Hopeless Wandering (Open)

  • OOC: This is just an intro thread for my char. and a side-quest unrelated to the current story arc. Anyone is free to jump in, so long as they don't leave after the first post.

    BIC: An evening breeze stirred the trees of Mossflower wood, moving in a southerly course down the path that ran through the forest, going in the same direction of one lone traveler, also moving south, towards Redwall Abbey. The traveler was a squirrel, taller than most, with his blue eyes as well as the rest of his facial features set in some sort of grim determination. The setting sun cast a long shadow to his left, making only half of his face visible due to his orientation. He walks onward, a sword hanging at his side, and a full quiver of arrows and an unstrung bow on his back, the latter placed in a backpack. Looking up from staring down at the path dejectedly, he hears  a soundnot too far off. He instinctively grips the hilt of his sword, stopping to listen for the sound again.

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    -bic- Taloneye stood a good ways off, sighting down his arrow towards the squirrel heading down the road. He pulled the string back to his cheek and aimed carefully, trailing the beast's unprotected back.
        The traveler had heard him once, that was clear enough. Tal just needed to be careful not to let him hear him again.
        However, even as careful as he was being, he felt and heard a crisp, dry leaf crunch under his footpaw. He moved swiftly behind a tree.

    -ooc- Taloneye is not important to my side of the story arc. Just mentioning it.

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    The squirrel moved his gaze about, trying to find the source of the sound, hearing it from his extreme right, if his ears told him the truth.  After seeing no movement in front of him, he whirled around, his sword in paw. "Who's there?" He asked, not expecting a reply. The squirrel would sometimes hear noises that didn't exist to otherbeasts, and see a glimpse of something that wasn't really there. Maybe he was going crazy. Maybe not.

  • With a little smile, Taloneye pulled the string back as far as it could reasonably go.
        "Goodbye, little squirrel."
        He let the shaft fly at the traveler's head with perfect acuaracey. It was a pity that the squirrel had turned around right then to discover the source of the noise or he would have been deaad before he knew what hit him.

  • Though the shaft flew straight at the squirrel's head, one thing came in between projectile and target; the sword. He was holding it high, but at an angle, the tip of the blade sending the arrow off course, and also causing the sword to vibrate a little from the impact. It looks like his luck hasn't completely run out yet, despite the recent events.

    Now he had two choices available to him. He could run, or find the beast that shot at him and either capture or kill them, preferably the former. Whoever they were, they made the mistake of attacking him,  a seasoned warrior on his way to Redwall. He made a dash towards where the arrow was shot from, almost eager to do battle.

  • Talon saw him coming in his direction and panicked slightly. He didn't have much in the way of weapons. Instead, as the traveler came closer, he stuck one of his footpaws out from behind the tree he was hidimg behind in an atemp to trip the squirrel.

  • The squirrel did not realize that his attacker was much closer than he realized. He walked past the tree, his footpaw catching something, sending him forward. The warrior fell to the ground, but had his left paw out to help break the fall. Still on the ground, he whirled around to face Taloneye, sword in right paw, a clenched fist being his left.

  • Taloneye turned and started to run when the squirrel (Sethar?) saw him. As he ran he searched for something that he could use as a weapon.

  • OOC: That's him.

    The squirrel leapt up off the ground and hopped up a tree, following Taloneye. Why would anybeast want to attack him, anyways? The only valuable item he had was his tailring. Besides, he had a sword and a bow, and he knew how to use them effectively. Maybe Taloneye just attacked him in hopes of obtaining food, or simply because he enjoyed killing otherbeasts. But all of these were just assumptions.

  • -ooc- Are you "Seth" from the "Legends of Redwall"? I think that I recognize this topic that you started here.

    -bic- Taloneye cursed his luck. He often sat in this place and robbed any creature that came by. Unluckily, he had left his other weapons at his horde of spoils, along with everything else.
        As he ran he pulled out an arrow from the quiver and started running backwards. As he ran he let the arrow get caught in between two branches at head level. He hoped that Sethar wouldn't see it and simply run into it. It was something he could only hope for, but it was better than nothing.
        Then, as he turned around again, he strung a third arrow onto the bowstring did a pre-draw so that he could fire quicker if he need to.

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    The squirrel, called Seth, did not have any intention of running through branches, barbed shafts or no.  But as he tree-hopped down when he saw Taloneye, the arrow came dangerously close to slicing his eye as the arrowhead ran across his cheek, producing a small cut instead of a more serious injury. Nevertheless Seth winced at the sudden pain across his right cheek, but ignored it as he hopped through the lower branches of the massive forest known to all as Mossflower wood.

    "Stop!" he called out to Taloneye, however unlikely that his attacker might obey that command.

  • Taloneye ran as fas as he could, hoping not to be caught… but failed in that respect.
        As he was running he got distracted by the yell behind him. "Stop!"
        He tripped on a stray branch as he looed back and fell with a heavy Thud! He turned over to see Sethar coming closer. He quickly drew back the string to its full cabable power and held it there as a last defense. "Hold it right there and don't move another step! I'm a dead shot with this thing!"

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    However, Seth felt neither threatened or impressed. "You'll just be 'dead' if you shoot at me again." he responded, blue eyes glaring icily at Taloneye, holding his sword out. "Now drop the bow." He takes a step forward.

  • Tal held the bow in his paws still pointed at Seth, not sure what to do anymore. He was a brave beast at times, but not now. He was trapped and felt as though he was as good as dead. He wished that he had never started this at all.

  • "Drop it…" The squirrel commanded, taking another pace forward, ready to defend himself at the twitch of a whisker should Taloneye decide to shoot at him again. He drew closer, and closer, keeping focused on Tal's right paw, the one that would release the string and send the arrow at him. Somewhere, a bird chirped its melody, throwing sound into the uneasy silence of Mossflower wood.

  • "Why should I let go if you are going to kill me or take my weapons?"
        Taloneye responded cooly, not wishing to show his fear.

  • "I never said I'd hurt ye if you put down your bow." The squirrel pointed out, still advancing upon Taloneye. "Now set it down before I have to." He commanded, anger and annoyance working its way into his voice.

    In the back of his mind he wondered what prompted this anger. Usually he was calm, calculating in these situations. Was it just because he had anger towards the vermin? No, it wasn't just that. He was angry at himself as well, for not being aware enough to detect Taloneye earlier. Just like two months ago… He remembered that day painfully so. He had been off his guard then, too, the cause for his near-hopeless wandering.

  • Talon gently put his bow down, not sure what else he could do. He saw that had had no other choice however.

  • "Good…" The squirrel then was close enough that he could drag the bow across to himself by the point of his sword, quickly unstringing it with one swift motion, keeping his eyes upon Taloneye if the vermin tried something. Now the bow was useless without a string.  "By rights, I should kill you..." He lifted up his sword, still holding the bow in his left paw.

  • Taloneye's eyes narrowed. "That's why I wasn't letting you have my bow at first, but you promised." He spat. Suddenly it occured t him that Seth haddn't promised. He had merely stated that he hadn't said before that he would kill him.
        "What business have you got here anyhow? It isn't wise to be wandering about here at night or anytime if you're alone." He sneered. "And as far as I can tell, you're alone." He attempted to get up, testing to see if the squirrel would let him.

    -ooc- Bows are not that easy to unstring. They are very difficult to unstring if ou don't know how to do it right.

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