Attic Trouble (Open)

  • The sound of breathing remainedsteady but not consistant. It came in odd intervals like…the wind! Prehaps this odd breathing sound wasn't some ghastly horror waiting to viciously devour the maiden and spit out her bones after all!

    Prehaps it was nature just noisily slipping into the abbey through a crack in an old window. The fortress of peace, as well built as it was, was getting up there in years.

    While this possibility may explain away the noise it does not however explain the clawed paw that lands with out warning on the squirrel's shoulder...

  • Femble screamed, her shriek piercing the darkness like a needle. With her ladle in her hand, she struck out at the paw that lay on her shoulder. She crawled away, terrified by the paw and the breathing.
    H h h heeeeelp she wailed.

  • The horrible monster that stood ready to pouce and gobble up the squirrel maiden…screamed in terror as well! With a loud yelp the creature clutch at it's paw and stumbled backward into a stack of boxes.

    There was another yelp as the shelf behind wobbled back and forth before coming crashing down ontop of the poor creature spilling old books and nick nacks and even a relics from ages long past onto the floor.

    There is a muffled whine, "Ow...." From under the pile of debris. In the darkness and with junk spilling over him it is impossible to see all the creatures details. However it is possible to see two lare canine feet sticking out of the debris in the air along with a large bushytail that can only belong to a fox.

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    Serena sat in the nearest tree to the abbey, she couldn't get onto the wall from where she sat, as the abbeydwellers cut back the branches periodically, but that wouldn't stop her, she'd been on the walls before, but never more than a few minutes on the wall. Tonight she decided to venture further into the abbey.

    Serena had know about Redwall Abbey for the greater portion of her young life, but her past had left her suspicious of other creatures, she had been always scared to venture further than the walltops. However, Serena had become more curious of the abbey and what it held of later, and she knew how to get in.

    With practiced ease, the squirrel scampered back down the trunk of the tree and ran lightly to the north wallgate, it was locked, as usual, and as Serena didn't actually know how it was locked she had no way of opening it from that side, not she wanted to, she just found that the section of the wall at that point was the easiest to climb.

    With less ease and more caution than she uses on trees, Serena began climbing up the wall, finding little ledges and niches to put her paws, it wasn't very fast and Serena was glad she never had to do this in a hurry. Soon she was up on top of the wall, she took a moment to stretch her muscles then she made her way to the wallsteps, and for the time, down the wallsteps.

    Serena had never been on the Abbey grounds before, her heart was pounding in excitement as she started going towards the abbey itself. Nobeast was out on the grounds, as it was quite late at night, and if there had been, they likely wouldn't have seen her anyways. For one, they wouldn't have expected to see anybeast, so they wouldn't have, and Serena moved with a natural secrecy, and her dark green cloak helped her blend into the night.

  • Femble could not make out the shape, her eyes not wanting to witness what was there. But then she heard a muffled ow.
    A are y y you alright? Wh who are y y you?she asked, not taking her eyes off the shape.

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    The pile of books and currios began to shift and move as the creature under them sat up. It was indeed a fox. It was hard to tell his fur color in the dark let along his age, his hieght and size however put him at a younger age, possibly late teens to early twenties.

    He wore a tan vest to clothe his shoulders. It appeared to be made of cloth, at least one would hope a beast visiting the abbey would be wearing cloth and not the hide of another animal, and it came down to the bottom of his chest.  With out buttoning the vest it left his underbelly, his sides and the small of his back exposed.

    Under the vest he wore a leather made belt that ran across the top of one shoulder to and below the other as some sort of make shift chest harness. On it were various sheaths, most empty, the rest filled with what looked like butter knives from the kitchen.

    "Me? Are you alright?"  The fox asked in a way that suggested he was not asking about her physical health. Rubbing his sore head he yelped, "Your the one that locked us in this bleedin room and started bleedin shoutin and howlarin like a banshee with a needle in your paw!"

    Clearly the legendary charm of foxes is overrated….

    Meanwhile down below away from all this trouble up stares, one of the side doors to the abbey opens wide, spilling light out onto the darkened abbey grounds.

    The beast that exits the abbey is an otter five feet tall...laying down. The very corpulant beast is a guard by the tunic he wears, which struggles to cover his rounded belly. Reguardless he wears the pin of a guard of redwall, making him a threat to any intruders.

    But honestly, what are the chances of that? Redwall has a reputation of slaughtering who armies of invaders, only a fool would dare test the impenitrable defenses of the abbey.

    He was, unfortunetly not the only guard to take this lax view of his duties, which allowed the squirrep to move about virtually unhindered.

    Adjusting his belt and picking scraps of dinner from his teeth the otter began another long, dull night of guard duty. Little did he know that if he just paid slightly more attention to his duties he would have seen that this night wouldnt be so dull...

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    Serena saw the door open and the giant otter come out, she didn't know who the otter was, but she soon realized that he was a night guard. The squirrel made a mental note that if there was one night guard, there would be others as well.

    As the otter left on his patrol, Serena crept to the doorway and peered inside, in there she wouldn't be able to hide so easily. The squirrel was skilled in stealth in the woodlands, but structures such as these were entirely strange to her, hence why she was exploring at night when few, if any, beasts were about.

    Taking a deep breath, Serena stepped into the doorway, and into the light.

  • (OOC: Maybe you can be seen and chased through to the attic, where you hear me banging)
    IC: Femble studied the impudent fox. She could not see him properly, but he wasnt biting at least.S s so y you w wont eat m me? Femble asked, shrinking away and crawling off the trapdoor.
    I Im sorry if I l locked y you up, but it w was an accident. I w was g getting a n new r recipe b book, b b because I w was out of i ideas. I Im Femble. W what is y your n n n name? She asked, brightening up a little, now that she knew who she was facing.

  • The fox seems to hesitate for a moment. "You can cook?" That can be both helpfull and problematic, leaning towards problematic. He quickly licks at his chops to wipe away any pastry juices he may have left on his muzzle.  He pushes a small back filled with bakery delights (hopefully) out of sight behind him.

    With a wicked smile the fox leans forward as he says, "Me? I wouldn't eat you. Too skinny." The fox stands to his full hieght. "Call me Rus…" he pauses for a second. Prehaps it isnt too wise to give out his real name. "Er, Rascal. Yes just call me Rascal."

    The fox casts a glance about the darkened room. "All hope is not lost though. If we can find something to shove into the door I can probibly pry it open." Rascal says as he rubs the back of his neck. Why did he pick a name like Rascal? Blast it!

    Little did the fox know that there was a woodlander stalking the halls below. At this time of night the beast up most likely had good reason. One such beast was abrown furred hare in a guards uniform. The usual joyfull look of a redwaller beast was diminished and replaced with a scowl of pure contempt. His green tunic was covered in wine, soaked with it actually, as was the bludgeon he had firmly gripped in paw. He doesn't know /how/ or /who/ shoved him into a barrol of wine...but he knows what is going to happen to them the moment he catches them.

    It is prehaps unfortunet that the hare guard beast path in finding the bush tailed varment who did this too him will shortly bring him on a path towards the 'bushtailed' intruder...

    (Ooc and now we get a glimps at why the fox is in the attic ^^ i hope that helps serena 😄

  • (OOC: I saw that first line coming! Actually, I am cooking Herman the German friendship cake at the moment)
    IC: Femble nodded vigorously.
    O of c c course I c can c c cook. I am th the fr Friar at Redwall clapping a paw over her mouth, she realized she had made a mistake by saying that. Then the fox introduced himself and she calmed down a little.
    Er, h how ab about th th this th then r Rascal? she stuttered, finding a broken piece of wood.

  • The fox couldn't believe his ears. The friar? Really? He always imagine the friar to be a big jolly old mouse or…hare. Then again as natural gluttons Hare's probiibly would not survive long in a job that was all about making food.

    And then there is the fact that he stole food from the pantry, the friar might not appreciate that. The fox peers at the squirrel and the stick she has in paw. The squirrel is, Rascal reflects, fortunet enough that he isn't vermin enough to actually try and eat the squirrel despite the trouble she could cause for him.

    That doesn't mean the thought hasn't crossed his mind for other woodlanders in the abbey, he is a meat eating fox after all. And swollen with his ill gotton gains Rascal doesn't even want to think about food right now.

    "Yeah, I think that will work." The fox takes the board and begins to try to wedge it in the door, It makes a loud rattling sound as he does. Not quite the ammount of noise the thief wants to make.

    "So, the friar eh? How did you get into that gig?" He asks as he fiddles with the board.

  • Femble observed Rascal valiantly attempting to lever the trapdoor open.
    I I th think it opens on th the other s side She remarked.
    W well, w when I w was f fourteen, I st started t to h help in the k kitchens. after three y years I b became a s sort of apprentice. W when I was eighteen, the old f Friar s stepped d d d down and g gave the j job t to m m meshe informed him.

  • After a few minutes, Serena found herself in the kitchens, lured by the aroma of the good food cooked there. The squirrelmaid had never seen so much food in her life, and never anything baked like the scones or bread that were set out to cool. Without thinking, Serena took one of the scones and bit into it, it was delicious, but she had enough sense to realize that if she took anymore the cooks would notice some were missing.

    Serena quickly finished the scone she took, and snatched a candied chestnut before she left the kitchen, she'd be coming back for the food if nothing else. Serena had relaxed slightly after her snack in the kitchen, and she wasn't as alert as she continued wandering through the abbey. She left the kitchens and went through Cavern Hole, from there she arrived in the front of the abbey where the big main door was situated. The squirrel thought briefly about leaving but decided to explore some more first, after all, nobeast was awake at this time.

  • No one of course except for the night watch beasts.

    The fat bellied otter outside makes a huff and a pant as he trudges up the steps towards the great hall. He reaches for one of the double doors and turns the knob.

    At the same time the hare guard, comes out of the door to the library on the left. The wine drenched hare catches sight of the cloaked squirrel. The hare at first doesnt find this to be very alarming, there are more squirrels about the abbey than bees in the orchard. Every now and again some fool will think he caught site of an intrude, one run into one of the abbey resident vermin, however rare they are, and go to raise the alarm waking up every beast for ten square miles all because he mistakenly thought a beast up to get a drink of water was some stealthy assassin.

    Still, there was at least one beast in the abbey who pushed the guard into a wine barrol .

    The guard goes to ask the squirrel if she has seen any thing, however his voice carries to heavily with in the stone walls and comes out very menicingly, "Hey! You!"


    The fox repositions the board on the other side of the door. He pushes down with it, proving his lack of upper body strength when nothing seems to happen.

    Rascal listens to the squirel speak for a moment. Leaning the board up against his chest he slips out of his short sleeved vest, handing it to the squirrel friar with a sigh, "Here, take this. It will keep you warm." He goes back to work. "You must be cold to be shivering so bad. I can barely catch a word through that stutter." His efforts are noble...if prehaps unknowingly insulting to the squirrel's natural stutter.

    At least his heart is in the right place, right?

    The fox pushes again on the board. "I don't suppose I can convince you to let me have a few pastries in the kitchen after this?" The fox thief snicker. More free food and no one will ever suspect him to return to the scene of the crime! Brilliant!

    The door moves...if only a little bit before slamming shut again. "Success! Now all we need is to slip something under the door to keep it open!"

    Ooc as you might have figured out rascal is a snarky jackwagon XD and like most of my alts on here a terrible glutton. Good thing he met the friar XD also I hope the hare finding you is ok serena with what ever you had planned.

  • OOC: Yeah, it's fine, perfect even.  I'm just not entirely sure of the way the abbey is laid out…


    Serena panicked as the hare called out, she was certain he had discovered the missing food and that she was an intruder. The squirrelmaid froze for a moment then darted up the nearest flight of stairs, it hadn't occurred to her that she might have pretended to be an abbey beast. Not that she would have know how to act in a situation like that anyways.

    As Serena dashed up the staircase and looked about wildly on the next floor, she couldn't help but be confused as to why there were so many beasts up and about at this time of night. She knew she didn't have much time to find somewhere to hide, it wouldn't take the hare very long to figure out that she was an intruder, and she had no idea what the abbey beasts would do to her if they caught her.

  • Ooc basically the abbey has three floors. The attic is at the top of the third which is a floor for offices and what not…at least i think they are offices. XD it doesnt have to be a perfect match and in the end rule 101 applies, if it feels right then go for it.

  • Femble smiled warmly, holding the vest back out to him.
    Th thank y you, b but th this is m my usual st stutter. I th think y you w w will b be w welcome t to any amount of f food you w w want in th the k kitchen. I w will p p personally r reward y you w with m my sp special r r recipe and m make s sure y you g g get an extra h helping f for g getting us out! She exclaimed, finding an old chair leg, positioning herself right next to the fox, poised and ready for the door to open.

  • Serena didn't want the night guards to have any chance to catch up to her, she was going to hide in one of the rooms on that floor, but the first one she looked in was full of sleeping dibbuns.  The squirrel closed that door as quietly as possible so she wouldn't wake any of them. Serena looked into a room down the hall, she couldn't see very clearly but she guessed that that room was inhabited by at least one sleeping redwalller as well.

    The squirrelmaid didn't dare look into any other rooms on that level, she was certain they all contained sleeping beasts, instead she dashed up the next staircase she came across. Serena didn't know it, but she was now quite close to the two beasts stuck in the attic with the locked trapdoor.

    Serena spied the trapdoor in the ceiling, and decided that it was probably less likely to be searched, or inhabited by anybeast, so when she opened it and climbed in, she was not expecting to be face to face with another squirrel and another beast.  She squeaked in fear and kicked the trapdoor shut again as she frantically scrabbled away.

  • Before the mouse barged in the fox chuckled nervously. Open mouth, insert foot, he thought. "Oh…welll that's, that's nice." It doesnt look like there was any harm done though, not if Femble was willing to give him food.

    The fox's tail wags happily back and forth behind him. His ears shoot strait up. "Really? You mean it?" Thoughts of filling his greedy gullet with pie and cake and heavenly sweets filled his mind as he reached out to take the vest back.

    The door opened wide spilling light into the room, blinding the fox for a moment. He heard the squirrel shout and then the light was gone. "No!" Rascal shouted, leaping at the door and pounding on it with his fists, "Come back! We need your help."

    The hare came up the stairs breathing heavily. "Bill," he said to himself, "The wife is right, you need to start jogging again. You are starting to sound like Carter..." he looked up and raised an eyebrow to the pounding in the attic.

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