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  • To help provide clarity for the backstory, the year would be like…2550, a mix of modern and future tech, so something akin to like Halo UNSC tech level, no Spartans though. Instead of deep space ships, the beasts of Mossflower have discovered planetbound warpgates on a distant planet, with a probe, suitable for colonization and have reversed-engineered derelict warpgates found in hidden ruins buried underground in the far North. Armed with the drive to explore and settle this new untouched world, many brave beasts pack up to journey on through one of the three major warpgates, held by the superpowers of this time. Those powers are, The Redwall Republic, its capital Redwall Abbey, who make up almost the entirety of mossflower, Salamandastron Federation, whose capital is the towering mountain fortress Salamadastron itself, make up the coast of Mossflower and a bit beyond. Then finally, the Vermin Conglomerate, a motley gathering of many small vermin nations who came together under one leader and have three major capitals, Terramort, Marshank, and the recently "reclaimed" Castle Marl. Our story begins with a mixed band of pioneers who travel through one the of many cheap, minor, one-way warpgates, hoping to get their own piece to themselves, or to whatever faction they hold loyalty to.
    Must have one main, then you may have at MAX 3 minor alts, which is at total 4 max.
    Age: (In human years)
    Species: (Standard Redwall species)
    Affiliation: (Redwall Republic, Salamandastron Federation, Hellsgate Conglomerate, Neutral(Can start at any of the faction Warpgates))
    Occupation: (Explorer, Scientist, Soldier, Settler)
    Equipment: (Just try to base it around whatever Occupation you chose)

    Example, My character
    Name: Jean Valeion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55
    Species: Ferret
    Affiliation: Neutral
    Occupation: Settler
    Description: Jean is a averaged sized ferret with almost completely grey fur, brown eyes, slightly wrinkled face, and wears glasses. For clothes he wears a green shirt, brown hoddie over it, light brown worker pants, and a small travel pack on his back along with a duffel bag.
    Equipment: Fabricator, Welder, Hunting Rifle in Duffel with spare bullets, Concealed Stun Pistol.

  • 1. What's this for, what is New Genesis?
    2. What's the tech level of the time period?
    3. What is the backstory to New Genesis?

  • 1. This is so I can keep track of who joins the Main thread, once I start it up.
    2. Tech level is theirs a mix of modern and futuristic.
    3. Backstory is, a new habitable has been discovered and three major powers are trying to establish control for different reasons. The Redwall Republic wish to study ancient artifacts that were discovered which allowed them to reverse engineer and build a warpgate to the planet. The Salamandastron Federation are trying to establish control and prevent the Vermin Conglomerate from taking it over. Vice versa as well for the Vermin Conglomerate, but are more willing to go for more extreme measures to do so. Your one of many that are trying to have a new life for whatever reason on the new world, but get caught up in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and thats when you meet the other characters, all in one spot. How you all get there, I won't tell just yet. 😛

  • Name: Kazi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Raccoon
    Affiliation: Redwall Republic Citizen, neutral at heart.
    Occupation: Explorer
    Description For a raccoon Kazi is a runt but still manages to look otters and hares in the eye. His fur is light grey with a white patch over his belly and highlighting his eyebrows.

    He wears an off blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up which is usually tucked into his light brown cargo pants. The shirt conforms tightly around his waist which has a small but noticable bulge.

    His chest is also covered by the straps of a hard cloth harness of his back pack. The harness latches onto his belt where he keeps the holster of a small pulse lasar pistol on the small of his back.

    Kazi's foot paws are left bare but he wears tan fingerless gloves on his hand paws. A pair of large goggles sit on the bridge of his snout. They are the latest model of computerized glasses.

    Equipment: Grappling hook. Climbers gear. Back pack. Virtual goggles. Lazar pistol.

  • Name: Captain Korvasius Forrester

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Species: Hare

    Affiliation: Salamandastron Federation

    Occupation: Captain and chief gunnery officer on the Assault Ship Argo

    Description: As a relatively fresh face in an otherwise veteran Salamandastron Navy, Korvasius Forrester has the attributes one would expect from a young mountain hare-he's fast, strong, and sharp when it comes to tactical maneuvers. Promoted to captain when the Argo's former captain, Badger Laware Broadstripe was killed in action, Korvasius has seen his fair share of action.

    Normally, while on active duty, Korvasius wears standard navy dress, a grey armor-plated jumpsuit with maroon light stripes/ionic power conduits, which power and light up the suit while in the dark. Standard eye-wear are a pair of thermal goggles with holographic heads-up display, and while in combat he wears an advanced, dual-action purifier mask, for combat in gas or water.

    Korvasius is somewhat intimidating in stature, being 6'8", and muscular. His temperament is mostly calm, however, as he tries to set a good example for his crew. In times past, he had a drinking problem, but rarely refers to it. During his tenure as captain, the Argo has protected the shores of the great mountain from many threats, but some in his crew worry about the state of his mental health from the stress that's put on him. Currently, he is on extended shore leave, assigned to an outlying shore battery towards the wildlands in the North.

    Equipment: Forge Industries (Nationalized weapons and equipment manufacturer in Salamandastron) SS-18 repeating ionic pistol (shoots ionized bullets), EX-2 "Sunflash" external power suit, HX-7 infrared holographic goggles, JS-5 jump pack, and a DK-10 energized broadsword with serrated edge.


  • Coolcoyote, your character is fine for now, approved that is, let me know if your gonna make any changes later. Angmar…your character is pretty okay, but their isn't a cosmo navy, the warpgates are landlocked, so just a slight change about the ship and you get the green light.

  • Sounds good. I was thinking a little too advanced. I also was typing from a phone, so I'll add some stuff tomorrow.


  • Thank you very much. :3

  • Yeah, it's edited all up. I've been watching a little too much Space Battleship Yamato (Quite literally the best anime ever!!!), so I was thinking spacey and all that.


  • Eh, I somewhat heard of it, but yeah, I can where you were going with it. Approved for now, one or two more and we'll have a green light to start.

  • Awesome. Thanks!


  • Mind if I make a modded character based off Avalon for this?

  • Sure, just as long as you follow the creation formula, or the first post, then were good, and I'll try to help get your character into the storyline.

  • Name: Trinity Darkhollow (Trinity)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Species: Black Fox
    Affiliation: Vermin Conglomerate
    Occupation: Security Guard (Lieutenant)
    Description: With eyes equally dark in color as her fur Trinity stands at a modest 5'11". Taking advantage of foxes naturally agile frame Trinity has developed some rather quick reflexes though most of her speed is with her weapon. Taking into the role of Security Guard rather than the Military Trinity has kept her distance from any conflicts with the other major powers preferring to work to keep order rather than stirring up chaos. Rotating between gates on her assignments she hasn't exactly seen any aggressive action, however could probably hold her own against one or two opponents. With her role of keeping order she's had to enhance her patience and tolerance of others whether they're compliant or not shaping a somewhat relaxed personality though if things get hairy her verminous aggressiveness can show through as self preservation takes over.

    Her Body-armor is shaped to maximize speed and agility while offering protection to components considered most vital to survival. The torso leaves the shoulders exposed to maintain arm maneuverability while effectively protecting the body's major organs. A black utility belt fastens around the leggings to provide an area to attach weapon holsters and ammo pouches as well as a few basic medical supplies and a flashlight. The alloy plating is lightweight and dissipates heat quickly to prevent the user from overheating or being burdened.

    Equipment: T-5 Gauss Pistol & Belt Holster & Type-3 Alloy Lightweight Body-armor (Torso, Upper Legs, Boots) and uniform of shirt and shorts - Black & Belt Magazine Pouches (12 mags of 15 rounds) & Blue Tinted Flashlight

  • Whoo! First conglomerate character, and it looks good to me, approved.

  • Name: Valin Kras, or just Val

    Gender: Male

    Age: Thirty-two

    Species: Ermine

    Affiliation: Vermin Conglomerate

    Occupation: Special Operations Sharpshooter

    Description: Approximately six and a half feet tall and weighing about two hundred pounds, Valin has dark grey fur and a lighter grey underbelly. When not on a mission he will normally wear black military fatigues and a pair of dark shades. Any other time, he wears a suit of light power armor.

    Valin is very serious and harsh most of the time. He does not like jokes, especially when he?s fighting, and can be very mean to anyone not taking things seriously. He simply cannot stand civilians, or anyone, when they?re afraid.

    He has a very blunt and direct way of speaking, usually telling things exactly how they are no matter who he?s talking to.

    Valin is currently stationed at a command post in the north.

    Equipment: One anti-material rifle, a pair of heavy pistols with additional clips and a combat knife. A set of UWC Light Power Armor, a variation of regular power armor that has traded a fair chunk of protectiveness for a set of special equipment designed for snipers and certain other spec-ops troops. A pair of dog tags one for him, one for his late brother. Finally, His lucky sunglasses.

    Look! I did a thing!

  • Alright, seems good, accepted and now the rp is locked from anymore further applications.

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