What to do with Eselbrador…

  • This was posted elsewhere, but thought we could take up the conversation again…

    • Narvis expressed interested in still being prince. He thinks he should be able to get active again (though that was before the 2 month break, so I don't know if that has changed)

    So with that being said, one of two things can happen:

    (1) Kill them off ~ Something happens (perhaps at the wedding?) that requires King and Vladimir's urgent attention. That thing being Kariska. They fight (perhaps war?), and all three lives are ended. Good way to get all three characters out of the way.
    IF Vik ever did come back, we can say he and Vladimir hid in the void for some time (perhaps to get stronger after their battle with Kariska).

    OR something completely different. We can have a lot of fun ideas come from this option, as long as Kariska, Vikenti, and Vladimir are either dead or missing and presumed dead so we can keep it going without them. So start thinking!

    For this we would need new characters, perhaps from another kingdom. Another king, or a noble of sorts to comfort and gain the attention of the queen.
    We would also need someone to fill the antagonist role. Perhaps the king (tyrant/dictator) has no interest in Kiara but rather wants the power? Whatever we decide.

    (2) Scrap everything, and start fresh.
    IF Vik ever did come back, well then he can still be a part, just not as the character he was. (perhaps be a king of a neighbouring kingdom?)

    We would need to start fresh with our characters and who they are because of the relationships and development that took place during the process so for.
    We would still need to find some sort of antagonist.

    Narvis said he was fine with either or (again that was before the 2 month break)

    …. or we can just scrap the whole idea and leave it ....

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