• A nice quick side salad. Not from books.


    1 tomato
    1 avocado, ripe
    1 mango

    What you do:
    Cut each into ice cube sized chunks. Put into a bowl and mix until there are smears of avocado over the tomato and mango. Serve with whatever you are eating (not ice cream though! Hmm, it could work, I might think about that). I suggest fried salmon, but don`t forget to do the fish grace if you are having fish!

  • That looks really good as a garnish or maybe even an accent to a tostada salad, I might need to serve that the next time I cook up some Carne Asada. Do you mind if I add on a recipe I make my own salsa with?


  • Go ahead! Add away. In fact anyone is welcome to add a recipe they enjoy. It gives me a chance to try them out as well!

  • Alright. This might be a little long, and some of the peppers I grow myself, so I'll try and keep the varieties I use to just the store-bought ones.

    Garden Salsa


    6 Ripe Tomatos
    1 White Onion
    2 Cloves of Garlic
    1 Purple Onion
    1 Lime
    1 Bunch of Cilantro
    1 Anaheim Chile
    2 Serrano Peppers
    1 Cowhorn pepper (You can substitute for a Jalape?o or a pair of cayenne peppers here)
    Ancho Chile Powder
    Durkee Six Pepper Blend (Another thing one can't get in stores, I get mine from Spice


    Set oven to broiler at 500 degrees, and get out a large dish to put ingredients into the oven with. Wash all the tomatoes and put them in this dish, then cut the tops off of the peppers (To where the stems don't get in the salsa) and put them in likewise, cut 2 garlic cloves down to the cloves themselves (No skin!) and put them in as well, then put the entire dish into the oven.

    While the peppers, tomatoes, and garlic are cooking, chop up the purple onion and, after washing, cilantro, and put the ensuing mixture into a large food processor (This is the only way to get a good mixture, as using a blender will most likely break it), and mix until evenly spread. Take the lime, cut off the peel, and squeeze the contents into the processor, making sure to collect the seeds as they fall in.

    By this time, the peppers and garlic should be ready, so take them out of the oven, along with the tomatoes, and WITH A FORK (Don't burn your hands) take them out of the dish and put them into the food processor. Put the dish bak inside the oven after flipping the tomatoes so that there is an even distribution of heating. With the peppers and garlic in the mixture, mix (That is, blend) the ensuing mixture until evenly spread.

    Next, take the tomatoes that are in the oven out, and put them, two (or one, depending on the size of your processor) at a time into the food processor and then blend, watching out for pits or really big chunks (unless you like those, but they somewhat distract from the overall flavor) and when you're done, pour the final mixture into a large glass bowl, hopefully with a cover so that it can be refrigerated, because this, along with some hummus, makes a great snack.

    (This next part is entirely subjective. I never know how much to use and rely on taste testing in order to make the right decisions about how much. I would suggest doing the same for these.) Put a dash of salt in first, for taste, then mix with a spoon, then put in Ancho Chile Powder, cumin, and lime. Chop up the white onion, and put as much of it into the mixture as you want.

    If you have other things you like in your salsa, go ahead and put them in there! This recipe is more of a set of guidelines, because when I cook it, it's more of an intuitive recipe than anything else. Give me a minute, and I'll post some pictures along with it to help a little.

    (Apologies about there not being accurate measurements, I learned from my father, who doesn't use anything of the sort when he cooks stuff like this. If it tastes too limey, try putting in some more ancho powder, or if its too spicy, try the reverse. Also, I'm still not 100% sure about the peppers, I honestly just use whatever's red enough in my pepper garden, so if it doesn't turn out well I apologize.)

  • Mm, those look yummy. I have a good recipe as well!

    Start with some Tomatoes, in a bowl. Then add:

    Then you should be all set!

  • @Skipper:

    Mm, those look yummy. I have a good recipe as well!

    Start with some Tomatoes, in a bowl. Then add:

    Then you should be all set!

    I do believe that is the simplest recipe for salsa I have ever seen. It also sounds rather… um... boring?

  • Hey, Fell Blade, do you mind if I start a new topic in the recipe book with that recipe, that way it will be easier to see. If so, what would you want it to be named?

  • Sounds good, and I guess if it needs a name (Wow, I never came up for a name for it and I've been eating/making it for basically my entire life!) I think "Fresh Salsa of Angmar" could work (as a pun on my name) or just "Zach's Garden Salsa" as well. Thanks!


  • Sounds good, nice pun.

  • Thanks. Always fun to share recipes.  😉


  • Hey, Skipper Rorgus, let me modify that recipe.

    First, chop tomatoes into tiny pieces and put in bowl.
    Next, chop tomatoes into huge pieces and put in bowl.
    Then, chop tomatoes into long thin slices and put in bowl.
    Fourthly, chop tomatoes into short fat slices and put in bowl.
    After that, put tomatoes into a bag and smash with hammer to form a paste type of thing. Put into bowl.
    Finally, stir and serve with a tomato to garnish!

    Is that more interesting Serena Rosebud?  🙂

  • That'd be better, yes… I do think a sprinkling of salt or lemon juice would add a dimension to the flavor though.

  • It would taste a bit tomatoey…

  • Just slightly.  😛 Salsa can be basically any sauce or garnish that's tomato based, but most of the "salsa" that's served north of the border falls within the Pico De Gallo category, with chopper tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, spices, served in tomato sauce. So technically, the "Tomato Fiesta" could work as such, only difference is that all the other ingredients are tomatoes.  ::)


  • Good grief, we even have a salsa expert on RL!!!!  😄

  • @Serena:

    Good grief, we even have a salsa expert on RL!!!!  😄

    Ha! I don't consider myself an expert, I just try to know what I'm cooking, even if I put my own little twist on it.


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