• Nickname: Serena
    Name: Serena Autumn
    Species: Red Squirrel
    Age: about 15 years

    Description: Serena's eyes are a soft green like the new leaves in spring, they are sad eyes, that have seen a lot of cruelty. Her fur is a pretty red like the leaves in the fall. Serena wears a dark green tunic belted at the waist by a woven rush belt, as well as a hooded cloak that isn't quite all the same color, which helps her blend in to her surroundings in the forest. The squirrel maid is rather short and thin, giving anybeast that happened to see her, the impression that she is a few seasons younger than she actually is. Anybeast that might see Serena would likely know that she has lived by herself for many seasons, because of her almost feral manner and the wild look in her eyes.

    Possessions: Serena doesn't have an awful lot herself, her parents, before they died, had been poor. The thing she has most of is the rush belts she enjoys weaving, as well as a the baskets that hang in her home. Her most valuable possessions are her long dagger, dropped by one of the weasels that murdered her parents, the bow and quiver of arrows that she leaves at home most of the time, as well as her cloak and tunic, that help her vanish into the forest.

    Strengths: Stealth, Camouflage, knowledge of the forest and it's plants. Weaving, both belts and baskets. Climbing, especially trees.

    Weaknesses: Serena doesn't communicate well with other beasts. She is especially scared of anybeast that is or looks similar to a weasel.

    Personality: Serena is a naturally shy and suspicious beast. She speaks as little as possibly to anybeast she might meet, and strives to avoid eye contact. But if somebeast were to meet her and gain her trust they would eventually find out that Serena is a somewhat nice beast, with a love for song and poetry.

    Background: Serena, when she was barely more than a baby, she lived with her parents and an older brother, near the old church of  Saint Ninians. Her family was murdered when she was still a tiny dibbun by a band of weasels, which she is deathly afraid of. The only reason she survived the murder of her family is the fact she had fallen asleep in the undergrowth.  From that young and tender age, Serena survived on her own. She now lives in a old oak near where the ancient Brockhall once was, the tree is large and somewhat hollow.

  • You sound like a good friend to my Femble.

  • Then Serena should meet this Femble.

  • Join me in attic trouble then, you can help me out…

  • I shall

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