Halitha Starwalker

  • For Eselbrador: Halitha Starwalker

    Nickname: Litha

    Full Name: Halitha Starwalker

    Species: Elf

    Age: 43 years - ten years past "coming of age"

    Description: Silver eyes, pale skin, slightly pointed ears, black curly hair. About 5 ft, 8 in. tall. Wears a short (just above knee) gray dress with black leggings underneath, and tied with a midnight blue belt.

    Possessions: Litha does not like to use a bow; she prefers and is better with a broadsword. Her ornate weapon is usually sheathed on her belt. Litha also has a pair of daggers - one in her boot, and the other down her back.

    Strengths: good with her sword, good at swimming and running.

    Weaknesses: bad with throwing/shooting weapons, doesn't ride horses very well. Can only use limited amounts of magic at one time.

    Personality: Litha was born the daughter of a royal noble in the Elven kingdom. She was raised by her mother, who tried to train her to be a proper noblewoman and failed miserably. Litha is rather strong-minded and prefers to do things her own way.

    Background: Litha was, as mentioned above, born a noblewoman. Potentially she could have married one of the Elven princes. That was her parents' dream for her. She rebelled, when she came of age, and ran away with a young elf named Falmouth. They were supposed to be married, but on his way to find a suitable person to perform the ceremony he was attacked by bandits.

    At first, Litha suspected her mother of having Falmouth "removed from the scene". Her suspicions were cleared when her mother invested a great deal of time and effort in assisting Litha in her search. Despite the rough childhood relationship, mother and daughter are now close friends.

    Litha has spent the past 10 years searching the Elven kingdom, trying to find him. Now she is ready to search the other kingdoms.

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