Hopeless Wandering (Open)

  • Seth looked down at the cut and sighed. What little healing knowledge he did have was not adequate for this kind of situation. Of course, Keia would know how… She was a healer. But for all he knows she could be dead right now. He resolved himself to do the next best thing. "Hold on. I'll get ye to Redwall." The squirrel, as of now, didn't find Taloneye to be evil. It seemed llike he and his judgement were more of misplaced than evil. He felt a pang of regret for chopping his bow up, but that can't be helped now.

  • Tal nodded to Seth and gave a weak smile. "Thank you, Seth."
        He took hold of a overhanging branch, his muscles begining to buckle under his weakening body. He was becoming more fatigued with every passing moment.

  • "You sure ye can walk?" Seth asked. Redwall was still a ways down the path, but within easy reach if one chose to run. He hastily wiped his blade clean on the grass, though it had gathered only a bit of blood during the scuffle. The squirrel then sheathed it, looking towards Tal for an answer.

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    -bic- Taloneye nodded and picked up a stick that he could use to lean on. He made sure that it was small enough and light enough that it wouldn't wear him out more than it helped him.
        He let go of the branch overhead and leaned on the stick. It would mork until they got some better help. He glanced at Seth.
        "I'm ready. Let's go."

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    BIC: Seth nodded and went in the direction of the path at a tangent, gesturing for the injured beast to follow. No sense in traveling at right angles when a straight line gets you to most places faster anyways. He stuck with Tal, though, instead of marching off on his own.

  • Talon was greatly releived that Seth decided to stay with him. He hadn't expected him to, but he did anyway. He had never dreamed that their fight would end like this, but then again, fights sometimes ended in strange ways.
        As they trudged on through the woods, trying to find the trail again, Taloneye felt his muscles srenghthening as he went. His body began fighting off the poison and he started to feel better.

  • Seth noticed this, assuming that whatever poison that had been troubling Tal was a less potent one. He tried to strike up a conversation, more to keep Tal focused than anything. Poisons had a way of getting to your mind as well as your body. "So… Uh, what's your name, by the by?" He asked this first, not wanting to bring up the subject of the bow for fear of another unwanted fistfight.

  • "My name is Taloneye, but you can just call me Tal if you want." He turned and smiled at Seth. He felt more open and friendly now that the fight was over. He felt less tension as well. He deffinately didn't want another fistfight, partially because he couldn't have fought much in his weakened state anyway.
        "Wah'ts your name?"

  • The squirrel spoke as he walked, turning his head back from Taloneye towards where they were headed. "Sethar Rheiuven, but Seth'll  be easier to say…" He said with a trace of both humor and a mote of pride. He also felt at ease now that nobeast was threatening him. As they walked towards Redwall Seth reflected that he had never been to or seen the Abbey at all, yet he was traveling there without a map or directions.

  • Talon laughed out happily when they came back into view of the road. They weren't lost anymore. He felt also that much of his energy had retunede and he was now wlkings ateady and at a fair pace. "I guess that the poison wasn't very leathal. It barely seems to be there anymore."
        He wiped some persparation from his brow.
        "I hope that Redwall is worth all this walking, though. I would be dissapointed if it turned out to be a little hole in the ground or something."

  • This time, it was Seth's turn to laugh. "From what I heard, it's quite the opposite. It's supposed to be a huge Abbey, with orchards, a pond, with shelter and great food to eat. I haven't been there before, but we'll come across it sooner or later…" As he spoke, the tallest section of the Abbey, the top of the belltower, could be seen poking above the trees in the evening light, and as if in answer the bells rang out their brazen notes across the countryside, signalling the beginning of dinner within the abbey.

  • Tal saw belltower up ahead between the leaves of the trees before them. He was amazed that something could reach so high into the sky. As they walked, the wealse became more and more astaonished at the mamoth size of the abbey.
        But when they finaly came into veiw of the whole thing Tal was shocked. His jaw sagged and his eyes went wide at the sight of the great Redwall Abbey.

  • Seth was similarly supirised, stopping in his tracks and taking all in with his blue eyes, mouth slightly open in a silent 'wow'. Noticing this, he quickly shut it, and walked closer. No matter how many stories were told, or rumors were spread, the great stone abbey seemed better than if all the rumors and stories had been true. After standing there for a minute, Seth shook himself out of his daze and said, grinning, "Welcome to Redwall, Tal." He then strode forth, towards the main gate, made of stout oak timbers.

  • Taloneye laughed with his cheerul adolescent laugh. "This is deffinately no whole in the ground." He ran forward joyfully and joined Seth at the gate.

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    Seth knocked on the door with a paw, hoping that somebeast was actually there to hear him knock on the door. Just in case, he called out, "Hello?"

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    -bic- Tal watched as the door creaked open and a mole looked out at them.
        Mole Burnem looked suprised to see them and gave Taloneye a suspisious glance. "Whut be 'ur bisniss 'ere t'day young zurs?"
        Tal responded in an instant. "We were traveling in search of Redwall and wondered if we might stay here for a time."
        "Serpintly young wessel. You serpintly may." The kindly mole gave a slightly uneasy smile, but motioned for them to come inside despite his suspitions.
        As Tal moved toward the door however; "One moment there please." The mole touched Tal's arm politely. "Be ya' holden any sharpy things on yur belt?" The weasle figured he meant weapons.
        "No, sir." He replied. The mole looked hard at him for a moment longer before admitting him into the building.
        He turned to Seth. Seeing the sword at his side he held out his paw expecting him to hand it over.

  • After a moment, Seth realized what the mole meant, and handed him his blade, albeit grudgingly. He did not trust anybeast completely when it came to a personal item of his, such as his sword… or his tailring. He also handed the mole his unstrung bow and quiver of arrows. "Eh... that should be it." He declared, waiting patiently for admittance into the Abbey, which he was still admiring.

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    -ooc- The motioned for them to go in. "E' Abbot moight wish to speak to ee'."
        Tal tapped Burnum on the shoulder and cleared his throat. "Um, er... Sir? I, uh... got injured on the way here. I was wondering if there might be someone here that could treat poisons and wounds."
        The mole didn't look convinced, but nevertherless he gave them instructions to the infirmary. Tal nodded politely in thanks and stepped into the Abbey grounds. He could see the orchard and the gardens. He could see the several stories of windows and rooms. He was delighted at the size and beaty of such an amazing place. He felt happier and more safe than he had in nearly eight years. In fact, he had never felt this safe in his entire life, because the last time he felt safe at all he still knew it wasn't true. Now, though, he felt as though he was invisible behind these walls and with good beasts on every side.
        "What do you think of it, Seth?"

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    Seth walked inside, looking about in astonishment. In his relatively short life, he has traveled to many places, north and south of Redwall, but never spared some time to go there. But now he was here. And he certainly liked it. "I think it's fantastic… Better than what I'm used to."

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    -bic- "No kidding…" Tal stared around for moment longer, savoring the scene. Then, reminded by the pain in his shoulder, he started to walk across the lawn to find the infirmary.

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