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  • OOC: Alrighty, here's some more of my characters… Decided it'd be convinient to have 'em all in one thread, like some others have done here.

    Name: *Keiara Queler'e

    Gender/Species: Female Squirrel

    Age: 22 years (I.C.T.H.Y)

    Profession: Healer, Traveler

    Physical descripion: The first thing beasts notice about Keia is that she has white fur instead of red, a rare trait to posess. Apart from her fur, Keia is a squirrel of average height, posessing green eyes and an innocently beautiful face. Keia often wears unassuming traveler's clothing, normally a short-sleeved shirt and contrastingly long pants, a small belt wrapping around her slim waist to compliment her physique.

    History: Keia, since she was born, had been brought up in a small town in the north. She and her family led a reasonably peaceful life, her father working as a guard against vermin attacks to support the family. Then, when Keia was only ten years old, her father was called to duty to hunt down a wandering vermin horde in the area. After several days of tracking the creatures through the mountains, the smaller group of guardsbeasts were ambushed. The northland goodbeasts fight back with strength and ferocity, driving the vermin back, only to have the scum gather up their courage and smash back into them, killing many due to their superior numbers. Keia's father fought on, but to no avail. There were just too many of them. Tragically, he dies fighting, the ten or so guardsbeasts retreating back to the village to relay the news of his death to Keia and her mother. As anybeast would guess, they were completely devastated at his passing, not expecting him to die on that journey. Shortly after that disasterous day, maybe a month or so, and Keia's mother was pressed into a harder line of work, not able to obtain a good paying job. Keia herself also took up work as a housemaid, for nine years. During those nine long years, her mother died of an unknown illness when she was 17 years old, leaving Keia on her own for two more years before she is sick of her work, leaving after a heated argument with the house owner, a wealthy vole named Drew.

    Recent history:  After that incedent, Keia finally quit her job as a housemaid and moved on to travel the lands of her own free will. During her travels, she had a strange dream, one that told her to go forth upon a quest, and to meet a certain beast along the way, a beast by the name of Sethar A. Rheiuven. After she decided to investigate if the dream was true or not, she found him, and aided him upon his quest. After that, she grew fond of him, and he likewise, traveling together around mossflower until she had been captured by unknown beasts and simply vanished.

    Items: Keia posesses what you'd expect a traveling healer to carry, herbs, bandages, and other healing materials in a haversack. She also carries a staff she found during her travels, completely black, useful for smacking the overzealous highwaybeasts that so often lurked beside the roads. For emergencies, Keia has a dirk, but seldom uses it in combat, finding her staff fit for her needs. She also carries another haversack, holding all her personal possessions, such as a small book, clothes, and numerous currencies for when she journeys to towns, where she'll probably need some money.

    (*Pronounced Kay-ar-ah Kel-er-aay)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Name: Bane
    Age: 37-ish
    Gender/Species: Male Stoat
    Occupation: Mercenary

    Physical Description: Bane is your average stoat, save for his height, which is an ear's length above average. Brown eyes stare out disspassionately at the world, while a coat of dark brown fur matches them. His attire is that of a traveling mercenary, a tiny bit unkempt but fits his needs regardless. His expression, with the addition of a dual scar running through his left eye, is always either semi-passive, or snarling, depending on the situation. His frame is well-muscled, and for good reason. Bane is a mercenary by trade, and that job entails constant fighting and travelling to meet clients.

    History: Bane can remember only bits and pieces of his past, but despite that became a mercenary shortly afterwards at the age of 23. Since then, Bane has earned numerous rewards for his work in the vermin underground, earning him a small reputation as well. His latest assignments involve more of bodyguard duty than assassination and murder, and the work at Castle Marl seems to bore him no end. How he wound up at Castle Marl is anybeast's guess, but in truth, Bane was just looking for a place to lie low while his competition, the other mercenaries, try to get rid of him and open the door for themselves, provinding more opportunities for jobs. And there was that incident at Darkwood Tavern, in which the other mercenaries picked a fight with the stoat, and soon the whole tavern was in an uproar, beasts fighting one another over this coin or that drink.

    Weapons/personal Items: Bane has adopted a two-pawed broadsword as his weapon of choice, his fighting dirk in second. Bane also carries a number of lethal poisons which he uses frequently upon his targets by coating his dirk with the poisons. Aside from his weapons, Bane has little. He carries all the necessary tools for survival while traveling in a backpack, which he probably stole.

    Personality: Bane is usually a crafty individual, which aided him greatly in becoming a mercenary after he lost his memory. The stoat is usually condescending when he has the upper paw, but would otherwise keep his snout out of otherbeast's business… unless it could be sold as information, or if he was just curious enough.

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  • It's pretty difficult for humans to get fleas.

  • I meant I'd put (I.T.C.H.Y) up if the character had fleas, not a human.

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    Hey, would you like to join one of the other threads? Maybe you could join in "Valmorg" as a tunnel sentry or maybe you could join "In the Dead of Night" as a vermin or a spy maybe. There are ots of things that we could do.

  • I have a buncha vermin people I could use… I think I'll take a look at Valmorg... Already have my litle sidequest headin' there... if he takes slaves, of course…

  • He has a whole batch of slaves toiling in his tunnels and mines, so you needn't worry about that.
        Oh, and maybe the vermin leader that killed Seth's village and family could be Valmorg. That would make the fight between Seth and Tal very interesting.

  • Ah. Well, Seth's village was attacked by a different fella, but I'll leave it blank for this site.

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