New Genesis: Act 1

  • It was a clear dawn over Mossflower, a red sun shows its silent gaze over the forest as it rose slowly. Casting shadows across the trees and giving the few streams a reddish gleam, it also gave the few outlying farms a different appearance with long shadows from the barns. On a relatively unused dirt road, a blue, squarish van drove with its five passengers to its destination. The driver, a aged skunk with greying fur that wore a orange cap, brown sweatervest, and a blue shirt underneath it, hummed to himself and thought about his passengers he was taking to Amerish today, quite a interesting group, two uniforms, one from the Federation, the other a Conglomerate, both showing off their loyalty…as per usual anytime he had uniforms in his trips through the Gate. The other two, maybe not as interesting, a young raccoon, just picked him up not far from the famous Redwall Abbey, the Redwall Republics greatest landmark of course. Then theirs this older fellow, a aged ferret around his age as well, picked him up while he was hitchhiking, looking to make a new life on the other side. Heh, he wasn't exactly far from the other side, but he still had some years in him, till then he would keep doing what he was doing, driving his van.

    The before-mentioned ferret adjusted his glasses as he tried to think of what to expect on Amerish. All the stories were of its a paradise just waiting to be taken, while others say its full of new discoveries, and of course, the danger of a new world. He felt slightly nervous with the group he was in, a Federation and Conglomerate soldier in the same vehicle together...the two sides were at peace for now, thanks to the Mossflower Treaty, but that still didn't put the tension at ease. Its what he wanted to get away from and live the rest of his life in peace in his own little home to himself. He sighed quietly to himself as he clutched his travel pack and duffel bag on his lap, he was getting too old for this.

  • The raccoon was blisfully unaware of any problems the others might be having. Far off wars and hastily made treaties were of no worry to him. At least, not anymore.

    He was a young raccon, early to mid twenties. His fur was glossy and clean. A light grey around his body save for his white underbelly and black stripes around his tail and eyes. His paws were soft, free from the hardships of manual labor and his fleshy waist suggested he did not lead the most active lifestyle.

    The raccoon wore a dark blue short sleeved jacket around his shoulders, leaving his stomach and chest exposed save for a shark tooth necklace. His waist was clothed by a baggy pair of tan cargo jeans. His foot paws and hands were both bare.

    The conversation with his father, mother and sister was still set firmly in his mind. His family all had mixed reactions on the day he left. It was after all to be his last day on Earth. Literally.

    Kazi however was nothing but excited. He bobbed his head up and down to the music blaring in his head phones while idly tapping away on his cell phone. Today was a big day, maybe he would actually beat the last level of Angrey Sparrows. "Yes!" He said to himself as a sparrow was launched into a vermin horde beast.

  • It was hard to think with shore-based artillery blasting off every 10 seconds at some target far to the South. Mind you, Captain Korvasius Forrester wasn't in what one would call a thinking mood, but that could be due to the fact that, after his ship, the Argo, was heavily damaged during a firefight with a vermin cutter, he was reassigned to this coastal gun emplacement, located just 10 meters away from Portal A12, an inactive gateway to Amerish. And an assignment on shore is a sailor's worst nightmare, especially if, like Korvasius, one's relations with the command structure were somewhat frosty.

    The gun fired again, its high-velocity, ionized projectile creating a beautifully deadly arc of amber in the darkening sky. It was like this every morning, the young hare got up, spoke with his CO about the status of his ship, there was no update about repairs, so he went out and thought. All day. The process had gotten quite monotonous, by this time he had been out in the wild lands for a good three months, and without a single vermin attack, he was getting bored beyond belief.

    Stretching, the captain rose from his rock and looked down at the portal, only around a quarter of a kilometer away. The ancient stone arch, codenamed Hermes by Salamandastron forces who protected it, had been there for centuries, maybe even eons, but still it wasn't opening for the hordes of scientists that had been sent here by their badger lord. Distracted by the immense rock arch, Korvasius began walking towards it, unaware of the immediate danger he and the rest of the compound were in.

  • (And what would this danger be hmmm?)
    The aged driver knew he wasn't far from the one way portal when he heard artillery shot go off. "Target practice again I reckon." He mumbled to himself as he drove on, with the distant sounding artillery shot far off. He smiled to himself once the small warpgate soon came into view and active as well, even though it was comparatively smaller the nearest archway, which was Hermes, it was a sight to see. A stone arch just tall and wide enough for a vehicle like his van to go through, with a few bits and pieces of machinery sticking up on different places on it. It was crude, but it got the job done of course, thanks to his old father's care, may peace bless his soul on the other side, as he slowly pulled up to it. A small shack was not far from the gate itself as he rolled his window, "Hey Jesse! Is the gate working just fine?" He yelled out, but got no response, he figured as much. His twin brother is probably napping, or working on it on the other side, by all means though, it looked primed and ready for transport. "All right, listen up back there!" He said to his passengers as he rolled up the window, "Were about to go through the gate to Amerish, I'll drop you all off at the nearest town which is Red Garish, after that, your on your own." He finished as he started to resume driving toward the gate which was a few meters away. Jean was getting chitters now, just 10 meters away his new life was about to begin, for better or for worse, but he had to say though, he'll miss the old driver, he took quite a liking to him.

    Quite a bit of distance away into the forest, the drivers brother, who did look exactly like him, except he wore a green sweatervest and a slightly forming beard as he finished tuning a cable. He set his tools aside and grunted as he got up from his work, "Micks probably arrived by now, just in time to, heh, with this extra power this gates sure gon-", before the aged skunk could finish his sentence a strong arm gripped tightly around his neck from behind so quickly he had no time to react. He struggled silently and soon went limp with a sigh, the mysterious figure lifted him over his shoulder with no apparent trouble as he walked silently off as a second figure attached a device to the cable and spoke into a small grey device in his paw, "Transceiver planted.", before heading after the larger first figure. A distance away, the Hermes gate soon started to hum, which caught some of the nearby scientist before a jolt and loud bang, the gate activated with a blinding light causing the surrounding scientists to flee and sound the alarm. Portal A12, codenamed Hermes, had finally become active with no warning.

  • In the few moments before his life would change forever Kazi was busy, oblivious to the danger around him, playing on his cell phone. He threw his arms up into the air and shouted, "Woo! New high score! Yeah!" He held up a paw for the nearest beast, Jean, to high five. He held it there for a brief moment before saying, "Come on man, don't leave me hanging."

    And then the gate opened. A few seconds before Kazi was blinded by the most brilliant light he had ever seen his cell phone went haywire, blaring out static instead of music. The young raccoon yelled loudly and tossed his ear phones off. "Vermin on a stick what the in the…" the raccoon clutched at his eyes. His vision was blury but returning.

  • The brilliant white aura emanated like a spotlight from Hermes, bathing the surrounding area in its brilliant glow. Korvasius was transfixed on the sight, one of which he had never before seen in his life. It was strangely hypnotic, pulsating, disorientating even, the captain couldn't really tell. Hearing a faint snap, Korvasius, using the pile of boulders he was sitting on as cover, turned back from the hilltop to the dense forest. In the gathering gloom, and partially illuminated by the portal's glow, a group of silhouettes were amassed along the edges of the darkened forest, silently watching the events unfold. Their shapes were distinctively non-woodlander, which could only mean one thing.'

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  • Trinity was standing there among the scientists watching them fidgeting with their machines and gadgets. She didn't really understand any of it but she found their chattering rather refreshing from the moping and groping travelers gave the security detail as they came through and went into the warpgates. Off shift she had come back from a particularly irritating tour on Amerish; Republican, Federation, Conglomerate, they all got on her nerves with explorers not wanting their tools touched and soldiers rattling their sabers like the security detail was trying to take them as POWs. She sighed and tilted her head a little as she thought about it, at least being security she was still considered a civy despite being armed, a nice little way of getting by Federation regulations. Her thoughts were jostled by one of the scientist's machines as it started beeping (BOOM) the machine's beeping was drowned out by Hermes, the sound causing the black vixen to plant herself against the ground as the scientists around her scattered. At first she had actually thought someone had turned the giant gun around on them which made her wonder why the scientists were still standing up and running around until she realized it was in fact the gate. Glancing at the gate she cringed and looked away from the blinding light "What in the name of Vulpez is goin on here!"

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    When the light flashed, Mick instinctively gassed the accelerator and the van sped through the gate. Travel through the warpgates, one would expect it took quite a bit to finally reach the other side, in reality, it took about one nanosecond, or the equivalent of blinking to realize one has made it to Amerish. Which exactly happened as the van came through, he pushed the brakes as the van came to a screeching halt quite away from the small gate. "Bloody," he started to say just as a small sphere broke through one of the windows and landed in the center, "hell?". It crackled and glowed, then released a wave of energy through the vans occupants, shocking them into unconsciousness. Back on the other side of the gate, shots were heard as energy weapons fired, stunning many of the base personal in the initial barrage and gave no chance of retaliation. One cloaked figure came up behind Korvasius and fired a stun pistol into his back, while a stray shot caught Trinity in the crossfire. Both were knocked unconsciousness and carried off through the gate with many others and with only a crackle, Hermes closed with barely a sound.

    Sometime later, Jean woke up groaning in a strange room, something similar to a cell…but, different. He then realized he was not alone when he saw the driver, not moving, but still alive from what he can tell. There was another who looked like him as well, maybe that was who he trying to call out, Jesse he recalls. He cringed as he felt pain in his head, what in Hellsgates happened and why was he here? Taking another look around, he saw no doors, or windows to speak of, yet he can still breathe, that possible?

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    Not to far away from Jean lays a familier lump of grey and black fur. Kazi groans loudly as he comes awake. His vision at first is blury but slowly comes into focus.  Upon waking up the first sight he sees is the face of a wolf staring back at him.

    Of course it is not a real wolf, as Kazi would have died of a heart attack right then and there, but a stuffed one of very poor quality. The rag doll wolf is made from several different fabrics and stitched together several different times. The eyes are made of buttons, one hanging loosly to the side. The teddy wolf has been outfitted with a small tin cup, resting on its head like a helmate.

    "The heck…" Kazi begins.

    "On your feet lunch meat!"

    Kazi nearly jumps out of his fur at the sound of the booming voice behind him. He chitters in panic and flips over. "What in the blazes?" He begins. The raccoons eyes go wide and his tail poofs at the sight of the largest wolverine he has ever seen. A large fluffy yet muscular beast with dark black fur down his back and light brown fur over his muzzle and presumably his tummy. The wolverine is wearing some form of dark grey military fatiuges. They are torn in several places.

    After his initial shock the racoon realizes the wolverine is wearing a thick bandage over his head just above the eyebrow.

    "Gah! Who are you?! What have you done with me?"

    "Quiet tubby! We will ask the questions around here..." The wolverine steps on the raccoons belly to force him to the ground before pacing in a small circle before him, arms folded behind his back.

    "What is you name rank and affliation? Where are 'they' meeting? What are 'they' up to? Do they watch day time tv?" The wolverine spouts off in rapid order, barely giving Kazi a moment to think.

    "I...wha? Who the heck are they? What are you..." the wolverine moves closer, clasping his claws around the raccoona muzle. He shushes him before saying in a quieter voice. "They are listening....always listening...always know...'they'. Them. People outside these walls..."

    The raccoon nods slowly as the claws are removed from his neck and muzzle. He whimpers, "Help me..." to anyone available.

    "Oh! There is no help for you!" The wolverine rounds on him, "For now you must answer Lieutenant Yorkel's questions!" The beast dramtically snatches the teddy wolf from the ground and practically shoves it up Kazi's nose. The raccoon hesitats for a long moment. Still taken off guard by being kidnapped the odd distraction has...distracted him for the moment from the usual fear and panic he would have in such a situation.

    Unfortunetly the raccoon is now fearfull of a possibly mad wolverine standing less than ten tails away from him. He obviously is waiting for some kind of answer but all Kazi can think of to say is, "Oh light...I've been kidnapped by idiots..."

    The wolverine snarls, thrusting the teddy wolf closer and waving it in Kazi's face. "Answer the Lieutenant's question lunch meat!"

    "But he...didn't say anything."

    "Answer it you fool! Yorkel isn't known for his patience or kindness!"

    The raccoon leaned slightly back, tail covering his legs, "But...but that is a teddy bear..."


    In retrospect being hit over the head by a rag doll shouldn't hurt, but being hit over the head with a rag doll stuffed by something hard and metalic along with being swung by a wolverine sends Kazi spinning to the floor.

    "Ooo! Sorry about that. Yorkel is sensitive to the whole 'teddy bear' issue. He's a wolf you know. Why do beasts keep getting that confused about it?" The wolverine says in a truely appologetic tone. Who ever this beast is he is clearly not with their can hope.

    Ooc who doesn't like half crazed wolverines :3 feel free to make up how or why he is here unkownsoldier if you want. Which ever fits best into the story. :3

  • Korvasius awoke, feeling nothing but enending pain. It resonated throughout Korvasius's entire body; sharp, brutal pain. Centering on his lower spine, the blast from the stun gun had left a searing burn mark, the hallmarks of a powerful gun. If I was a dibbun this would've killed me. he thought through the pain as he scanned his surroundings. From the Captain's viewpoint, he could see that he was sprawled out on the floor in what appeared to be a corner in the plain room, his power armor still on but shut down, and his weapons removed. Any thoughts about if he was alone in his cell were put aside when he saw a pair of beasts around 5 meters from him. One, was what appeared to be a deranged wolverine carrying a plush wolf, the other, seemed to be a raccoon, who had just hit the floor after having said plush wolf connect with his skull.

    Rising, Korvasius began to move slowly over, as to not make the Wolverine angry and have himself brained by a stuffed wolf. When he was closer-around two meters away, the wolverine's tone changed, so he decided to take a risk and speak. "Hi, my name's Captain Korvasius Forrester, of the Cruiser Argo. Do either of you know where or why we're all here?"


  • OUCH! The burning pain across her back made her want to scream and her body convulsed as she stopped herself from doing so. Her intention was to lay there appearing to be unconscious and listen in on what was going on around her this way she wouldn't draw attention while still being able to determine who she was with, how they thought, and to some degree what they were doing. Her eyelids remained closed and she listened until one of the other beasts, presumably the one who just got smacked over the head by something, stepped on her tail. With a squeak she dragged herself out of the way of the conflict, pulling herself along the floor with all fours. Rolling over she looked from the raccoon then to the wolverine and back a couple times before she spotted Korvasius approaching.

    {"Hi, my name's Captain Korvasius Forrester, of the Cruiser Argo. Do either of you know where or why we're all here?"}

    She blinked at the other beasts keeping her trap shut while her mind raced. Great stuck in a room with a naval officer and a mad wolverine who I can only assume is a soldier from the other side.

    The hare appeared to be dawned in some form of power armor though at least it appeared to be offline, perhaps their captors had removed the power cell. She shifted slightly and put a little weight on her holster not wanting to reach with a paw and feel lest that'd risk making the wolverine angry. Great the holster was empty and flattened under her weight until she took the pressure off the holster and steadily shifted along the wall, moving away from the others.

  • Its a madhouse, a bloody madhouse and he was in it now. A crazed wolverine with a stuffed wolf doll, two soldiers from opposite sides, and no one knows why, or where all of them were. Terrific, just terrific, Jean then noticed his stun pistol was gone from his hidden holster. So much for that plan, he then moved over to check on the two skunks vitals. "Alive…thankfully at least." He said to himself as he looked around the room, ignoring the other occupants. No visible seems, sleek metal all around, no windows or doors to speak of...why does it seem familiar then? He remembers seeing cargo containers in similar design to this roo-thats when a thought struck him. ",no,no." He says lowly as heard a barely audible hiss and a click from behind a wall. "Son of a-" Jean starts to say, but never gets to finish as there was a loud CLACK and the small container box they were in was released.

    Though none could tell where they were, it was quite obvious it was somewhere high when it felt like they were in zero-gravity. Then a loud sound came from above as the zero-gravity stopped with a jolt and jean was tossed to the floor, along with anyone else that was floating. He groaned from the impact and got up slowly, "A cargo container, of a BC-750 high altitude Cargo Plane, dropped from over 10,000 feet in the air…with a deployable chute," the container then jolted as it finally hit what seemed like solid ground and a hiss sounded, "with automatic chute and door release." He says just as the roof and side walls slowly but surely, opened like a puzzle as open air flooded in. The surrounding scenery was quite obvious, they were in a jungle clearing and another container was not far from them. It was open with an assortment of gear stacked in the center.

    Jean gets up slowly and takes a look around. "Not exactly how I thought of coming to Amerish, but I'm alive at least." He says before hearing a cough and groan from one of the skunks. Micks, the driver, finally awoke as jean helped him up, "What happened?" He said with a confused tone then his eyes widened when he saw his brother still on the ground. "Jesse?!" He yells and drops to his side, trying to wake him up. "Hey, hey! Calm down hes fine, hes just unconsciousness." Jean reassures the aged skunk and helps him back up, though Mick seemed reluctant. He then took in the scenery around him, "Where the hell is my van?!" He said angrily and Jean just sighed as this, a madhouse.

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    Before the wolverine ever had a chance to answer he was thrown high into the ceiling along with the raccoon. Both who screamed like frightened dibbuns when their cargo container was dropped.

    Although admitedly the wolverine landed with much more grace than Kazi did. Assuming one could call landing flat on their tail gracefull.

    Kazi was well and truely screaming with panic long after the ride had come to a stop. "What is going on? Where are we? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!" the poor raccoon curled up into a ball in the far corner with his bushy tail wrapped over his muzzle. If he just closed his eyes and pretended that this was a dream then surely all the bad stuff would go away.

    The wolverine for his part scuries along the wall of the containor on all fours. At the edge of the wall he stands up and peers out side before quickly bringing his head back. "Looks like a tactical air drop into possibly hostile territory. Yorkel! Scout ahead for snipers!"

    He grabs the wolf doll and tosses it out into the open where it bounces once or twice, making a loud squeeking noise as it does. He pauses for a moment then wags his short tail happily before saying, "Yorkel says the coast is clear."

    "Oh light…I've been kidnapped with crazy people!" The raccoon cried.

    The wolverine shrugged in reply, "Sanity is realitive." He then folded his paws behind his back, taking a ridged military stance, "If you people are not the enemy, or with my platoon, then can you kindly tell me who you all are? I would like to know if you are friendlies or someone I will need to possibly violently destroy later on. "

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  • Valin crouched on the edge of the clearing, staying in the jungle as deep as he dared. He had no idea how he had ended up here. He did know, however, that all his weapons were gone and his armor had become essentially useless. Needless to say, he was pretty mad.

    Valin wasn?t sure what he was worried about; it just seemed like the right response. There was a container with a cache of supplies and weapons in the clearing, but nothing else. He hadn?t gone near it upon regaining consciousness; it could be a trap for all he knew.

    The ermine was about halfway across the clearing to the container when the second one fell. It with a loud THUMP that made him dive for cover behind the supply container. How did I miss that?! He thought to himself. Oh, wait, I?m an idiot, Val noted as he removed his helmet, everything immediately became easier to see and hear.

    Valin poked his head out from behind his cover to see the second container, identical to the first. He couldn?t quite see inside the other container, but he thought he could see someone in there, it was hard to tell. Suddenly, something flew out of the open door of the other box. Val quickly hid behind his cover and waited, holding his breath? nothing happened. When he looked back he noticed that it was just a wolf plush. He sighed in equal parts relief and annoyance.

    Valin stood up; there were people in there, crazy people, most likely, but still people. He walked towards the second box, his hands in the air, ?Is anyone alive, conscious, and or sane in there?? he called, ?If so, please come out and state your name, rank, and any information you may have as to what the hell is going on!? Today was not a good day for him.

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  • For the second time in a short while, Korvasius regained conciousness with a moan. The fall and the sudden application of a couple of G's had slammed his head first into the ceiling, and then the floor, causing him to black out. The hare got up slowly, and turned his blurry vision towards the only noticeable light, which was streaming in from the open doorway. Before he could say anything, the giant spoke to the other beasts in the cell as a whole.

    "Can you kindly tell me who you all are? I would like to know if you are friendlies or someone I will need to possibly violently destroy later on. "

    Korvasius, still recovering from blacking out and a potential concussion, weakly saluted. "Captain Korvasius Forrester, Salamandastron Navy, serial number 1095527. I take it you're also not civilian, so I'll need name, rank and serial number. Just to make sure we don't have problems."

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  • ["No…no,no,no."] Trinity saw Jean muttering to himself as a hiss sounded from just outside the wall. Her wiskers began to wilt as the skunk was about to curse but was cut off by the sudden dropping of their shelter.


    The air was knocked from Trinity as she was thrown against the ceiling tossing her face up where she found herself stuck until the chute deployed and they hit the ground. Hitting the container again with another thump it was a little better since it was her back this time though for a moment she thought it had snapped her spine. She sat up and rubbed the back of her neck as she recovered from the two way whiplash and looked over at the raccoon as it started ranting like the wolverine had been.

    "What is going on? Where are we? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!"

    Furrowing her eyebrows a little she shakily stood up as she continued to rub the back of her neck. The sides of the container opened up nearly causing her to jump out of her skin as she had lodged herself into one of the corners just before they had been dropped "Agk!" she squeaked as she spun around to see the now visible terrain and other cargo container. The wolverine threw his doll out of the container then the raccoon and the wolverine exchanged comments for a brief moment until
    ["If you people are not the enemy, or with my platoon, then can you kindly tell me who you all are? I would like to know if you are friendlies or someone I will need to possibly violently destroy later on. "]
    ["Captain Korvasius Forrester, Salamandastron Navy, serial number 1095527. I take it you're also not civilian, so I'll need name, rank and serial number. Just to make sure we don't have problems."]

    That was it, two beasts from opposing armies in an unknown environment in an unknown situation, Trinity didn't see anyway that could go over well, especially with ["Is anyone alive, conscious, and or sane in there? If so, please come out and state your name, rank, and any information you may have as to what the hell is going on!"]

    With a stranger outside already holding his paws up and a doll having flown out and not gotten vaporized in an instant she half jumped half rolled to the second container and grabbed the first weapon she could. Spinning to the others she pointed the weapon at the ground as she crouched on top of a crate shivering a little as she inspected the other beasts again to see their present stance "No offense but I'll just sit right here from the moment until I get an idea of who all of you are. I'd prefer not ending up with a knife bullet in my back. For all I know one of you's a mass murder of sorts and quite frankly I don't like you military sorts much…" she kept her voice steady, not a whisper but not a shout either as her expression turned to a scowl "Fine job you did by the way. What the blazes happened to being one of the most secure areas on the planet anyways, how the world did the gate get attack so easily... wait... where is everyone else, the scientists?"

    That thought combined with the ermine's presence set off another alarm and she cursed, others could be watching and not only that one of them could be a mole. Should I off them all right not and be over with it or wait and listen to them. If we are being watched and I off them I'll be by myself and the others could just jump me.

    If she hadn't been holding the weapon she would've clawed her face in frustration but instead she settled with a bark "SPEAK!" she gripped the pistol a little harder as she spoke not knowing she was actually holding Korvasius's SS-18 ionic pistol.

    OOC: This ok? I tried to make her go a little crazy and over think things.

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