Rasilisk of Isk

  • Full Name: Rasilisk of the Isk Family

    Species: Lizard

    Job: advisor to the king of Southsward

    Description: This lizards' body is covered in bright green scales with a black spot pattern running down his back. His underbelly is coated in a lighter yellowish green color. His scales are soft and his claws have never seen a day of labor in his life.

    The lizard also holds an unhealthy degree of flesh about his body. Rolls of fat hang off of his tall frame, accumulating the most as a large bulging stomach wrapped around his waist.


    Regal Robes - Rasilisk likes to flaunt his wealth, wearing purple and blue robes made from either fine linen or silk.

    Staff of power - The staff belonging to his mentor and old master before he retired. The staff is as tall as Rasilisk, made of wood, with a brass dragon's head.

        Influence - As an adviser to the king Rasil has some sway over political matters of the nation.

    Sympathetic - His possition and power hasn't corrupted him…too much...yet. He has deep care for the vermin of the city.

      Health - Rasilisk has accumulated an unhealthy amount of health. At the moment it has just effected his participation in physical activities, leaving him to tire easily, but if not corrected it could start to effect his health.

    Corruptible - Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The lizard is week willed when it comes to matters of money and saving face. How long he will be able to keep his integrity in his job is anyones guess.

    Spineless - Rasilisk struggles with confrontation and failing others.

        Rasilisk comes from humble beginings...to a point. He was born to a moderately wealthy family with ties to political influence. His uncle, one of the advisors to the king, took him as an assistant at his families request.

    Much of his young life was spent in studious studies, learning the trade of advisor so he may one day take over for his uncle.

    Three months ago his dream was realized when his uncle stepped down for health reasons. Little did the lizard know what he was stepping into. His life became frantic and busier than usual. Especially when his own assistant simply vanished from the city one day, leaving the majority of the work for Rasilisk to do on his own.

    His job left him little time for a social life, and more wealth than he knew how to spend. Combined with sitting behind a desk the lizards heath began to decline.

    Rasilisk had always been a little on the portly side, but to a healthy degree. With too much food and too little exercise Rasilisk quickly descended into obesity.

    Currently he serves happily though as an advisor, he has some importance and is in a position to take care of the needs of the vermin population in Southsward. He has even hired a new assistance, Kacy, a pine marten from the lower rim.

    Or at least so she says...

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