Luna Plain

  • Nickname: Loon

    Full Name: Luna Plain

    Species: Squirrel

    Description: She has messy unkempt dark brown fur, almost black, strange wild big gold colored eyes and neat perfectly white pointy teeth. She is slightly shorter than the average squirrel. She has two small scars, one on her right forearm, another moving vertically along her left cheek and a chip in her left ear. She also has a large scar on the back of her head from her left ear to her neck and several others in various placed on her body. She has a decorative white swirling tattoo on her left shoulder going up the left side of her neck and lower side of her face.  She normally wears an old tattered threadbare tunic with a v-neck loosely laced up with a thin white cord, the whole thing secured at the waste with an off white rope cord.  Her expressions are erratic. (She is insane)

    Possessions:  A Slim thin dagger, A necklace with a pendant that resembles a sharks tooth and several  raw quarts crystals and shell shards along the cord. An thong arm band around her upper right arm. that's it, she never really holds on to anything else for very long.

        - Strong and persistent fighter, without reason, She will continue to come at you with an almost unbounding energy and will. (No she is not invincible and can be over powered it is just that she will continue to fight with everything shes got so long as she is conscious)
        - She is fast, agile and can move silently if she so wishes making her exceedingly dangerous in dark enclosed spaces like the forest.

        - She is very simple minded having the rational processes of a child.
        - She can not read or write.
        - She is extremely forgetful and absent minded.
        - She will often blatantly ignore any kind of authority if she want to (This is not a constant behavior however)
        - She lacks reason and often puts/pushes herself in situations in which she could get badly injured or even killed. In other words she dose not know when to stop.

    Personality: Luna is violently insane, with extreme mood swings and erratic sometimes uncalled for behavior. She is exceedingly forgetful and will change her mind on a whim. One minute she will be infatuated with an object the next she will be throwing it out the window in a rage for no apparent reason. She has the tendency to talk with inanimate objects and will often be offended by the things they say. She can be friendly and doesn't make it a habit of attacking people with out a reason (i.e. she dose not usually attack good bests) although they may not know what her insane reasoning is. Once she is convinced that you are a friend she is very devoted and will even sacrifice her safety for yours (Though she never really thinks about her safety anyway)

    Background:  One day Luna Woke up in the small hut of a hermit vole covered in bandages and unable to remember anything even her name. She called her self Luna Plain, it sounding at least somewhat familiar. She was completely insane and left the voles home as soon as she was able. Living in the forest on her own.  She often would attack vermin for their food and weapons.

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