Torix Gammelis

  • Nickname: Torry, The Coastlord, King

    Full Name: Torix Gammelis (Torix "Old Ice")

    Gender: Male

    Age: 45

    Species: Human

    Nationality: Eselbrador

    Description: Torix stands six feet tall with a thick-set frame giving him squared featured. With broad shoulders, big arms, and a blocky chin he seems more like the kind of man one would find on the docks or cutting down trees in the deep forest. Instead he sits on the royal throne of Eselbrador. He wears his red hair short with a neatly trimmed beard on his chin. He normally wears a black jacket with dark blue trim and Sapphire buttons over a simple grey shirt. With it he wears black trousers, a thick cape of black with grey fur on the edges, and the king's crown. He has a loud, jolly air about him usually, being a man who enjoys his feasting and merriment, but sometimes it almost seems like a facade.

    Possessions: Eselbrador, and more personally, a dinged and well used warhammer.

    -Built like a castle wall, giving him physical strength.
    -Jovial and likable.

    -Incredibly reluctant to make war or cause harm, displaying genuine fear at the prospect.

  • I think we should start a new dynasty. A lot of the old RP's have a lot to do with the Whitedeath name…

    I'll have to alter my character 😛

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