A Southern Audience [OPEN]

  • Sorrel sighed as he stood in the small antechamber just behind the royal throne in the audience chamber. He was feeling his age today, the aching in his joints complaining loudly at him as he closed his good eye and took a deep breath. He held the breath, as if drawing strength from it, before drawing himself up. His spine straightened, his limbs stretched, and after a series of audible pops he sighed again, in relief this time. His joints were becoming an issue that he would need to address sometime soon, but for now he had royal duties to attend to.

    Standing taller and looking a few years younger he glanced over his shoulder. His daughter Rosaline stood with three of his royal guard, all in their polished armor carrying ornamented spears. He nodded at her and she nodded back from beneath her helmet before stepping forward and opening the narrow door. His guards stepped through before him and he entered the bustling, brightly lit audience chamber. His guards fell in around him in a box and he slowly walked around the throne into view of the rumbling crowd.

    The chamber was tall and relatively narrow, with a double row of thick columns running along the sides to hold up the peeked roof. The room was on the sixth floor of the castle with a massive window in the wall opposite the throne, giving an appropriately majestic view of the sprawling city below on the south side of the great hill as well as the forest beyond. The window displayed the insignia of the Southguard family (a stylized squirrel's head) in colored glass, bathing the room in green and yellow light.

    It was an hour after sunrise so the shadows outside were still long as the crowd hushed for the most part out of respect. The king stepped in front of the throne and turned to face them, standing on a circular dais so he was the tallest beast in the room. His guards and daughter took positions to either side of the throne and he scanned his eyes over the crowd. The majority of the mass was made of both rural and urban citizens of Southsward, ranging from the filthy rich to the filthy, period. Several more exotic peoples were represented in the crowd as well however. A knot of hearty mice and hares from the distant, frigid north stubbornly refused to sweat in their thick northern garb. A trio of heavily tattooed otters bearing sashes and bandannas leaned against the wall behind a pillar. A few woodland beasts in tan habits held a spot near the window. Even a tall, generously mustachioed hare from Salamandastron was present, soundly blocking the view of several beasts. There was also a peculiar mouse in the back of the room in a corner. Sorrel let his eyes linger on the beast for a moment, taking note of him. He wore a quite average set of sailing garb, as well as a brilliantly red cowl. Sorrel had heard reports that more and more of these red hooded strangers had been seen around the city. Were they connected to each other? The crowd bowed and nodded to him, the odd mouse ducking behind the Salamandastron hare out of sight, and he nodded to them in turn, looking regal in his earthy regalia. He took another deep breath and spoke, his voice booming out through the chamber, "Good morning my people. I am ready to hear your troubles and concerns. Today's public Hearing has begun."

    There was a short round of polite applause as the king sat, keeping his back straight and leaning forward slightly. He put other concerns from his mind as his advisers arrayed themselves beside the throne and the first beasts approached.

  • Ooc howdy! Newplayer coolcoyote here! I would like to rp with you on this thread, I am though not too familiar with this area in the Redwall verse, what kind of creatures would be here, woodlander verming or both? And what kind of rp are you looking for? Action, political strife, calm and peacefull or what ever may happen?

  • (ooc: Hi Cool, nice to meet you and I would be delighted to RP with you. 🙂 This RP takes place in Southsward, the kingdom south (naturally) of Mossflower, across a small desert and past a few mountains. I imagine the area to be warmer than Mossflower, almost tropical. Both vermin and woodlanders would be found in the city/castle, and I was hoping for something a bit more peaceful since this is my first RP in Southsward using my royal family characters and I just want to establish their identities.)

  • Ooc sweet. Ill give some thought about what kind of character to put into the rp before i pose. What kind of positions are available to rp here? So far my only official alt would have some trouble icly meeting a king XD

    Ooc so far i have the idea of an advisor, or a diplomat from a nieghboring kingdom or tribe.

  • (ooc: Pretty much anything law abiding would work, from a rural farmer to a citizen of the city to a member of the aristocracy. It's an open audience with the king so anyone can come and speak with him. Can't wait to see what you pick. 🙂 )

  • On such advisor stood out among the rest even if he did not wish too.

    Reptiles were a common sight here in the the souther regions, both of desert and tropical background. A reptile among the advisors though? Not so much.

    It was though nessicary in a city populated by both woodlanders and vermin races to have a  beast who could advise the king on matters of vermin, especially to a woodlander king.

    And the beast for that job had retired earlier that year, leaving Rasilisk his apprentice to take his place, making the lizard one of the few vermin advisors, and the youngest at age 27.

    He was tall for a lizard, which is to say he was a little taller than the king. His scales were soft and shined with oil. They were green in color with a patter of dark green and black spots running down his back. His underbelly was a fine yellow color.

    When he had entered the job Raslisk cut a sleek figure, prehaps a bit soft with scales that have never seen a day of labor in his life but trim. The fine food of the king's castle combined with a sedentry life spent behind a desk had taken their toll on the young advisor though. Under his garments the reptiles body was quite fleshed, prehaps near to obesity, but he wore the weight well under a fine dark blue cloth robe with a purple silk vest over his chest. He had also taken to carrying the old advisors walking stick, a long rod made of wood with a brass dragon head on the end.

    While he had been on the job for around two months Rasilisk still approached the king with a hit of nervousness. "G-good." He began the paused to collect himself. "Good morning Sire. I'm afraid you have a busy day ahead of you. Some farmers wishing to buy some land, an inheritence to sort out, oh and a delegate from the Roshoni tribe is here to speak with you as well.

    Rasilisk used the term delegate loosely of course. The Roshoni were a small tribe of vermin, barely over a few hundred beasts. They were known to be crude, violent tribal folk, who may or may not have owned some land at one time in the kings care. They avoided the beasts of the kingdom and generally made trouble on the rare occasion when they crossed paths with the kingdom, but never to the extent that it merited bringing the kings  attention to them.

    ooc howdy again! Decided to play the role of an advisor if that is ok 😄 and in case no one else joins the rp right away I don't mind spoofing a few npcs for you to play with ^^ I am though going to add Rasilisk to the character roster, i just need a few more details on what the city here is like before I do that 😄

  • Sorrel regarded Rasilisk with his one good eye, noting how the nervous reptile still addressed him with considerable trepidation. If he intended to continue his late master's work as the squirrel king's adviser they would need to cure him of that anxiety. The king needed advisers that told him things he didn't want to hear, that was why he had them in the first place after all. He leaned his chin on a fist with his elbow on a knee as he listened, sitting up again as his adviser finished. He nodded his thanks, "Thank you Rasilisk." He took a moment, staring at the crowd with his one piercing green eye. He thought about the three main problems he'd have to deal with, letting them drift and tumble in his mind. From nowhere a thought occurred to him and he drew himself up, raising his voice to speak to the crowd, "Who wishes to speak of their inheritance with me? Step forward."

    Rosaline eyed the lizard as well, keeping a firm grip on her spear as he spoke with her father. From under her helm she watched how the reptile moved and contemplated his considerable weight. She did not like having him here so close to the king. She didn't even like having him in the city. Vermin like him belonged in the slums at the edge of the city, if not outside the city altogether. A thick, curved scar on her shoulder twinged as she thought about the last time she'd led her men against reptiles. Perhaps she would offer to train this Rasilisk in the training courtyard under the guise of getting in shape so she could see how much of a threat he was. Giving the lizard a sound beating would hopefully put her mind at ease on the matter as well, at least a little.

    (ooc: Sounds good to me. 🙂 What would you like to know about the city first?)

  • ooc yes please ^^ How big is the city, is it based off a certain culture etc etc Also I like how woodlanders and lizards dont exactly get along 😄

    oh and laws, those work too. Is slavery allowed? Land scape surrounding the city would be good too 😄

  • Truth be told Rasilisk was even more nervous of the kings daughter than the king himself. His survival instincts kicked in each time she would pass a judging look at him.

    Clearing his throat before he began to read from a scroll of partchment Rasilisk announced in a loud voice, "Ben Farnsworth and Kirk Kinktail, please step forward and state the nature of your greivence."

    Two beasts stepped forward and already Raslisk knew this was going to be trouble. Ben Farnsworth was short even by feild mice standards. Even dressed at his best he still had a homely appearence. He was dressed in a blue tunic with a red vestment. At his waist was a yellow sash. Behind him there were a small family of mice, possibly his wife or sister and two other mice of the same age.

    Kinktail stood a good deal taler than the rodent, being a rat. He was brown furred witha  scrawny almost half starved look. A portion of his left ear was missing and true to his name sake his tail was bent crooked in not one, but two places. The rat's cloths however were far more expensive than Ben's. The yellow vest he wore was sleeveless and came down to his chest, leaving the small of his back, his sides, and his middle both chest and belly, exposed. His pants were baggy and made of silk with a red belt around his waist. While his foot paws were bare his hands had fingerless cloth gloves.

    Both approached with a measure of respect, nervousnous, and down right fear. "H-h-hello sire." Ben said, clutching onto his cap in his paws with a death grip. Remembering to bow he did so then continued, "The problem isn't too complicated, er, my lord. My father Jacob Farnsworth passed last month. We are trying to devide up the store he has in town between his sons and daughter," he gestures to the three mice behind him, but my step uncle here claims pa left all his possesion to him."

    The rat crosses his arms and nods, "That's right. Me and my brother in law were close, real pals. He promissed all his possesions to me after I saved him from being eaten by a monitor lizard a few years back."

    Rasilisk can only begin to wonder why the lower courts didn't take care of this matter themselves rather than sending it to the king. He shakes his head and sighs. It's here and it needs to be delt with, so the advisor stands ready if called on to preform his duty.

    ooc Woo! I'll toss a kingly problem at you right off the bat 😄 also, i'm having trouble finding both your alts descriptions XD What do they look like by the way?

  • (ooc: Alright, let me see…

    Layout: The city is built in a massive circle around the base of the big hill on which Castle Floret sits. There are four main thoroughfares through the 3 rings of the city (each ring about 10 blocks deep), pointing North, South, East, and West. The inner ring, closest to the hill, contains the biggest buildings, usually around three stories tall with a few being four at the most. They are made of quarried stone and good quality wood with shingled roofs. The inner ring is well organised with straight streets and alleys in a grid. Most government buildings and good quality inns are found in the inner ring, etc. you get the idea. The middle ring is less organised and has buildings made mostly of wood. The alleys are more narrow and the streets curve around a bit more. The markets are found in the middle ring, as well as the vast majority of stores, inns, and other businesses. Many beasts also live in this ring. The outer ring is a maze of small wooden buildings slapped together to house the poorer beasts in the city. There are barely any streets in the outer ring, just alleys and bridges between rooftops. The outer ring is primarily housing, but various churches, the city guard hall, and shadier businesses can be found here. The perimeter of the city is protected by a broad stone wall with gates for the 4 main streets. Castle Floret itself looks like this with the ramp facing south. The ramp would be in the inner ring by the way.

    Surroundings: A bit simpler. The city is surrounded by a large ring of farmland, with forest surrounding that. The forest goes on pretty indefinitely to the south. To the east, past the forest, is the inland lake and Castle Marl. To the north and north-east, past the forest, is a wide strip of desert wasteland. To the north-west is a range of mountains ruled by the bats. To the west is the coast with a port city I haven't established yet.

    Laws: Nothing unusual. Stealing is forbidden, murderers usually get the axe, no slavery, J-walking's fine though.

    Culture: The usual European fantasy culture. I would like to have interest in the advancement of technology be part of the culture though, encouraging inventors and such.


    • King (Sorrel)

    • Royal family (Rosaline, Jacob, and Tilly)

    • The aristocracy, advisers, and diplomats

    • Master craftsmen, master traders, and guild heads

    • Soldiers

    • Merchants and traders

    • Regular citizens

    • Criminals

    Anything else I could add? And here's the royal family. ===> http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2352.0

  • I think a captain of the guard (Or royal guard, depending on how you see it) would be ranked slightly higher than a normal soldier, though being most likely a knight he (or she) would probably fall under the aristocracy banner.


  • @Zach: Agreed. I believe Rosaline would count in that position.

  • Alright. Mind if I jump in after getting a character together? Sounds like an interesting RP.


  • Sure thing.

  • Sorrel idly rubbed his chin as he considered the matter. "Certainly The late Jacob had a will written up. Even if he himself couldn't write you certainly seem to be a family who could hire a scribe to assist with such an important matter." He gestured toward the group's lavish attire.

    The king suddenly stopped rubbing his chin, eye leveled on the rat named Kirk. "Then again, anyone could write a will… but I know very few people who could tangle with a monitor and win without a scratch." He looked Kirk up and down, "Do you have any scars perchance, Kirk?"

  • The rat reach behind him to hold up his broken tail. He waves it about in the air for a bit before letting it drop to the ground. "I didn't actually fight him persay, just sot of… distracted him. It was a the month before My sis' Kacy was due to marry Jacob. I didn't really, approve of the marraige, her bein a rat and him bein a mouse. And being the eldest brother in the family I thought it best to try and...well," Kirk rubs the back of his neck, "Scare em off. So I took him out campin and, well, long story short I awoke to him yelpin and howlerin and lo and behold he was bein eaten by a monitor lizard! So I jumped up onto the beasts back and bit down into his neck, like so"

    Rasilisk cringes as he watches the rat use hand gestures, waving his arms about, and actually biting the air to illistrate the story. "It didn't do much though, that lizard picked me up by the tail and swung me around his head like a flail and tossed me into a tree. Gave Jacob time to scurry on out of there!" The rat finishes by dusting off his vest, "After that he promised his earthly belongings when he, uh, died."

    The mouse nervously fiddles with his hat a bit, like a beast who would rather not call his uncle a liar in public, infront of the king, but has to say something. "Dad, actually told us about that story, so it's probibly true, exagerated but probibly true. He never told us the part about giving our inheritance away to him though."

    Again Ben look's embarrassed, "And pa did have a will...it was lost in the fire, along with most of the shop...and pa."

    An awkward silence follows. The rat speaks first, "An' now your, uh, magesty, you can see the pickle we are in. They don' believe me when I tells them what their papa said."

    Rasilisk leans forward to the king and whispers, "You're majesty, a word?" His voice has a bit of a hiss when he says, "There is a small, but possible danger here. If not handled, delicately, beasts in the city might accuse you of, uh...favoritisssim. They may say you favor the rat simply to gain favor with the vermin of the city. If you choose to give the inheritance to the mouse, beasts might accuse you of doing so because he is...um..." he loses his nerve before he can finish.

    ooc Oh! before I forget, Even though i plan to make an alt of this character, feel free to interact with him in any way up to pg13 levels. I am a dynamic role player who likes consiquences in actions 😄 So if Rasilisk ever gives you a reason to, feel free to kill him, executed, stabbed or sliced with a weapon, thrown to the lions, etc etc. You have my permision to interact with him in any way you guys see fit.

  • Sorrel turned his blazing green eye on Rasilisk, murmuring his reply, "Because he's a woodlander; peaceful and pure? You should know by your mere presence here that I don't discriminate by such standards."

    The king turned back to the family of mice and their rat uncle, "Now then, this seems to be a simple problem to solve. If neither party is willing to relinquish claims to the other then simply split the inheritance evenly between you. I will even send word to a mason who owes the crown a debt and have him assist in rebuilding your shop." He drew himself up, resisting the urge to wince as one of his vertebrae popped, "But I'm sure you already considered that option, sans the mason. Who would be so kind as to explain why that isn't feasible?"

  • The missmatched family of woodlanders and vermin glance nervously ammong themselves. A reasonable plan where everyone benifits? That was one of the first plans to get shot out the window when they thought about how to devide up the share of their fathers still smouldering estate.

    The mice look already stressed at having to split the money four ways, and now look shocked that they may have to split it into fiths. The rat looks positivily horrified,  like a dibbun having an entire pie taken from his paws and replaced with a small sliver.

    The arguements begin almost imidietly, both sides overlaping each other to the point that they can not be understood. By now any concern to keep the family together has been lost.

    Rasilisk rubs at the bridge of his nose. Worried about upsetting his king he hesitates to interviene, especially in the way the squirrel growled at him. But this is too much.

    Banging the bottom of his staff into the floor three times the argument dies down, the words 'ungrateful little snots,' echoes across the room.

    "Remember your place." the lizard says in his own dangerously stern voice. The advisor has teeth when he needs it, even if he doesn't have to backbone to support it yet.

    Both rat and woodlander realize that maybe a line has been crossed in the pressence of the most powerfull person in their kingdom. The mice may not want to share their inheritance with a beast that isn't even related to them beyond marraige, but they don't dare to possibly upset the king further.

    The poor hat in Ben's paws is currled up into a cylinder by now as he speaks, "We uh, um…well..." he quickly loses what he was going to say. His uncle comes to the rescue, for once, "We will gratefully accept any ruling you decide sire, being King and all. We were just...hoping to use that money for...well, we..."

    "After fathers debts are paid there won't be /that/ much left to go around." Ben replies as well, "t-the mason would be most appreciated of course! er, my lord...your majesty...sire."

    The room returns to silence. It doesn't seem like the beasts are going to argue the point any longer.

    Thank all that is holy, thinks Rasilisk.

  • Sorrel sighed quietly and drummed his fingers on the arm of the throne as he watched his subjects crumble into name-calling children. Seeing how spoiled they acted he began to wonder if they would even be able to run the shop if it was rebuilt. He shook his head slowly at the display and was about to call for order when Rasilisk stepped forward and took that task upon himself, rapping his staff on the ground and bringing the unruly beasts to heel.

    The reptile's display of firmness set Rosaline on edge. She had chosen her sharp, saw-toothed hook to wear today and she slowly turned it on the end of her arm, unconsciously feeling the weight of it while giving Rasilisk a glare.

    Sorrel nodded to the lizard in gratitude before addressing his subjects, "The mason will assist with your shop, which, if I'm not mistaken, should begin making you even more money. Although, seeing that money is the heart of this problem, perhaps I should have you give it out to the poor. Maybe their reactions will show you what gratitude for such a gift as this your father left you should look like." He sat back, letting his back rest against the throne, and waved his paw. A hare with glasses and a sheaf of parchment leaned in to record the king's decree, "The estate of the late Jacob Farnsworth is to be split five ways evenly between his surviving kin. The mason Heak Norton will arrive at the site of his burned shop in two days and begin rebuilding it. Furthermore, upon the shop's completion, and for so long as it remains open for business, the owners of said shop will be required to take a tenth of their monthly profits and donate it to the poor in the Outer Ring."

    The hare completed writing and took the sheet from the stack. He handed it to a guard who, in turn, handed it over to the squabbling family. "I'm afraid my master scribe hurt his wrist earlier this week, so writing is painful for him." Sorrel looked at the hare and the hare raised an eyebrow at him. After a moment the hare held out his wrist, paw limp and shivering theatrically, "I'm afraid you will have to share the one parchment." The king smiled apologetically, along with Rosaline and few of his advisers, who smiled somewhat more wryly.

  • Rasilisk smiled as well even though it took a moment for him to get the joke. He did however get a good smile out of watching the peasents squirm at the thought of all that money going to the poor. At that point neither party were willing to dare say anything other than their thanks to the king.

    The lizard almost wished he could see them fight for the paper once they were  out of ear shot. Almost.

    His smile fades as he catches sight of Rosaline's glare. He quickly turns back to his king to preform his duties but mostly to avoid the heat of her eyes boring through his skull.

    "A wise decision my king. That will sssertainly teach them a lesson in humility." Raslisk curses that he let his accent fall through. He tried to keep it in check around the other advisors, the king, and generally in public he realized.

    "Shall…shall I send in your next appointment?" He asked with a bit of uncertainty. He had thought the staff in his paw was just a gift of appreciation from his master but Rasilisk realized it had many uses, least of which was giving him a commanding pressence. It gave him something to lean against while standing for long hours...and something to hold onto, keeping him from nervously rubbing at his arms.

    Ooc This is turning out to be a fun rp 😄 feel free though to time gap if you want to another plot point you wanted to cover ^^

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