Attic Trouble (Open)

  • It is clear that Bill's definition of Dibbun needs to be updated. This red furred fox is in his late teens to early twenties. But then again when one is in their early 30's like the hare one tended to see little difference between youths and youthfull other than size.

    Setting down the bottles of spirits first the fox turned to glance at his fellow fox. "Heh, who doesn't want to get themselves locked in the upstairs attic?"

    In truth the fox was merely hiding after being caught stealing pastries in the kitchens. He had pushed the hare guard, by accident of course, into the wine barrol when he got to close to finding him. Why Carter had taken the blame for him still eluded the fox but it was a matter he could find out later in private.

    He honestly still felt out of place, being caught as a thief but…nothing happening for it. He was gratefull but still, felt awkward around these guards and other beasts so he decided to talk with his fellow fox.

    "So you actually live here? Bl- er, Redwall abbey?" He caught himself from saying what the vermin tribe he came from called the place. "From the stories I've heard about the place I always thought the beasts here kind of...well," he made a quick glance to make sure no one was watching before running a claw against his own throat. "To us non woodlander types.

  • ((No offense taken, I've just always seen dibbuns as about 10 or so and younger, they are the abbey_babes_ after all. That and I'm continuously being mistaken for several years younger than I really am, mostly because of my height.))

    Serena reluctantly followed Bard into the kitchen, there were a lot of beasts up there, and they were mostly mean, she wasn't sure about Femble, but she was sure about Bill and Carter. The presence of Nova in the kitchens did not help the squirrels confidence at all. She stood directly behind Bard and tried not to think about it.

  • (OOC: I understand. My twin sister's 17 like myself, but most people confuse her for 10 or 11.)

    Bard rounded the corner into the kitchen, confident in his ability to persuade the guards not to levee a strict punishment against Serena. His confidence was shattered however, by the sighting of Nova, whom which he had a, well, frosty relationship with at best. Something about her always being around when I need to talk to those two about something important just drives me nuts Bard thought to himself. Seeing that he had been spotted by a couple of the now large company present in the (under the present circumstances and number of beasts in it) rather cramped kitchen, he acknowledged their looks with a simple wave, and, turning to Bill and Carter, said "I hope I'm not intruding on anything important, but I think we need to talk alone for a minute about what's going to happen to these two", and motioned towards the hallway. Turning to Nova, he said "If you want to come as well, I uh, well, wouldn't have any qualms about it."

    (OOC: Bel, take what you want of whatever Bard has against Nova, I don't know where that came from or why exactly I wrote it, but it could be interesting if the ensuing conversation turns nasty. I dunno, no offense or anything, I just of wrote it because I thought Bard needed something to cement his awkwardness. It could be just one-sided, but just do whatever you want with it. (Wooh! That was a lot to write…))


  • (Ooc actually Nova belongs to Bel ^^ who both have simular avatars. Which by the way, SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ARTIC FOX AND SEMI CORPREAL WOLF CANINE! MUST PET BECAUSE THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!! 😧

    Ok i got that out of my system, i feel better now. Also in this instance I am using Dibbun in the sense of what the guards view them as. Being in my lets just say early mid twenties people still call me kid, kido, and boy. And I often refure to youths 14-22 as kids because it is easier to say than young adult :3 and yes, for the record no matter how old you get people will still, always see you as a young kid even when you reach your 50's.

    The only time they stop is because when you reach age 70 those that saw you grow up are no longer around. Hope that clears up any confusion)

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  • Femble finished baking the Mossflower wedge and Great hall cake, so set them and the Redwall Abbeyscones onto the table, cut and cooled. She took the first scone, to check them, smiled and offered them to the others.
    C come n next t to m me, r Rascal. And y you t too, er… she trailed off, looking at the other squirrel.

  • OOC: Nova can be rather crazy at times, not sure if I want to do something like that right now. But I'll think about it.

    {"Heh, who doesn't want to get themselves locked in the upstairs attic?"}

    Nova raised an eyebrow as she turned her head to look over her shoulder "Well beasts afraid of the dark for starters… Had a magpie get in through the trapdoor one season, figure the door must 'ave been left unlocked. Wasn't a pleasant thing to climb up to look through the ol' books and find yourself looking one of those things in the eyes."

    {"So you actually live here? Bl- er, Redwall abbey?... From the stories I've heard about the place I always thought the beasts here kind of...well... To us non woodlander types."}

    The light in the white vixen's eyes flicked and changed for a moment before turning her head back to face the grinding wheel somewhat agitated "From here... no, from the north. I found this place. And as for the abbey-dweller's... woodlanders in general actions towards 'us' it's all dependent on the woodlander. Some are nice, and some aren't... some even go so far as to feel pity for hmph, the uncivilized."

    At this point Bard came up into the kitchens with a squirrel trailing behind him though Nova wasn't looking she still could tell it was Bard when he spoke.

    {"I hope I'm not intruding on anything important, but I think we need to talk alone for a minute about what's going to happen to these two... If you want to come as well, I uh, well, wouldn't have any qualms about it."

    Nova looked over her shoulder again to see who he was addressing and locked eyes with Bard resulting in an abrupt stop of the grinding wheel. Get involved and dig another hole for yourself or no? A small shrug resulted from her thinking until… {C come n next t to m me, r Rascal. And y you t too, er...}

    Giving a long sigh Nova slumped her shoulders and rolled her head to one side "No I don't think I will, but someone needs to keep an eye on them…" she took a moment to go over her statement and figured she better add-on to it "Someone who's going have their guard up without being an ol' grump, like a hare who's missed breakfast for the second day in a row!"

    She figured Femble might try volunteering and she found that rather concerning, especially with Rascal being a fox though that added another thought, where were his weapons that were absent from their sheaths? "Hey what happened to your weap… knives?"

  • Femble smiled.
    I c can d do th that. Th they c can h help out in th the k kitchen, s so I c can k keep an eye on th them and r Rascal w wont n need t to t take f food if h he n knows h how t to c cookher logic was simple, but effective.H how about th that?`

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    OOC: Nova can be rather crazy at times, not sure if I want to do something like that right now. But I'll think about it.

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  • Saneara watched the beasts talk with some confusion, she didn't know who the white fox was, but at least she seemed to keep Rascal and herself away from the guards, which made her glad. But they were also saying that they would stay in the kitchen helping Femble, Serena wanted to help bard in the infirmary, but she was far to scared to say anything at all.

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  • Rascal stared wide eyed at the offered scone. Sweets. The fokd of the gods right after meat. He snatch the offered scones and greedily wolfed them down like a scavenger, as if someone might take them away from him.

    And now the squirrel was offering to let him stay and help her cook? The young fox has died and gone to heaven!

    Rascal looked up from his meal to turn to Nova. His snout was covered in the left overs of the pastry causing Carter and even Bill to snicker at the sight. Despite being ravonous meat eating vermin foxes had their charming moments the Hare must admit.

    "My knives? Oh, i uh, lost them in the woods." He said rather quickly. "You can check with the guard at the gate earilier this morning. I didn't have them with me."

    Bill's snicker was lost. He didnt like this answer since it essentially told him nothing. "How did you manage to lose them?" The fat otter asked promting Rascal to rub his neck shyly, "I was…'s embarressing to say but...I was fishing by the river and...well fell in. They just kind of fell out."

    Both guards exchange glances but say nothing about it. Yes, letting this vulpine stay wont come back to bite them at /all/.

    Bill sighed heavily. Rubbing his nose bridge the hare turn to address their second intruder. He was going to give her a good old fashioned interogation about how she got in through the locked gates.

    Seeing the look on her face however softened his heart. Instead he clapped his paws and anounced, "Ok. Here is what is going to happen. The fox and squirrel can stay...but you are both on probation for the next week. Niether of you can move about tge abbey grounds for the next week with out being accompanied by another beast. If after that you decide to stay with us her in the abbey you are free to do as you wish as long as you behave."

    He pointed towards the red fox, "If you Femble or Bard want to be incharge of the fox and squirrel I see no problem with it. Keep in mind the abbey leaders have final say over their fates. But if you find one spoon, or one bandage missing from the kitchens or infirm, I'm kicking them out. Does this sound fair?"

    The hare glances around for a brief moment with a look that says, 'Protest all you want. It's not changing my decision.' Before any can reply Bill continues. "Right them. Me and Carter still have a patrol to finish less we let in any more guests for the night. Nova, Femble and Bard can find you a place to sleep for the night and some food to put in your bellies."

    The otter looked up from his pastry, "But...are wd not staying for pie?" The hare growls, dragging the otter along by the paw. "You can eat when your shift if done. Nova, friar, Bard. If you have any trouble you know where to find us. Until then, good night."

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    Femble looked at both Rascal and the squirrel.
    I… I d dont n know w which one I sh should l look after f for th the w week. Er... Ill d d do h whoever

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    Belarus sneaks up to the kitchen window and slides his pitchfork under the pie then secretly steals it.

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  • Ooc Rascal prods Nove in the side. Looks like he wont be the only one to fatten up over the next time gap XD

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