Deekra`s level 1 application

  • Level being applied for:
    Level 1
    Current Position/s:
    Friar (Femble)
    Have you ever been banned or restricted or received a warning?:
    If so, then why?:
    Write two paragraphs or more describing:
    Redwall Abbey:


    The ancient otter stumbled up the dusty path. His throat was parched and he was gasping for breath. He was so immersed in making sure his feet didnt collapse that he didnt notice Redwall Abbey until he smacked into it. Rubbing his head ruefully, he stared up at the massive building. It was his destination, referred to him by his nephew, the current Skipper of otters. He had expected the Abbey to be much smaller and different than what he saw in front of him...

    The walls were towering and thick, with thin cracks running through where mortar had not quite filled in the gaps between the sandstone bricks, and battlements running along the whole wall. Some cobwebs blew lazily around in the morning breeze, while spiders clung to threads dangling precariously from the flicking cobwebs.  Four gates were stationed on the north, south, east and west sides of the Abbey.
    The west gate was the one attached to the path. It was made from a great oak, holding up through all wind and weather. A long narrow ditch ran directly across it. Alongside the gate, inside the Abbey a gatehouse is placed. Above the gatehouse, on the top of the wall tops, hidden in the dust, are thirteen circles with a semicircle dent next to them.
    The east, south and north gates were wicker gates with multiple locks to ensure the Dibbuns could not run off into the woodlands.

    The otter knocked twice upon the main gates. Almost instantly, a head popped over the battlements. It was that of a young squirrel, roughly 14.
    Yes? the squirrel squeaked.
    May I enter for a break and a bite to eat? the otter wheezed.
    One moment the squirrel disappeared and the gates creaked open, revealing the very tubby squirrel wearing a habit. The otter shuffled in, marveling the outer area of the Abbey.

    The Abbey, bell tower and gatehouse were also made of red sandstone. The front door of the Abbey faced the main gate. There was a small path leading from the gate to the front door. Trees and plants were dotted about, especially near the large Abbey pond, where numerous Dibbuns were splashing around and laughing. There was a small garden near the north gate, and an orchard near the east gate. The bell tower was attached to the north- west side of the building and a weather vane was balanced on top.

    The squirrel escorted the otter into the building, where the otter stopped and marveled the cosy cavern hole.

    Armchairs were scattered around an orange fireplace. Some old Abbey Dwellers were sprawled across the chairs, snoozing. A small, round table held some October Ale, Mossflower Wedge and Candied Chestnuts.

    The squirrel tugged impatiently on the otter`s cloak, and they moved towards the great hall. A half  asleep dibbun waved a lazy paw at them as they passed. The otter struggled up the seven steps through the corridor, and noticed they had the letters R, E, D, W A, L and L on each step. Once they where in the Great Hall, the otter stood in awestruck silence.

    High, narrow stained glass windows let colored light shine in and reveal how large the Great Hall was. At one end, stairs led to the infirmary, doors to the kitchen and the stairs leading to Cavern Hole. A long table was splayed out, with chairs, cutlery and the odd snack surrounding it. But that was not the main attraction.
    The tapestry of Martin the Warrior hung on the opposite side of the Great Hall. It was a picture depicting an armored mouse, leaning on a great sword, with a fearless smile on his face. All manner of vermin were fleeing behind him. His name was sewed on the top left hand corner. His eyes seemed to have a friendly twinkle, and were always watching. The tapestry was lit up by torches on either side.

    The otter was sat down in a chair and brought food, which he scoffed at an alarming rate, never taking his eyes off the tapestry of the long dead warrior and founder of Redwall Abbey, whos courage lasted forever. As his eyelids began to droop, from the exhaustion of his paw slog and the warm food, he thought one more thought.I am so glad my nephew sent me here. Redwall is such a peaceful place`

    I, Deekra do solemnly affirm that I will maintain the example of my skill that is demonstrated by this application inside and outside of the writing level 1 boards and will always maintain the rules to the best of my ability.

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