Attic Trouble (Open)

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    Serena was quietly freaking out with her back against the first thing she bumped into, she heard the fox yell something and braced herself to be eaten, when she didn't experience searing pain a moment later she slowly got hold of her senses. There were two beasts in this attic with her. Why? She didn't know, but she did know she was not alone like she had expected, and that the fox hadn't eaten the other squirrel, at least not yet.

    A moment later she realized that the fox had said they needed her help, why would they need her help? She knew practically nothing about the abbey. And that hare, she had heard him following her, and the otter as well, they were probably both in the hallway, just about to open the door and find them all.

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    Femble rubbed her eyes, the light being a surprise to her. It seemed like days since she had last seen light. As soon as her eyes readjusted she reached out to touch the other squirrel, who looked more frightened than she did.
    W who are y you? H have y you c come t to g get us out? W we h have b b been st stuck in h here f for… a l long t time she stuttered, not remembering how long it had been since she first entered to get the recipe books.

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  • The fox didn't even notice the second squirrel come inside until his night vision returned. Spry little creature she was.

    Rascal continued to beat on the door but to no avail, "No! That's it…" he said sorrowfully, "We are doomed. DOOMED! We are going be stuck in here forever and, and starve to death, well probibly resort to canibalism first, but then we will surely starve to death!" he whined loudly, "They will find in ten or twenty years, bones bleached white!"

    It was hear that the fox realized there were three beasts in this room.

    "Wait. How did..." Boom! The door opens, sending the fox flying flat onto his tail with a dazed look.

    Light fills the room as the hare guard pokes his head up through the open door. He peers intently at both fox, squirrel maiden, and the resident friar. With a sigh he rubs his eyes with his free paw, "Can someone tell me what is going on here?!"

    It looks like they have been rescued! Sort of...

  • Serena whimpered as her fear came true, the hare had found them, and he was surely going to do… Something, to her. With the light of the open trap door, she crawled behind a box and hoped they would forget her, at least for a little while. This night did not at all turn out how she had expected it to, and she silently vowed that if she got out alive, she would never set paw on the abbey again.

    OOC: Poor Serena, she never expected any of this to happen. Not that the abbeydwellers will be anything less than kind. It's a very good thing she's a squirrel and not a vermin. She would get a different welcome to the abbey.

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  • Femble smiled brightly, relieved, but blinking in the light streaming through the trapdoor.
    B b Bill! Th thank y you f for g getting us out! I c came up h here t t to f find s some n new r recipes and th the d door sh shut. Y you n know h how h hard it is t to open once it it cl closed! I f found Rascal in h here, th then th this sq squirrel c came in he here, th though I am n not s sure w why she explained, gathering her recipes books and starting down the ladder.
    C come on. Ill p prepare a m meal for us all, once w were in th the k kitchen, including th the sq squirrel m maid

  • The fox gulped at the sight of the hare. His hope of going back for a second meal, feast really, was dashed to pieces as the hare scanned the room. Surely he had stolen his last pastry. The guards would surely do something horrible to the young fox, Vivid images of his hide being hung across the top of the gates as a warning to all who would dare commit the horrendous act of bakery theivery.

    Or worse they would lock him up for a few days and feed him nothing but a small bowl of stew.

    Bill peered at each of the bushtail creatures one by one. Narrowing his eyes he replies, "Yes. Let's all head to the kitchen. I could use a stiff drink myself. Then I have some questions for your new 'friends'." He said in an ominous tone.

    Ooc if you guys want to feel free to pose a time gap to the kitchens where you feel the story needs one ^^

  • Serena thought the situation out carefully from behind her box, the other squirrel belonged there, she knew the hare and was a cook, which made Serena guiltily think of her stolen scone. The fox appeared to be an intruder like herself. The hare and squirrel cook were talking of them all going to the kitchen, but she didn't want to go back to the kitchen, she wanted to get out of the abbey, it was far to scary here for her.

    However the squirrelmaid could not get out of the attic while the hare was still blocking the doorway, and she wasn't certain that she would be able to get away once the hare moved out of the doorway, Serena was terrified and she had no idea what to do, or how to get away. Eventually she decided that once the other two got out of the attic, she would act like she was going to go along with them, but make a break for as soon as she had a chance.

  • B Bill, th they are g good b beasts called Femble from next to Rascal and the other squirrel, once they were on their way. She was busy studying a recipe book for a good one to try. She turned to look behind them and giggled. The other three stared at her in confusion.
    L look at our t tails. Th they are all in a l line, s so y you c cant s s see b behind th them` she explained, turning back to them. And it was true. The three bushy tails, all next to each other were side by side, making it impossible to see behind them.

  • Bill rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Oh I am 'sure' they are. They can explain their noble intentions of why they are here after we put some food in you lot…" he added dangerously, "And then one of these good natured beasts can explain why they shoved me into a wine barrol."

    Rascal gulped, his ears falling flat. At least he would have a last meal before these savage woodlanders had him executed in what would most likely be a slow grizzly demize! He has heard the stories about this place. This is where vermin come to die in droves against the abbey walls. If he didn't need somewhere to lay low for a while the fox would have avoided it completely.

    The hare marched them down the hallway and down the stair well where they are met by Carter. The obese otter guard joined them in step passing a glance at the forelorn fox who looked like he was being marched to the gallows. "Dare I ask what is going on?" he asked happily, the hare just grumbled. "Not now Carter."

    Unfazed Carter leaned forward as he walked, sniffing the beasts shirt, "Bill, why are you covered in wine? I thought you were trying to kick the bottle! For shame!"

    "Not. /now/. Carter." The hare let out a surprisingly ferral growl as he led them down the stairs into the great hall on the way to the kitchen.

  • Femble looked at him in confusion.
    Sh Shoved y you in a w w wine b barrel? H how d do y y you n n know it w was th them? She stuttered. With the hares surly mood, it seemed he wouldnt come to reasoning. Her lip began to tremble. Why did he have to be so stubborn? As Carter questioned Bill, Femble started to think up an idea.
    M maybe it w was c Carter h who p pushed y y you into th the b barrel of w wine. H he w was one of th the only ones awake at th the t t time, r right?She asked, swishing her tail and apologizing as it hit Rascal and the other squirrel.

  • Serena had let herself be drawn along with the rest of the beasts, she was looking about to make he escape when the otter guard showed up, irritating the hare, and making her own position seem all the more dangerous. She hadn't taken any part in pushing the surly old hare into any wine, but he didn't know that.

    Then as they were almost about to enter the kitchen the cook defended both of them, saying it might have been the otter instead. Which was nice of the squirrel, although she didn't know exactly why she did what she did. Then they entered the kitchen, and Serena hoped the nice squirrel didn't notice the missing scone.

    The guards seemed to be a bit more interested in the fox than herself, mainly, it seemed, because he was a fox, and she was not. Though her unobtrusive manner probably helped in that respect. Serena edged towards the doorway she had first come into the kitchen from, she thought she might be able to find her way out, as long as the guards were distracted long enough.

  • The fox couldn't believe his ears. He turned his gaze towards the otter who reguarded Rascal for a long moment. Finally Carter rubbed the back of his neck and smilex weakly. "Yeah…uh, sorry about that Bill."

    Rascal blinked surprise. "Wait...wha..?" The hare cut him off with a resounding, "That was YOU?" Bill looked furious as Carter explained. "I wanted to ask you something and accidently pushed you into the barrol."

    "Then why didn't you help me out you" Bill manages to hold his tounge infront of the younger ones. If the abbey life didnt pound the crude beast out of him having a child most certainly did.

    "Because you would be mad." Carter shrugged, nervously leaning away from the hare.

    The hare clearly wants to say something else but instead turns away in anger. Looking at the intruders he says, "I'll have a talk with you later Carter about your work the mean time. Who are you beasts. Why are you here? Better yet, how did you get in?"

    Carter hazards a small chuckle. "You don't have to give them the third degree Bill. They are just kids."

    "Yeah, kids I don't reconize Carter. And one of em wearing our silverware." He uses a paw to grab uhold of the belt strapped across the red fox's chest and shakes it a bit. The knife sheeaths are clearly made for weapons larger than the kitchen butter knives and spoons he has in them.

    "And if these mere kids snuck in here past the guard, light help us if a real threat tried to get in."

  • The guards attention remained centered on Rascal, not Serena, and as Bill shook the stolen butter knives out of the oversized sheaths, she made a run for it. But in her haste she turned, not towards the door leading outside and to her freedom, but downwards, to the cellars.  Once she realized her mistake it was too late, she could already hear the guards coming after her, she looked wildly about the cellar full of barrels and hid in an empty one that used to contain strawberry fizz.

  • (OOC: Alright. I think this is a good time to introduce our lovely infirmary keeper 😛 This is also timeslipped just slightly to keep him up to date on what's going on)

    Bard Oxbow, being the usual loner he was, was sitting in the wine cellar alone. Staring down at his poetry journal, he sighed heavily. The day had been rough on him, not because of the usual assortment of minor scrapes and cuts he was usually administering to, but because of the isolation he felt on this particular day. Most of the dibbuns, his normal companions throughout the day, whether when the stopped by to get treated or to help clean the infirmary, were out all day picking apples in the orchard. This, and a surprising lack of falls while doing so left Bard in somewhat of a stupor, spurred by his complete lack of being able to do anything. So, when he was bored, he wrote.

    Summer is the season warning of things to come
    Though the sky may be clear of clouds for now
    The thunderheads in the distance ominously jeer
    At the glorious occasions the hot air brings
    For as they draw closer, so does autumn
    Bringing with it death and decay
    And closer still draws winter
    And the world is snatched
    Into total darkness
    Nothing remains

    Putting down his pen, Bard looked hard at the paper. It just isn't good enough. I'm never going to be good at this stuff he thought in anger. Hearing a commotion, he got up silently, and as slowly as he could, peered around a corner. Seeing Bill and Carter, two of the only people he actually could converse with in the abbey, he began to call out but stopped, seeing what was going on. I wonder what's going on. Bard thought. I'd better stay back until they leave. They look pretty riled up about something or other.

    (OOC: Back in the present…)

    Bard saw the small squirrel dash down the stairs to his left, and decided to make his move. Walking out from behind the corner he was observing from, he called over to Bill, who, along with Carter, were beginning to run after her. "Hey Bill, let me  go after her. I think I can deal with her a little better than you." Bard yelled out. "I don't think she's going to want to leave the cellar with you in that sort of mood, if you know what I mean."


  • Femble ran after the other squirrel.
    W wait! C come b back! W we w wont h hurt you. Th there is n nothing t to be afraid of. I th thought, m maybe… Oof` she gasped as she tripped over a stone. Bill and Carter passed her as she struggled to her feet and miserably stumbled towards the cellar.

  • "What in the blazes is wrong with her?" Shouts Bill as he and Carter press on at a quickened pace towards the cellar.

    "Maybe it's your friendly charm?" The otter laughs. "Here Bill, why don't you stay up here with the fox and I will go down and get the squirrel, prefurably with out scaring her out of her wits."

    The hare rounds on the otter, prodding him in the chest as he does, "I am not scary!" He yells, pausing for a moment afterwards. Ears drooping a bit he growls, "Fine, you go after her."

    Carter only passes him a cheeky smile. Side stepping around the hare the fat otter steps lightly into the Cellar.

    Bill turns in time to see the red fox bend down to help Femble back to her feet. "Femble are you ok?" Bill asks as he too moves to assister her.

    Meanwhile in the basement Carter calls out in a calm soothing voice. "Hello? Miss squirrelly? Don't be afraid to come out. You are not in trouble! We just want to ask you a few questions." After a moment he pauses and adds, "The big bad hare is not with me, I left him up stairs."

    The otter comes to the table laden with scones. Looking both ways to see if no one is watching he shovelsa pawfull quickly into his mouth. Still chewing he dusts off his paws and says, "Listen kid. I'm a bit too old to be playing hide and seek and I'm running out of patience. I will be NOT be happy if I have to come find you."

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