A Nameday Feast (OPEN)

  • Femble was busy in the kitchens. She was cooking, baking, roasting and mixing food for the nameday feast.

    It was to be called The Summer of the Singing Sparrow because this summer had more sparrows living up in the attic than anybeast could imagine, and many of them sung beautifully. The Dibbuns had pestered the badger mother for a nameday feast, and finally she had accepted, setting the Dibbuns off with rousing cheers.

    Somebeast tapped Femble on the shoulder. She jumped and turned around. A couple of mouse Dibbuns were behind her. One on the others shoulders.Will we get cannied chesknuts?asked the Dibbun on top of the other. Femble smiled weakly.Of c c course y y you w w will` she stuttered. The Dibbuns scampered off, cheering.

    A few hours later Femble and her helpers carried the feast to a big picnic table on the orchard. Other beasts came swarming in to eat at the sound of the bell.

  • Laying not too far away in the shade of a tree a lone beast stirred from his slumber. At the sound of the bell the fox stretched and let forth a large yawn. He had decided to take a nap after breakfast and was pleased to see the feast was ready to begin.

    Getting up proved to be more of a struggle these days for Rascal. More than a week had passed for the vulpine since he had come into the abbey. Life was…blissfull. a warm bed, food, pleasent company, food...oh and all the food he could stuff his greedy little belly with which had started to round out.

    The fox stretched a kink out of his back as he stood up then gave his side a pat. Rascal had never imagined himself as anything but thin and lanky. "Now look at me." He said alloud. The fox's ribs were no longer showing through his fur, his hide was glossy and while he leaned towards pudgy the fox looked healthy.

    The sword harness around his chest was still devoid of any knives but that was mostly due to Bill. The hare expressly made sure to let them know that the sharpest blade Rascal was to be let near would be a butter knife.

    The woodlanders peacefull life style was...cute at times,  but grating too. Not that he would complain.

    The fox waved as he approached the table. His first Redwall feast. Could live get any better?

  • "You name every season?"

    The young squirrel asked, she was folding some clean linens in the infirmary. She practically lived at the abbey now after a couple weeks of only coming at times when there weren't an awful lot of other beasts about.

    Serena was still very shy, but she was getting better about it. She was learning about the ways of the abbey and of the art of healing, which was being taught to her by the infirmary keeper, Bard Oxbow, to whom her question had been aimed.

  • Bard was in somewhat of a jovial mood at the moment, having just celebrated his 45th birthday, (And eaten the delectable feast that was included) he was feeling great, and combined with a welcome lapse in injuries around the abbey, he had more time to instruct Serena in his own practice, and after a few weeks, he felt like she was starting to open up more to other beasts around the abbey, not just himself or Femble.

    "You name every season?"

    Bard looked over from his work bench, where he was reading an old manuscript about the history of the Abbey, one of his favorite topics. "Well, it's a tradition that dates back to the founding of the abbey, back when the abbey was still being built. Though it might seem antiquated, I think it's still important to name each and every season, and it does have meaning to the beasts who live here. Besides, it's a pretty good excuse to feast." Bard chuckled at his last comment. "I don't think they've named this summer yet though."


  • Serena pondered what the otter said there were many customs at Redwalls she had yet to get used to. But something the otter said still didn't make sense.

    "If this season hasn't been named yet, then why are we having a nameday feast?"

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  • @Serena:

    Serena pondered what the otter said there were many customs at Redwalls she had yet to get used to. But something the otter said still didn't make sense.

    "If this season hasn't been named yet, then why are we having a nameday feast?"

    (Quick post, sorry, I'll be out of internet connection for a few hours.)

    (OOC: Good question! I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that during the feast the season is named, or the next season is named, or something of that nature. Until I know for sure, I'll refrain from posting, plus I'm leaving again for the great wild yonder (Specifically the Colorado River Valley in and around Needles) so that means absolutely no phone signal for 20 miles or more in some places. Coupled with the fact that school's starting on Monday, and I probably won't be back on for a few days. So please skip around me while I'm gone.)


  • (OOC: Its the summer of the singing sparrow. I said that on my first post) IC: Femble waved back as Rascal approached. He looked good and healthy, but she wondered why he still wore the funny harness thing across his shoulder. She wasnt even sure what it was supposed to hold.
    Had a g g good n nap? she asked, offering him the sitting area next to her.

  • The red furred vulpine made a toothy smirk. "Heh, I always sleep better outside. I'm still not used to how soft the beds are here." He let out a wide yawn.

    "Look's like you have been busy though." The fox licked his chops as he sat down at the table, squeezing in between two hares. A black furred beast with one drooping ear and a golden hare with a brown patch over her right eye. Bith seem to scoot away from Rascal if ever slightly.

    The fox begins shoveling food onto his plate. "What's the occasion? Is someone getting married?"

  • Femble bit her lip to hide a small smile.
    Oh, n no, its a n nameday f feast. Every n new s season g gets n named. Th this one is c called th the s summer of th the s singing s sparrow. Th the names of th the s seasons h help r recorders g go th through th the archives` she explained before there was a call for the feast to start. Someone rapped the table for silence and explained that people were still finishing chore.

  • By the time the feast was called to begin Rascal had already stuffed his maw with no less than two biskets. He smiled cheekly through his mouth full and swolled it in one big gulp.

    "I guess that makes since." The fox nods his head as he begins shoveling food onto his plate. He smiled for no real reason. He always wondered what it would be like to have a soft life style and all the food he could eat. Rascal knew it could never last, not forever.

    He was a fox and a vermin at heart. He knew deep down that some how in some way he was going to do something toget himself kicked out, or the redwallers would tire of his antics, or prehaps he would just tire of a soft comfortable life style and one day leave. Prehaps that is what bugged him the most. He always dreamed of a peacefull life style and now he had it…but he had not earned it. Not yet at least.

    Reguardless he was going to enjoy this while it lasted. He watched beasts eat and stuff themselves as the feast started and chuckled. Beasts still reguarded him with a measure of suspision, which was fine because it would take more than a few months to get over his own nervousness about being around the place where vermin armies go to die, let alone a few weeks.

    For a brief moment though Rascal thought about what it qould be like if he stayed here at Redwall forever.

    All he could think of was an image of himself so rounded out with fat that his belly out grew his legs. At the very least the image made him slow down in eating. "So Femble, what brings you to redwall? And I have been wondering...are you not a little young to be a friar? How did you get roped into that?

  • Femble froze, staring at her food for a moment, lost in terrifying memories. Then…
    I w was b born here. N nothing b brought m me here. T the k kitchen is m my d domain and I l like it th there. Th the old fr friar s saw m my t talent and p potential and p promoted me. I h had b been w working in th the k kitchens f for a w while

  • The fox had been busily shoveling food onto his plate while the squirrel talked about her life. The plate was really nothing more than a launching pad into his mouth. If the food had not almost instantly dissapeared down his gullet then the total sum would have been piled high up to his nose.

    Where the gluttonous fox put the food one could only imagine.

    "So you were (chomp chew chomp) raised here?" He gulped down his fishy meal, chewing with his mouth open. "That's nice. I was raised out in the woods." It seems like the fox was going to continue but instead only continued to feast. Rascal figures that if the beasts don't ask, then he doesn't need to share his story with others.

    Not that he was happy sharing his life story with others. He trusted Femble as a friend, which is all the more reason not to teller her exactly where he came from or why he was here in the first place.

    "So…" Rascal leaned backwards to stare down the table. All he saw were rows and rows of beasts feasting and laughing. "What happens next?"

  • Femble forgot her worries and watch Rascal inhale food as she herself chewed slowly and swallowed, blanching visibly at Rascals open mouth. When he said he was born in the woods, Femble thought about it. She wondered how he survived not having such a large share of food.W well, w when everybeast h has h had th their f fill, th the g games b begin` she exclaimed happily.

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