Thoggit and Nex

  • Nickname: Thoggit/Thogg (or Thoggit the Brave as he wants to be called though no one 'cept Nex does)(Or Captain Thoggit R. X. Skittlerum, again not really ever called that even by Nex) (Nex will call him Captain though)

    Full Name: Thoggit Just plain Thoggit nothing else, though he wishes there was more and is constantly making up titles and last and middle names that never stick.

    Species: Mouse

    Age: 14

    Alignment: Good

    Description: Strong mischievous blue eyes, pale brown fur that does what it pleases no matter how hard he tries (he doesn't really try much, it is mostly the other abbey bests who try to get him to try) Despite this however he always, well not always, Most of the time looks neat and presentable. He is not full grown yet but is still a good bit taller then Nex and stands at least a head taller then him. Thoggit wears an abbey green tunic, over top of which is a brown bark vest (A thick vest that sort of of resembles leather with lost of thick lacing), and a matching brown belt.  On his feet he wears a pare of dark boots.

    Possessions: The one thing he really want's but is not allowed to have is a sword, He has made several make shift ones before however using Branches or various ladles or kitchen implements to use in his games of make believe.

        - A natural leader (Though he is still to young and inexperienced to use this practically he holds a strong command over all those younger then him, However he prefers the company of those closer to his own age)
        - A marvelously creative mind and is always playing make believe.

        - inexperienced, He longs to go on an adventure and fight baddies and save the day however he really dose not have the credentials for this and if he dose get the chance he may lead him and Nex (Who is always with him on his endeavors) Into danger that he can't handle. In essence he is overconfident of his capabilities.
        -  Despite what he says he really does not know how to use any kind of weapon properly.
        -  Slightly dyslexic so he never really liked to study much. He can read and wright but do not like to do it. Despite this he is a very bright boy.

    Personality: An Exstovert, a natural leader, creative, ambitious, inexperienced, overconfident, cheerful, an opportunist, friendly, hardworking, loyal to his friends and allies. Loves to play make believe with his best friend Nex and is constantly pretending he is this character or that. Easy going, good with people.

    Background: He was orphaned in a vermin attack on his village when he was just a babe, an old ratwife being discontented with the horde leader took Thoggit to safety. It is unknown weather she did it out of spit or pity. She left him at the abbey gates, 3 days later she was killed by horde leader for defying him and deserting. Thoggit was brought up at the abbey and became fast friends with a young squirrel named Fennex. The two where never apart and used to get into all kinds of dibbun mischief together. Now that they are a little older they no longer get into as much trouble (Though sometimes it can't be avoided). Now Thoggit shares a dormitory room with Nex.

    *** ~~~ *** ~~~ ***

    Nickname: Nex (Thoggit likes to call him Lord Fennex S. Darnful the III when they play their games)

    Full Name: Fennex

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: 12

    Alignment: good

    Description: Overly short and skinny for a squirrel his age, with thick light brown-redish fur and reserved green eyes. He wears a simple brown tunic and a black chord belt and a pare of saddles for his feet.

    Possessions: Nex prefers a rapier (A thin stick) over all other weapons (Though in reality he wouldn't hurt a ant). He also has a large floppy hat with a ravines feather stuck in it and a cape for when he plays Lord Darnful.

        - Exceedingly loyal, he would fallow Thoggit to dark forest gates if he asked him.
        - A good climber
        - Observant and insightful, oftentimes he will notice things that Thoggit would over look. (This also makes him good at riddles)

        - If any real danger arises he becomes rather nervous, on edge and a bit of a goose and a worry woos. This makes him more clumsy and not think as strait.
        - He is not in any way physically strong dew to his size.
        - Does not know how to use any kind of real weapon properly.

    Personality: Is a wonderful reader and craves story's but is unable to make them himself (Without a bit of help) so he gets them mostly from books and his best friend Thoggit. Although he wants to be brave and go on adventures just as much as Thoggit when there is any real danger he becomes rather nervous, on edge and a bit of a goose and a worry woos, Though perhaps that makes him the more down to earth of the two.  he is a very loyal friend and follower, he looks up to Thoggit not only for being two years older than him but for being able to be so out creative and outgoing, being more of an introvert himself.

    Background: Nex was an orphan at the abbey his parents died of a sickness when he was just a babe and the guosim brought him in. He made good friends with Thoggit when the two of them put honey in the sleeping friars head fur. (It was Thoggit's idea though) Nex became a good student and a loyal reader. He loved to read just as much as he loved to play pretend with Thoggit. Now that is no longer a dibbun he sleeps in a dormitory room shared with Thoggit.

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