Attic Trouble (Open)

  • The guards attention remained centered on Rascal, not Serena, and as Bill shook the stolen butter knives out of the oversized sheaths, she made a run for it. But in her haste she turned, not towards the door leading outside and to her freedom, but downwards, to the cellars.  Once she realized her mistake it was too late, she could already hear the guards coming after her, she looked wildly about the cellar full of barrels and hid in an empty one that used to contain strawberry fizz.

  • (OOC: Alright. I think this is a good time to introduce our lovely infirmary keeper 😛 This is also timeslipped just slightly to keep him up to date on what's going on)

    Bard Oxbow, being the usual loner he was, was sitting in the wine cellar alone. Staring down at his poetry journal, he sighed heavily. The day had been rough on him, not because of the usual assortment of minor scrapes and cuts he was usually administering to, but because of the isolation he felt on this particular day. Most of the dibbuns, his normal companions throughout the day, whether when the stopped by to get treated or to help clean the infirmary, were out all day picking apples in the orchard. This, and a surprising lack of falls while doing so left Bard in somewhat of a stupor, spurred by his complete lack of being able to do anything. So, when he was bored, he wrote.

    Summer is the season warning of things to come
    Though the sky may be clear of clouds for now
    The thunderheads in the distance ominously jeer
    At the glorious occasions the hot air brings
    For as they draw closer, so does autumn
    Bringing with it death and decay
    And closer still draws winter
    And the world is snatched
    Into total darkness
    Nothing remains

    Putting down his pen, Bard looked hard at the paper. It just isn't good enough. I'm never going to be good at this stuff he thought in anger. Hearing a commotion, he got up silently, and as slowly as he could, peered around a corner. Seeing Bill and Carter, two of the only people he actually could converse with in the abbey, he began to call out but stopped, seeing what was going on. I wonder what's going on. Bard thought. I'd better stay back until they leave. They look pretty riled up about something or other.

    (OOC: Back in the present…)

    Bard saw the small squirrel dash down the stairs to his left, and decided to make his move. Walking out from behind the corner he was observing from, he called over to Bill, who, along with Carter, were beginning to run after her. "Hey Bill, let me  go after her. I think I can deal with her a little better than you." Bard yelled out. "I don't think she's going to want to leave the cellar with you in that sort of mood, if you know what I mean."


  • Femble ran after the other squirrel.
    W wait! C come b back! W we w wont h hurt you. Th there is n nothing t to be afraid of. I th thought, m maybe… Oof` she gasped as she tripped over a stone. Bill and Carter passed her as she struggled to her feet and miserably stumbled towards the cellar.

  • "What in the blazes is wrong with her?" Shouts Bill as he and Carter press on at a quickened pace towards the cellar.

    "Maybe it's your friendly charm?" The otter laughs. "Here Bill, why don't you stay up here with the fox and I will go down and get the squirrel, prefurably with out scaring her out of her wits."

    The hare rounds on the otter, prodding him in the chest as he does, "I am not scary!" He yells, pausing for a moment afterwards. Ears drooping a bit he growls, "Fine, you go after her."

    Carter only passes him a cheeky smile. Side stepping around the hare the fat otter steps lightly into the Cellar.

    Bill turns in time to see the red fox bend down to help Femble back to her feet. "Femble are you ok?" Bill asks as he too moves to assister her.

    Meanwhile in the basement Carter calls out in a calm soothing voice. "Hello? Miss squirrelly? Don't be afraid to come out. You are not in trouble! We just want to ask you a few questions." After a moment he pauses and adds, "The big bad hare is not with me, I left him up stairs."

    The otter comes to the table laden with scones. Looking both ways to see if no one is watching he shovelsa pawfull quickly into his mouth. Still chewing he dusts off his paws and says, "Listen kid. I'm a bit too old to be playing hide and seek and I'm running out of patience. I will be NOT be happy if I have to come find you."

  • Now there was another beast looking for her, Serena crawled farther into the barrel as the other otter called out that he could find her. But then the first otter, the first creature she saw in this night that turned out miserably, was looking for her as well. The fat otter said he wouldn't be happy if he had to come find her, but the squirrelmaid thought that if she had to be found by anybeast she would pick the nicer sounding otter or the squirrel cook.

    Wordless as ever, Serena hid in her barrel, hearing beasts moving about the cellar, and smelling strawberry fizz.

  • Walking down the stairs to the cellar, Bard began muttering to him self a little bit. "Cheeky fool won't get her out this way, no sir." looking around the cellar, all while Carter's now irate voice rang through the relatively cramped room, Bard called out again to the other otter. "Listen mate, I think you'd better take the others down to Great Hall to figure out how they got in." Pausing for a second, he saw one of the barrels move in the corner of his eye. "I think I can handle this one, or you can stay if you promise not to yell like you did last time something like this happened. I don't think we want to scare the poor thing to death, wouldn't you say?"


  • Serena shifted in her barrel slightly, then she heard the nice otter tell the mean otter to make everybeast go somewhere else. Which she was grateful for, but she was still terribly scared of what was about to happen to her. She looked fearfully out the entrance to her barrel and held her breath as she waited for the otter's face to appear. Not being able to bear the suspense any longer, Serena slowly crawled out of the barrel, she sat right next to it, ready to climb back in if she needed too.

    "Y-you're not goin' to hurt me are you?" She asked in a faltering voice, the first words she had spoken all night.

  • Femble dusted herself off, thanking Rascal and Bill for helping her up. She took off to the kitchen to prepare a meal for six, mentally figuring out what to cook. Redwall Abbeyscones, for starters, then maybe Mossflower wedge for main course, for pudding perhaps Great Hall cake, washed down with October ale and Strawberry cordial. The kitchen door swung open and Femble moved to the basin so she could wash her paws.

  • Oh if Rascal could only read her mind he would have thought he had found heaven on earth. A nice quite place with all the free food he can stuff himself with.

    There was howerver one small problem. The guards.

    As the fox fallowed to see if he could help Femble…actually to see if he could help himself to some food while she cooked, Bill grabbed his tail firmly and pulled, leading him to a small table on the kitchen where the beasts could over hear them if they wished.

    "We need to talk fox." Rascal's ears drooped at the Hares flat tone. With a sigh the vulpine found a seat. "Why are you here?"

    Rascal hesitated a moment before answering, "Ok. Yes, I did decide to take the silverware, but that's not why I came here. I was just planning to pass through, I came in through the main gate this afternoon, hungry so I went down into the kitchens to grab some food...I didn't have money.  So I..."

    "Decided to help yourself and some shiny objects you thought you could sell later." The fox looked up at the hare for one moment then looked away in shame. "Yeah, you wouldn't be the first, and you wouldn't be the last. The question now is what to do with you. If this were a village they would cut off your paw..."

    The fox's eyes went wide until the hare reasured him. "But that is a bit barbaric for these parts...normally we just kick them out." Bill saw the forelorn look in the foxes eyes. "But...since nothing has left abbey grounds, I guess none of it was technically stolen."

    Rascal began to wag his tail in joy. "Oh don't thank me yet fox," Bill continued with an evil smile, "You are going to have to work to pay for those pastries." Rascals tail stopped wagging and he whined loudly.

  • Ooc forgot to spoof carter as well. And what indeed shall our fine foxy friend do to make up for stealing food from the abbey? >:D I don't know! ^^ but feel free to suggest things for him to do 😄

    Carter appears at the top of the cellars breathing a bit heavily from the climb up the stairs. It lasts only for a moment before his natural grin returns and he moves towards the fox and hare. "Did you catch the girl?" Asked Bill.

    "Bard thought he might have a better chance of coaxing her out." Carter said holding up his paws defensivly before Bill can reply. "Relax, these are dibbuns, not assassins."

    "I'm twenty years old. I'm /not/ a dibbun." Rascal growled. The otter chuckles as he ruffles the foxes head fur, "/Sure/ you're not." The otter moves away from the hare and fox adult in training to move towards the friar. "Something smells good Femble, what are you cooking?"

  • (Meanwhile, down in the cellar…)

    Bard moved towards the young squirrel, careful not to make any sudden moves, in case he startled her. Drawing up a stool, he sat down opposite of the empty barrel, where the terrified dibbun was residing.

    "Y-you're not goin' to hurt me are you?"

    "Of course not lass. I just want to help." Bard tried to look as comfortable as possible, to maybe entice the young squirrel to relax herself. "I don't think I've seen you around here before. What's your name?"


  • "I-I'm Serena…" She said, her voice was very soft, almost inaudible at times, "T-the mean otter and hare aren't going to come back... A-are they?"  She asked, looking towards the stairway.

    Serena thought that the otter across the barrel from her was nice, and that the squirrel cook was nice, but the other otter and the hare were both mean. Rascal didn't quite fall into either of those categories, as he was an intruder like her.

  • "I-I'm Serena…"

    "Nice to meet you Serena. I'm Bard. Bard Oxbow. I work in the infirmary here at the Abbey." Bard replied.

    "T-the mean otter and hare aren't going to come back… A-are they?"

    Bard smiled. "I don't think so. They went down to the Great Hall with the others, but I wouldn't call them mean, just a little high strung. It's their job to make sure beasts don't get in without them knowing and, well, two in one day doesn't look good to their superiors. Carter and Bill are both friends of mine, I've known them since their were dibbuns." Bard's eyes turned slightly distant, his own mentioning of times past made him space out again. Shaking his head after a long 20 seconds, he turned back to Serena. "Listen, why don't I pour us some strawberry fizz, if you're sure you haven't had enough of it already, and we can talk for a bit." Bard chuckled a little at his own joke, and started to get up to find a pair of glasses and some of the drink. "Just to clarify, why did you sneak in? Redwall accepts any peace-loving beast like yourself."


  • After being reassured that Bill and Carter weren't coming back, Serena was suddenly brimming with questions. She started asking them as soon as she thought of them, and as she had spent most of her life by herself, she was curious about some things the dibbuns at Redwall always knew.

    "The infirmary is where sick beasts go… Right?" She asked at first, she had overheard some beasts talking about a few days prior.
    "What are dibbuns? And what's strawberry fizz? Why would I already have had enough of it...?"

    Had Serena not been so flustered, she would have realized that dibbuns are the abbey children, she had watched the abbeydwellers on enough days to figure that out. She would also have figured out that the smell in the barrel she had been hiding in, was one of strawberry fizz. And she wouldn't have forgotten to answer Bard's question, but she had already had quite an adventure that night and she wasn't making the connections at that point.

  • OOC: Mind if I chip in, at least for a little bit?

  • (OOC: Not my RP but I'm alright with it.)

    "The infirmary is where sick beasts go… Right?"

    Bard's face hardened a little. "Aye. I tend to the sick, and most come out just fine after some medicine and good care. But others, well, the dark forest claims a few before their time. In those cases, I just try and make them as comfortable as possible and surround them with the beasts who love them. That's, well, that's all I can do really." He stuttered slightly, remembering how many he had seen go from his grasp, but fought back the tears as he walked over to a cabinet full of containers. Finding the vial of strawberry fizz he usually drank from, and with two glasses in hand, he walked back over to the barrel, and pulled up another seat.

    "And what's strawberry fizz?"

    "Well, to be specific it's strawberry juice, cream, chopped strawberries and water with a little yeast added in to make it fizz. But I like to think of it as a drink to cure the hardships of a situation, one that'll make you feel a little bubbly, but not blur your thoughts." Handing the cup to Serena, now seeming a little calmer, he raised his drink up. "Bottom's up I guess. I hope you enjoy it." Sipping his glass, as to prove that it wasn't harmful in any way, he decided now was a good time to start asking some questions. "So, Serena, I hope you've had a bit to calm down a little, because unfortunately enough I've got to ask you a couple of questions. Nothing hard, then I'll get a bed for you to sleep in for the night. Do you think you can answer them right now, or do you want to wait until morning?"


  • Ooc its not my rp either but I don't think dreeka would mind ^^ more the merrier

  • Serena gingerly took the offered beaker, she was more relaxed and at ease, but she was still keeping the barrel between her and Bard. She was thinking about what he said, about the infirmary and about her answering questions. She could say she'll answer them tomorrow, and then sneak away, but she didn't want to do that the nice otter.

    "I can answer your questions now, mister Bard." She said before taking a sip of her drink, which tickled her mouth, but she managed not to laugh.

  • "I can answer your questions now, mister Bard."

    Bard smiled. "Please, just call me Bard. I don't like to think of my self as that old." His expression hardened slightly, he didn't like asking questions that made him seem uncaring. "Alright, so first thing's first. How did you get into the Abbey? And why didn't you just come through the front gate? Redwall accepts any peace loving beast that knocks on it's doors."


  • "I just climbed up the wall, it was harder than climbing trees, and it took a long time… Which is why I did it at night." Serena said, answering the first question. The second was quite a bit harder, as she wasn't entirely sure herself.

    "W-well... I've lived alone for most of my life... And I was too scared to talk to anybeast.... I just wanted to explore the abbey alone at night... But then the hare saw me... And I panicked... I ran upstairs and I thought that the attic would be safe.. but there were already beasts up there..."

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