• Hey, Fell Blade, do you mind if I start a new topic in the recipe book with that recipe, that way it will be easier to see. If so, what would you want it to be named?

  • Sounds good, and I guess if it needs a name (Wow, I never came up for a name for it and I've been eating/making it for basically my entire life!) I think "Fresh Salsa of Angmar" could work (as a pun on my name) or just "Zach's Garden Salsa" as well. Thanks!


  • Sounds good, nice pun.

  • Thanks. Always fun to share recipes.  😉


  • Hey, Skipper Rorgus, let me modify that recipe.

    First, chop tomatoes into tiny pieces and put in bowl.
    Next, chop tomatoes into huge pieces and put in bowl.
    Then, chop tomatoes into long thin slices and put in bowl.
    Fourthly, chop tomatoes into short fat slices and put in bowl.
    After that, put tomatoes into a bag and smash with hammer to form a paste type of thing. Put into bowl.
    Finally, stir and serve with a tomato to garnish!

    Is that more interesting Serena Rosebud?  🙂

  • That'd be better, yes… I do think a sprinkling of salt or lemon juice would add a dimension to the flavor though.

  • It would taste a bit tomatoey…

  • Just slightly.  😛 Salsa can be basically any sauce or garnish that's tomato based, but most of the "salsa" that's served north of the border falls within the Pico De Gallo category, with chopper tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, spices, served in tomato sauce. So technically, the "Tomato Fiesta" could work as such, only difference is that all the other ingredients are tomatoes.  ::)


  • Good grief, we even have a salsa expert on RL!!!!  😄

  • @Serena:

    Good grief, we even have a salsa expert on RL!!!!  😄

    Ha! I don't consider myself an expert, I just try to know what I'm cooking, even if I put my own little twist on it.


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