Rascal the Foxy Food Thief

  • Nickname: Rascal

    Full Name: Russell RavenClaw

    Species: Red Fox

    Description: A fox caught between youth and youthful adult Rascal is a bit shorter than other foxes of the same species. Despite his life as a vagrant his pelt is most healthy with, short furred with dark red fur that becomes lighter as it moves closer to his belly which is an off white yellowish color. The tips of his paws, his ears and tail are coated in black fur. His pelt also has splashes of brown spots here and there, suggesting that not both parents were red foxes.

    The fox's healthy pelt is a bit stretched in places due to his recent gain in weight. His once lanky form has been replaced with a more meaty fluffy appearance. Where he had bony limbs his arms and legs have gained some thickness, his ribs no longer show, and his once trim waist has been replaced with a small round curve.


    Rascal wears a short sleeved vest. It is made with tan cloth with leather shoulders. The vest hangs down to his bottom of his chest, leaving the small of his back, his sides and belly exposed.

    He wears a sword harness belt across his chest with several holsters for knives. The belt at his waist carries his coin purse and a double edged dirk on the small of his back.

        - Sneaky Foxy Thief - Rascal is not the best thief but he has managed a few succesfull pick pocket attempts. He also knows how to shadow a target silently and with out being seen
      - Call a lock smith! -Rascal is an amatur safe cracker and lock smith.

        - Shameless Glutton - People sometimes joke that Rascal has some hare to his ancestor's. His greedy love for food often leads him into dangers and poor health.
      - Kleptomaniac - Small house hold items tend to dissapear while Rascal is around for no reason what so ever.

        Sarcastic, witty, and full of mischief. Little does the fox know that his attempts to make himself different from others is in reality the exact thing that makes most youth similar. Rascal has the tendency to bite off more than what he can chew in most situations, and generally looks out for himself. Prehaps with time he can develop the few redeeming qualities he has. Only time will tell though.

        Rascal comes from a large family of foxes, most of whom have met their end in some grizzly way. His parents both came from the same Horde. Wanting their children to not grow up in a violent climate they seperrated themselves from the horde when the kits were young. The large bag of gold that went missing from the horde masters tent had absolutely nothing to do with it at all.

    Reguardless, the family of foxes moved far away to the west, keeping one step ahead of the horde beasts until eventually they were lost to them, securing themselves a small hut in Mossflower woods with a surplus of gold that should have kept them alive and well for about a decade.

    Alas, it turns out that a pair of thieves were very poor at handling money. It took only a few years for Rascal's parents to go back into banditry to put food on the table.

    By then Rascal was ten years old. By the age of fifteen Rascal's father was arrested for banditry, his mother worked as a seamstress to put a pittance  of food on the table. By age 17 Rascal and his siblings branched out away from home, most meeting their end in the belly of monitor lizards, birds, snakes, and one curious event involving meat eating squirrels. Those not fortunate enough to branch out into some form of living, honest or dishonest found their hides decorating horde beast lairs, or met a grizzly end of starvation.

    But this isn't their story, this is Rascals. For the past two years he has been hiring himself out to any job that would take him, providing for himself through thievery when he couldn't, and his story is just beginning.

    Only time will tell if it will have a happy ending…or if he will share in the fate of most of his siblings.

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