Drakki the Wolverine Merchant

  • Name: Drakki DeButcher Longtail

    Species: Wolverine

    Age: 25-27


    As a wolverine Drakki stands about a head taller than most. He has very thick brown fur. His eyebrows and eyes are highlighted by light gold fur as is his chest and under belly. The tip of his tail is dipped in black fur.

    The wolverine dresses himself in a light green tunic with a tan vest. The last button on his vest is left undone due to the paunch he has grown from a life of realitive ease.

    Usually he is wearing some form of hat. It changes though periodically from simple feather caps to wide brimmed hats.


    Legends of old spoke of a terrible woodland menace, a race of feirce beasts of unrelenting anger and fury that could turn away any hero or monster that dared to cross their path.

    And then there is Drakki.

    For a fearsom beast Drakki has the personality of a child at times. He has a timid appearence, aften seen slouching or hunched over as he walks. Drakki can never understand why beasts requard him with fear when he tries to be so nice which often leaves him with deep feelings of lonelyness.

    But beneath the fancy clothes and fluffy exterier Drakki is still a wolverine. He just hasnt had a chance to show it yet.


    Drakki comes from the north lands, born to Drak DeButcher and Kia Longtail.

    DeButcher was a title, not a surname.

    Being the only child to a pair of fearsom mercenary warriors Drakki was destined to carry on the time honored family tradition of brutally destroying beasts for money. Unfortunetly his family's weathy life style (they were…'very' successful mercenaries) spoiled the pup long before he ever began his training.

    It was saddly clear that Drakki would not be the one to carry on the family warrior name. His combat skills were horrible. He couldn't shoot an arrow to save his life, he was a clutz with a spear and he even once managed to cut his paw...with the same paw that was holding the blade.

    As years passed it Drakki made his living instead by...actually surviving off of his parrents accumulated wealth. At least until they kicked him out, giving him a sack of food, the clothes on his back, and a sword to defend himself.

    And so the brave Drakki Longtail left to seek his fortune as a mercenary warrior. When that didnt work he became a bandit. When even that didn't work he hired on as a body guard for some woodlander merchants.

    He made a very poor body guard but what he learned about trade and mercantile Drakki used to form his own, somewhat, successful merchant life style.


    Big bad wolverine - Drakki has the strength and ferocity of a wolverine.

    That smile - Nothing charms a beast out of their gold than the smile from a wolverine...and not because it's charming.

    Character Flaws:

    Big bad wolverine - Most Beasts automatically assume Drakki is there to destroy them.

    Gulo gulo - Latin for glutton. Which Drakki is for sweets and meat.

    Gentle Giant - Drakki is almost unaturally shy due to how most people reguard him with fear. He will also shrink back at confrontation...but woe to those who actually manage to rile him up enough to get him angry.

  • Love the character!  He's refreshingly different; I'm looking forward to possibly encountering him on the boards as I get my bearings at RL again- always good to see another wolverine around the place.  (-:

  • Lol! Yes I am just happy we can use wolverines. He is by no means a truely 'good' beast or 'evil beast. Just innept at what he does ^^

  • Often it is the inept who cause all sorts of trouble for everybeast.  lol

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