Attic Trouble (Open)

  • After being reassured that Bill and Carter weren't coming back, Serena was suddenly brimming with questions. She started asking them as soon as she thought of them, and as she had spent most of her life by herself, she was curious about some things the dibbuns at Redwall always knew.

    "The infirmary is where sick beasts go… Right?" She asked at first, she had overheard some beasts talking about a few days prior.
    "What are dibbuns? And what's strawberry fizz? Why would I already have had enough of it...?"

    Had Serena not been so flustered, she would have realized that dibbuns are the abbey children, she had watched the abbeydwellers on enough days to figure that out. She would also have figured out that the smell in the barrel she had been hiding in, was one of strawberry fizz. And she wouldn't have forgotten to answer Bard's question, but she had already had quite an adventure that night and she wasn't making the connections at that point.

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    "The infirmary is where sick beasts go… Right?"

    Bard's face hardened a little. "Aye. I tend to the sick, and most come out just fine after some medicine and good care. But others, well, the dark forest claims a few before their time. In those cases, I just try and make them as comfortable as possible and surround them with the beasts who love them. That's, well, that's all I can do really." He stuttered slightly, remembering how many he had seen go from his grasp, but fought back the tears as he walked over to a cabinet full of containers. Finding the vial of strawberry fizz he usually drank from, and with two glasses in hand, he walked back over to the barrel, and pulled up another seat.

    "And what's strawberry fizz?"

    "Well, to be specific it's strawberry juice, cream, chopped strawberries and water with a little yeast added in to make it fizz. But I like to think of it as a drink to cure the hardships of a situation, one that'll make you feel a little bubbly, but not blur your thoughts." Handing the cup to Serena, now seeming a little calmer, he raised his drink up. "Bottom's up I guess. I hope you enjoy it." Sipping his glass, as to prove that it wasn't harmful in any way, he decided now was a good time to start asking some questions. "So, Serena, I hope you've had a bit to calm down a little, because unfortunately enough I've got to ask you a couple of questions. Nothing hard, then I'll get a bed for you to sleep in for the night. Do you think you can answer them right now, or do you want to wait until morning?"


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  • Serena gingerly took the offered beaker, she was more relaxed and at ease, but she was still keeping the barrel between her and Bard. She was thinking about what he said, about the infirmary and about her answering questions. She could say she'll answer them tomorrow, and then sneak away, but she didn't want to do that the nice otter.

    "I can answer your questions now, mister Bard." She said before taking a sip of her drink, which tickled her mouth, but she managed not to laugh.

  • "I can answer your questions now, mister Bard."

    Bard smiled. "Please, just call me Bard. I don't like to think of my self as that old." His expression hardened slightly, he didn't like asking questions that made him seem uncaring. "Alright, so first thing's first. How did you get into the Abbey? And why didn't you just come through the front gate? Redwall accepts any peace loving beast that knocks on it's doors."


  • "I just climbed up the wall, it was harder than climbing trees, and it took a long time… Which is why I did it at night." Serena said, answering the first question. The second was quite a bit harder, as she wasn't entirely sure herself.

    "W-well... I've lived alone for most of my life... And I was too scared to talk to anybeast.... I just wanted to explore the abbey alone at night... But then the hare saw me... And I panicked... I ran upstairs and I thought that the attic would be safe.. but there were already beasts up there..."

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    Femble jumped as Carter asked here what she was cooking.
    Oh, er… at the m moment,  Redwall abbeyscones, Mossflower wedge and g Great hall cake. D do you m mind f fetching s some October ale and Strawberry cordial?she asked the burly otter, her paws sticky with Great hall cake mixture. She dashed to the oven and to check the Redwall abbeyscones which were red and square, and were cooked perfectly. Hastily she put the tray onto the windowsill to dry, but not before checking outside for prying eyes.

  • "How about i stead we send our fine young foxy friend here instead?" Bill had to snap Rascal out of the food induced haze he was in. The fox was drooling. He was sorely tempted to take the pies and run but a full thief never ran very fast.

    Not that the guards would have let him out of their sight to do so anyway…

    "What? Oh uh, sure!" The fox turned towards the cellar, getting his paw stuck in the chair he was on. Almost falling flat on his face the fox took off down the stairs. If anything he could do to make the pies cook faster, and therefore end up faster in his gut, then so be.

    "In the mean time, Carter we need to talk." The otter nodded gravely. He moved towards the hare and took the seat the fox had, spinning it so the otters belly rested against the back of the chair. "So what are we going to do with him?" Asked the otter.

    "I don't have the heart to throw a beast out into the night. But the guard captain would tan my hide if I just let him stay too." Bill replied. "Carter nodded his head. "Niether of them seem particularly dangerous. The fox is an obviouse thief..."

    "Don't remind me." Bill pulled at his ears. "I need to find a job where he can be watched, but you know beasts wont appreciate it if we just straddle him with the first beast that comes our way. And we cant have him getting under paw..." little did they know that they were with in ear shot of the friar.

    And little did Rascal know he was being talked about. Coming down the stairs the young fox stopped and waved slightly to the otter and squirrel. "Oh! Hello. I uh, came down for some strawberry ale and october cordial." Another pause, "Reverse that."

  • Serena was a lot more relaxed after she had been talking to Bard for a few minutes, but when Rascal suddenly came down the stairs, her calm dissolved. She jumped, and in doing so, spilled her strawberry fizz all over her arm, which also surprised as it fizzed. She almost crawled back into her barrel, but resisted the urge.

    "D-don't scare beasts l-like that!"

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    Bard heard Rascal walking down the stairs to the cellar, and was about to warn Serena when he tripped himself while getting up, breaking his glass on the floor just as Serena spilled her strawberry fizz on herself, creating a real mess. Turning to Rascal, now slightly annoyed at the mess the fox had inadvertently caused, he said "Can't you knock?", and turning to the trembling Serena, as to emphasize his point, "You nearly scared this poor thing to death!"

    "Oh! Hello. I uh, came down for some strawberry ale and october cordial." Another pause, "Reverse that."

    Bard loosened up a little. "Oh, uh, the October Ale's down the hall and to the left, and the Strawberry Cordial's right below it, two barrels down." Calling after Rascal as he walked down the way Bard pointed to, Bard called out to him "And could you get a broom while you're down there? I broke a glass." Taking a towel from a nearby rack, he began to wipe down the table and clear off some of the glass from his broken vial. "Sorry about that. Now where were we, oh, right." Turning back to Serena while he worked, he inquired,"So you've been alone for most of your life? Don't you have any parents?"


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    After the interruption, it took Serena a moment to realize Bard had asked her another question. Her parents? Memories sprung unbidden to her mind and she saw herself trying to wake her dead mother up after the band of weasels had gone on.  The squirrel didn't say anything for a long moment as she tried to stop the tears that were running down her cheeks.

    "I-I used too.." Was all she managed to get out before her voice broke and another wave of tears helped create the damp furrows through the fur on her cheeks.

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    "I-I used too.."

    Bard saw Serena swell up with tears after his question, and he knew immediately what she was dealing with. "There there, it's going to be alright. Listen, you're going to have a family right here in the Abbey, I'll make sure of it. Everybeast here cares about each other, and I know that you won't have to be alone ever again. I do have to admit to you though, I know what you're going through. Both my mother and father passed away too, they were attacked by a flock of jackdaws while picnicking at Saint Ninian's. I saw them first, straggling through the gates, father bleeding out, carrying mother's body in his arms. I got them to the infirmary as quick as I could, but it was too late for both of them. Knowing that I failed to save even my own parents has kept with me a long time." Bard looked off in the distance at Rascal getting his drinks. "That was ten years ago." He muttered after a long pause.

    Looking back at Serena, who was still crying, he offered her his handkerchief, "It seems we share more than just spilled Strawberry Fizz. I'll tell you what, I'll put in a recommendation for you to be my assistant up in the infirmary. Would you like that?"


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    Rolling her shoulder to adjust the sack that was slung over it Nova hopped over the ditch and padded up to the gate "Killing me, one stalk of grain doesn't seem like much but when you pack a bunch of it feels like you're carrying a drunken hare."
    Shifting the sack again the white vixen freed a claw and slammed her fist against the gates. She had to wait a minute or two before she heard anything as one of the gatekeepers came hobbling half-awake from the gatehouse "Hello, who's knockin out dere?"
    Nova flared her nostrils and gave a snort "A big white fluffy bunny carrying enough grain to crush a stripedog? Who do you think it is!"
    "Eh?" The bar locking the gate groaned as the keeper removed it so he could crack open the gates enough to see who had knocked "Oh, you've been out late; been a couple days since I've seen you?"
    The mouse opened the gates and smiled "Welcome back."
    The white vixen bobbed her head a little in courtesy to the gatekeeper "Thank you, wasn't entirely sure if anyone would hear me at a time like this. Sorry to have wakened you."
    He chuckled as he closed the gate "Tis not a problem, if it bothered me I wouldn't be a gatekeeper."
    Nova trundled off towards the abbey as the mouse went back into the gatehouse. Nova slipped into the Great Hall and poked her head into the kitchens to see the two guards and the Friar "Oh hi, I wasn't expecting you to be up already… And why do we have guards in the kitchens?"

  • While Bard told of his own parents demise, Serena was able to dry her eyes somewhat. She liked this otter, and felt much closer to him after a few minutes than anybeast she had met her entire life, excepting her parents, which had almost twelve years ago.

    "The beasts that attacked my parents… I think they were weasels... I was in the undergrowth.... They didn't see me..." Serena said as she took the offered handkerchief and dried her face.

    "I'll tell you what, I'll put in a recommendation for you to be my assistant up in the infirmary. Would you like that?"

    "Well…. Yes... But I don't know very much about healing beasts.."

  • Rascal takes a moment to find the drinks, being unfamiliar with the lay out of the cellars. He his sorely tempted to drink a few bottles while out of sight. But the beasts here were already so mercifull to him.

    Instead he gobbles down a few apples from a near by basket before making the short treck back up the stairs.

    Both guards turn towards the vixen who has entered the great hall. "Nova!" Carter throws his arm wide from where he sits, "Ye bushy tailed lass! Long time no see!"

    "Indeed." Bill nods in greeting to the beast. "We were starting to take bets on if you got carried off by an eagle or just got lost out in the woods."

    "Don't forget the snake. I voted caught by a snake." Carter adds in. The two beasts didnt know the vixen too well, mostly due to different work shifts. But in an abbey this size it was possible to bump into everyone at least once. "Hey, maybe she could help us with our particular problem."

    The hare leans back in his chair rubbing his chin, "Actually…she might." Bill turns towards the fox a d replies, "We had a couple of beasts sneak into the abbey. A young fox and squirrel, both came in for different reasons. While they havn't done anything 'too' hostile, they hav'nt given me much reason to trust either one of them either."

    "Bard's down stairs talking with the squirrel in the cellar. Femble sent the fox down there as well to grab some drinks for the pies she is cookin. Want a slice?"

  • "Well…. Yes... But I don't know very much about healing beasts.."

    "Neither did I when I first started out. I learned over time from the infirmary keeper before me, and took over around twenty years ago when he retired. But the job isn't just dealing with death, you know. There's lots of free time, most of the chores you'd have to do as a dibbun would be light because of you already working in the infirmary, not to mention that plenty of dibbuns get bruises and cuts so you can still meet plenty of beasts your own age." While Bard was talking, the smell of warm scones began to waft down into the cellar. Bard's stomach growled. "Sorry, I haven't eaten anything since lunch. Listen, why don't we go up with the others, get a scone or two, and try and figure out what's going to happen next. I know I'm already going to get in trouble for the broken glass down here, but I'll explain what's going on to them, and I think they'll understand. Bill and Carter are normally sensible."


  • {"Nova!"}
    {"Ye bushy tailed lass! Long time no see!"}

    Nova twitched her nose and let a slight smile creep out from the corner of her mouth as the otter threw his arms wide open.

    {"We were starting to take bets on if you got carried off by an eagle or just got lost out in the woods."}

    That remark earned a raised eyebrow from the white vixen "Oh really now, betting eh?"

    {"Don't forget the snake. I voted caught by a snake."}

    Nova recoiled slightly and held up one claw "Ahh, if it had been anything it would've been pike. Yikes I hate those things! But a snake, just don't look it in the eyes."
    She tilted her head thinking of further comment on how to avoid looking a snake in the eyes, preferably by removing them, but it wasn't exactly appropriate to point the option out to them.

    {"Hey, maybe she could help us with our particular problem."}
    {"Actually…she might."}

    "Wat?" Nova turned her head slightly to the left so only her left eye was looking at the two guards.

    {"We had a couple of beasts sneak into the abbey. A young fox and squirrel, both came in for different reasons. While they havn't done anything 'too' hostile, they hav'nt given me much reason to trust either one of them either."}
    {"Bard's down stairs talking with the squirrel in the cellar. Femble sent the fox down there as well to grab some drinks for the pies she is cookin. Want a slice?"}

    Nova furrowed her eyebrows a little and tilted her turned head towards them a little rather cautious on hearing that a new fox was about "What sort of fox are we talking about here and how did he act... And how do you intend 'me' to help?"

  • Femble jumped and spun around as Nova came into the kitchen bearing a sack. She calmed down as she saw who it was and smiled nervously, her H hello being drowned out by Carter and Bill. She waited for the banter to calm down as Nova posed her question.
    W well, s since y you are a f fox, I g guess y you w would n know w what t to d do w with h him. Th those t two th think h he sh should b be p punished b but I d dont s see w why. H he h helped m me out of th the attic, and w when I w was st stuttering, he offered me his v vest t to k keep m me w warm b because h he th thought I w was c cold. As f for th the p purloined f food, all b beasts are w welcome t to the f food h here. How m many t times d did y you t take f food w when y you w were a d Dibbun?` she asked looking at the otter and hare, and sizing Bill up.

  • ((I don't think Serena would be considered a dibbun anymore, she's fifteen years old which is not a dibbun. She may act slightly like a dibbun with her shyness, but that's just her nature.))

    "Well… I think that would be nice.. To be your assistant..." She said after she thought about it.

    Then Bard's stomach growled and he said they should go up and explain things to the other beasts, the thought of that didn't make Serena very happy, but she nodded anyways, "Okay... As long as I get to stay with you... I don't like the other beasts.... Carter and Bill..."

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