Basilisk the Snake

  • Name: Bassssilissk
    Gender: Male
    Species: Whiptail Snake

    Description: A whipetail snake in his prime. His body is long and sleek, covered in thick deep green scales. His underbelly is a dull yellow. He has a black diamond shape on his fore head and a splash of dark black scales out lining his large unblinking golden eyes.

    On occasion he is seen wearing the hats of his victims.

    Personality: Basilisk considerz himself to be the personification of sly and cunning. At least in his own mind. A creature of oppurtunity Basilisk is rather greedy and lazy at heart. He also has a playfull streak and oftennlikes to play with his food before he eats it.


    Crushing Strength - As a non venomous snake Basilisk has the strength to coil around prey and crush it.


    Vanity - Basil has a very vain attitude towards his own appearence. He see's his own imperfections as good qualities as well.

    Arrogant - Basil can do no wrong, despite evidence to the contrary. He often let's himself get dragged into problems due to his ego.


    Snakes are not burdened with complicated histories. Unlike more 'civilized' beasts they do not engage in politics or territorial disbutes. And very rarely do they attatch themselves emotionally to others enough to feel the need to seek revenge for fallen comrads.

    No, snakes like things ssssimple. If it moves, its food. Plain and simple.

    Basilisk however considers himself a step above the common snake. He finds existing for the sole purpose of decreasing the rodent and vermin population to be rather…unfulling.

    He can't remember when he started playing the Game. It was sometime after he left hisfamilies nest, that was for sure. But over the seasons he has felt compelled to at least give his prey a sporting chance to escape their fate.

    Sometime's he asks riddles, sometimes he plays word games. He even let's a few bargain their way out of dinner if the argument is good enough.

    In the end though very, very few have escaped his coils for long. After all, where is the fun in a game if you do not cheat every once in a while?

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