume of smoke in the distance, "Right," he said to no one in particular, "I think I should go first."

  • Growling lowly as Korvasius brushed by her Trinity dropped throwing words at the hare and fought to keep herself from raking a claw across his side. Turning she stood back until the others had retrieved their equipment before rummaging through the supplies and gathering her stuff. Slipping her gauss pistol into its holster she spotted the stun cap to her flashlight underneath where her pistol had been in the crate. She picked up the device and screwed it onto the front of her flashlight which allowed the light to also operate as an electric baton. She stared at the hare who had turned his back on her and sighed before turning back to the pile and pulling a backpack out and stuffing it with MREs and a couple med-kits which put her at carrying about as much weight as the others with all their gear. Looking over her shoulder she noticed the wolverine and the raccoon which the mercenary seemed to be annihilating in his imagination. She did a facepaw and began walking towards them, well that just goes to prove me a fool, what a nutcase.

    She walked by Markus blatantly ignoring the giant gun he held and stopped at the raccoon.

    {"I'm going to die out here…"}

    Trinity tilted her head slightly "I think that goes for just about all of us, particularly if this is a test of our temper..." she gave a low snort as she glanced at Korvasius and spoke under her breath "Inconsiderate rabbit..." she turned her attention back to Kazi and held out a paw "Come on, show more sense than me at least and get following Mick and the other civs, unless you've got stuff you're missing that could be in the supply pile that is."

  • As it turned out, Jean and Mick did find a town, though not what they wanted to see. "Crap." Jean says as he looks at the terrible sight before him. What had been once a prospering town…looked as if it had just been in a warzone, craters, smoke, random fires, and such dotted the entire town. Most of the buildings still stood, or whats left of them that is, as a deathly silence claimed the landscape before them from their vantage point on a hill, with the jungle behind them. "My van!" Mick exclaimed as he ran off to his van which was in a supply crate as well, but landed near the town. Jean groaned slightly as he tried to hold up the unconscious skunks weight. "Seriously?!" he said as he struggled to set the skunk down gently to the ground. He then heard the van start up and drive near him at the base of the hill. "Take care of my brother will ya? I'm gonna go back and see if those others need a lift." Mick yells out to him and drives off before jean could get a reply out.

    The skunk driver soon came into view and pulled over into the clearing where the others were. He made a quick headcount to make sure they were all there. Satisfied, "You all need a lift? If you do, I got one rule, you so much as start any trouble in my van, your walking." He said as he waited for any takers.

  • The wolverine was still waist deep in the supply pile when the vehical appeared. "Let's see…shot gun...check. mini gun ammo...check. grenades...grenades?" He reappeared out of the pile ranting and waving his arms about. "Those ingrates! Where are my grenades? And where are my explosives! How do they expect a man to survive out in the wilderness with out some plastic explosives to butter his bread with?!"

    "Yeah...I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole." The raccoon had found the supply pile to be less accomidating. His phone, his luggage, all of it seemed to be deemed uneeded for this journey and left out from the pile. With a resigned sigh Kazi decided to make himself usefull and take along as many supplies as he could find. Food, water, med kits, all were thrown into a large back pack before strapping a tent to his back. It looks like he would be working off cheesburger he had for lunch whether he wanted to or not.

    The raccoon found a few knives but his eyes fell upon a tool kit on the bottom of the pile. He wasnt sure exactly who the tool kit belonged too or even what some of the tools were made to fix but he decided it might be handy anyway.

    Kazi was thankfull for a vehical to transport all this junk. Setting it to the side the plump raccon hopped in and took his place at the far corner. He was a little dismayed when Markus came in after him, ruffling his head fur as he said, "Don't look so glum. Things may get darker before they get better, but they do get better."

    Kazi rolled his eyes but he must admit, that was the first sane thing markus had said all day...

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  • Valin sighed as he saw the van coming into the clearing, "still, no one listens to me" he muttered under his breath. He followed the raccoon and wolverine into the vehicle. Before sitting down, his eyes fell on the supplies that Kazi had took, mainly the med kits. "I hope you know how to use those," the ermine said, indicating the med kits, "if you don't, you'll probably have to learn quickly." Valin hated dealing with civilians, if they couldn't make themselves useful then they weren't really worth the trouble. When Valin sat down in the seat in front of the raccoon he leaned forward to speak with their driver, "So, what's the situation like up there?" he asked.

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