Attic Trouble (Open)

  • Ooc welcome back guys. I was wondering if you wanted to continue on here on this thread or start a new one?

  • (OOC:) Honestly I think a new thread would probably be necessary once the trial period for Rascal and Serena is up, Serena and I have already talked about starting a new thread for her introduction into the infirmary sometime after this thread's over.


  • Ooc me and dreeka can probibly do the same. Nova is welcome to spoof where ever she wants ^^ or in both.

    Edit. Or we can make just a new thread. Either way is fine with me. I have no plans for this alt yet

  • OOC: Whatever works for you all.

  • OOC: If that is easiest, I`m good to go along with it. Shall the new thread still be all of us, or will we each make different threads related to our jobs?

  • Ooc hmm. It seems we have split into two groups. Bard is showing serena the ropes of the infirm and dreeka is keeping rascal out of trouble by keeping him too well fed to cause it it sounds like XD

    Yes i kept one alt skinny for like ten posts 😛
    If we want our alts to spoof in both scenes i see no reason two as both don't have to be at the exact time of day.

  • I think a new thread (or two) would be the best . And if there are two there's no reason that we have to post in just one.

  • OOC:
    We should use the one I put up, but no one replied to. A Nameday Feast in (Goes and looks for it) Kitchen and Dining hall. Thanks for the idea Coolcoyote. 🙂

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