Bard Oxbow

  • Nickname: Bard Oxbow
    Full Name: Bard Oxbow
    Species: River Otter
    Age: 40

    Description: Middle-aged otter and keeper of the infirmary, Bard is skilled in the crafting of medicine and treatment of injuries that should happen to anybeast.


    Strengths: Has a strong connection to dibbuns and therefore can help them with taking medicine, or problems they might have discussing with other elders. He also is a strong swimmer and has saved several dibbuns from drowning in the abbey pond. For taking medicine he has a large stock of sugar to put into it, making it taste more pleasant than it should. Bard is also very versed in the history of Redwall Abbey, knowing everything from its foundation to the present day. He spends much of his free time in the gatehouse reading up on history, and occasionally stumbles upon previously undiscovered works there.

    Weaknesses: Unfortunately his connection with the young ones has made him somewhat of an outsider in the day-to-day business of the abbey, and is therefore confined to the infirmary and gatehouse, where he spends much of his time reading. This social awkwardness is not particularly a problem for him, but has kept him away from other beasts his own age. Bard also has serious panic attacks when dealing with life-threatening injuries and serious illnesses, and nearly lost a patient around 10 years prior because of one.

    Personality: Bard is a friendly sort to Dibbuns or older beasts, but when working with beasts his own age or around it, namely adults, his social awkwardness shows and he becomes distracted. This, and the panic attacks that sometimes occur, make him less desirable to be around that other beasts for most abbey inhabitants, but he still is a very caring and looks after those who call him a friend. Bard is also a lover of food, and as a result is slightly overweight.

    Background: Brought into the abbey with his parents from a nearby holt when he was 10, Bard fell in love with it immediately, but due to his social awkwardness, he was regarded as the outsider by most of the dibbuns that were there at the time. Bard grew up to be a strong and likable beast, but the hostility towards him when he first entered was still there from several beasts who became his elders. A lover of the medical trade, Bard trained for years to become keeper of the infirmary, and when the position opened up, he jumped at the opportunity. Now entering his second decade working as infirmary keeper, Bard's experience, hard-working nature, and natural charm for working with dibbuns has helped him thrive in his position.

  • Looks like a fun character! He should get along fine with the fox and otter I plan to create in redwall, both like their food as well XD

  • Thanks. I based most of him (Including his weaknesses but minus his medical skills and age) on myself, actually. Social awkwardness and aspergers aside, I guess I can be as likable as him. Other people just don't seem to notice out in the world.  😕

    But hey, that's why I came back. You guys are great!


  • There is nothing wrong with the standard mold of characters but I do like it when I see alts who are not super skilled at what they do or are muscle bound weight lifters XD There are a lot of 'conan the barbarian' styled alts out there XP ive even made a few myself just to break out of the usual, fat, snarky thief alts I usually make.

  • He sounds a little bit like me… Im the weird piece of the jigsaw puzzle to kids my age, but my teachers respect me because Im good at school, and with young ones or people with special needs. I had a young girl at primary school who used to be scared of my wonky teeth, but soon became my buddy. We invented a game together and I invited other young kids to play, eventually getting about six.

  • I think that Serena and he could grow to be very good friends, as Serena is very much an outsider, she's shy, awkward, and has been alone for most of her life. I was thinking that perhaps she could be his assistant or something like that.

  • That's fine with me. I'll get started on that in Attic Trouble promptly.


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