Dylan Locke the Lizard

  • Hi! New player CoolCoyote here! Im hoping this is where you put new characters? And is there character approval?
    Nickname: Dylan

    Full Name: Dylan Locke

    Species: Lizard

    Description: Dylan stands a little shorter than most vermin and a hair taller than a mouse or squirrel. Bright red scales run down the length of his body with a gold underbelly that starts at his chin and works its way down to the underside of his tail.

    His scales are soft for the most part but has a jagged boney edge across the sides of his chin and his eyebrows. His otherwise sleek figure is broken only by the curve of his fleshed stomach.

    He wears a short sleeved vest made from the tan leather of another lizard. The vest leaves the small of his back, his sides, and his stomach exposed. A sword belt is strapped over one shoulder which holds up the sheath for his rapier, another belt at his waist holds his fencing dirk and his black cloth trousers.

    He is almost never seen with out his usual wide brimmed musketeer styled hat, which has a long feather plume sticking out of the side.


    Rapier - A long bladed rapier with a custom made ornate silver hilt. It contains a hold out dagger inside.

    Fencing Dirk - A short but wide bladed weapon made for defense.

    Wide brim hat - A dark felt hat made of cloth with a red feather plume

        Experienced Skirmisher - Dylan is skilled with the rapier in paw to paw combat, using a swashbuckling style when fighting.
        Charisma - Dylan has a boisterous energetic way of speaking, filled with expressive hand movements and body motion.
        Climbing Skills - As a climbing breed of lizard Dylan has natural climbing skills.

        Greed - Money Money Money. The things Dylan i willing to put himself through for a pocket of coppers
        Glutton - A scavenger at heart Dylan tends to over eat when given the chance, often over indulging on food and drink
        Strength of a fluffy kitten - While experienced in sword play Dylan has very little physical strength
        Lazy - Why do today what you can do tomorrow? Dylan works hard to avoid hard work.

        Dylan Locke is a mercenary at heart. Always looking for the easy path to glory and riches. Some see him as a charming rouge with charisma, others see him as a sleezy self centered greedy weasel.
        Despite his many, many flaws Dylan feels he has a heart of gold…even if you have to dig deep to reach it.

        Dylan  Locke is a 27 year old lizard. He comes from a large colony of lizards to the south. Always having a thirst for adventure he joined the local military for his colony when his homeland went to war with a neighboring kingdom of lizards as well.
        While he proved himself a skilled warrior on the battlefield Dylan began to have...regrets. He felt that both sides were really not that different from each other, he never viewed any noble in charge as truly noble, and in the end quickly became dissillusioned.
      With no end of the war fare between the tribes in sight Dylan simply left his post after one battle and never looked back. Being only skilled in warfare Locke turned to mercenary work and adventuring to support himself. For the past few years of his life he has been known to resort to banditry and thievery when work slows down.
        Alone and adrift he is still looking for his purpose in life.

  • No character approval needed here. As long as the character fits in with the overall universe of 'Redwall' then there should be no problem.

  • Sweet. I'll probbibly be making more alts here as well XD Im not quite sure where to begin.

    In the mean time Im probibly going to be making more alts here as well ^^.

  • Hey coolcoyote, welcome to Redwall's Legacy. 😉

    You have a nice character idea here. I like the different strengths and weaknesses you chose, and his appearance is nicely memorable. I hope to see him being RPed some time. 🙂

  • Thanks!

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