• Nickname: Femble

    Name: Femble Dengra

    Species: Squirrel

    Description: Femble is a bit small for her age. She wears a green novices habit which is a bit big for her and the girdle cord is long and beige. Femble has nervous brown eyes and beige fur. Her tail is bushier than most squirrel`s tails. Femble has shoes too big for her, so she usually is found barefoot. The only thing that fits her, and it does so perfectly, was the apron she owned.

    Possessions: Femble owns a cookbook that she fills herself (tucked into her girdle cord, a quill pen (inside the cookbook), a small half filled bottle of ink (in pocket of habit), a pouch of candied chestnuts (for Dibbuns, in apron pocket, a few charcoal sticks (wrapped in leaves and in pocket) and a ladle (tucked in girdle cord).

    Strengths: Femble is good at climbing, writing and cooking.

    Weaknesses: Femble has a stutter, she is nervous and jumps a lot. She is very timid and lets others go first. She is no good at swimming and she often trips over her own feet.

    Personality: Femble is nervous and timid. She shrinks away from danger and often runs to hide behind other beasts. But if you become her friend, she is a bit less timid and talks a bit (she usually only speaks when spoken to). She also has good ideas if beasts listen to her.

    Background: Femble was born in Redwall Abbey. When she was a Dibbun she used to climb up the wall top steps and stare out into Mossflower Woods, wishing she was out there. One day she got out and wandered into the woods, becoming hopelessly lost. Log a log and the Guosim shrews found her the next day in  the hollow of the tree, frozen with fright and staring after a large trail. They took her back to the Abbey, and since then she has been nervous and had a stutter. No one knows what she saw.
    When she was 14, she decided she wanted to learn the ways of the kitchen. So for 2 years she helped and learned. For the next year she was taken as an assistant. When she was eighteen the old Friar stepped down and let her take over. She has been Friar for one year now. Many beasts notice when she mentions food or is in the kitchen her stutter is not as bad.
    Recent Events:

    • Once she went into the attic to find a new recipe, and the door slammed.
    • She found a fox in there named Rascal and has become friends with him since.
    • On the way out, she discovered another newcomer, a squirrel, but did not get to really meet her.
    • At the nameday feast, Femble won a bag of candied chestnuts, but put them back again.
    • Then she looked for Rascal, and found him with Carter, who pulled him over to her.
    • Femble told Rascal off and sent him away to do jobs to make up for all his stealing.

    Age: 19

    Alignment: A good beast, if a little scared all the time.

    Job: Femble is very good at cooking, but always willing to learn. She is a Friar.

  • I was thinking at least 20 to be even considered as a 'head chef.'
    16, I think is still a little too young to have such a title and work ethic of someone like that. They would have to have the experience of both cooking as well as managing a big kitchen and managing 'helpers' in said kitchen.

  • I suppose, but what about Friar Butty from The Long Patrol?

  • I guess you have a point. LOL.

    Her shyness and nervousness would also make it a tad harder for her to actually manage a kitchen and it's staff with any real leadership. How would she over come these issues to perform in the kitchen?
    Is there a story of how she got the position? Was she a 'helper' in the kitchen and succeeded the previous friar?

    I'm not trying to nit-pick, just trying to help develop her a bit more. You don't have to answer all of these questions now, but they are something to think about…

  • So I'm curious… Why did Femble chose the kitchens? As opposed to the infirmary, for example...

    I'm wondering because I've worked in commercial kitchens. After having (for example) three years training, I would not have chosen to stay as head cook (friar). So I'm curious about that part of her personality. Does she have a lot of stick-to-it-ness? Or does the kitchen fulfill something in her that has been missing since her fright? Or does she just plain like the busyness and bustle of the kitchens?

    Just a thought... (or maybe three. ;))

  • The kitchen is a place for her to relax and put her thoughts into her baking. It distracts her from the past, which keeps coming back to her. She also decided not to go to the infirmary because there can be gory things in there. She found her talent in cooking and stuck to it through thick and thin.

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