Nerissa (Multiple Subjects not Completed)

  • Full Name


    Arctic Fox (Or "White Foxes" as they are called in Rakkety Tam.)


    Has no job, slaves do not get paid.

    _Nerissa is an arctic fox, which means her coat is pure white during the colder seasons and sheds off to a more shorter, blackish coat during the warmer seasons. Although her kind are known to come from a harsh land, Nerissa doesn't have the markings and physique of a proper Ice and Snow fox due to being born a slave instead of being captured. Because of this, she lacks a "warrior maiden" physique and instead has one you could expect from a fit, but not exercised maid. Which came from the fact she is a healer who aids the wounded after battles instead of being a war slave or servant slave.

    A rather notable thing about her however, is the presence of hair that is done into a braided ponytail._

    _Being a healer, Nerissa is required to have most of the ingredients and equipment need for healing purposes on herself at all times. Because of this, she has several pouches across her waist that contain herbs, mosses, leaves, roots, bone or wooden needles, bark for binding purposes, bandages, bottles and vials of various medicines, alcohol, ointments and unguents. Otherwise, she is dressed typically and standard issuedly by slave healer standards with a few personal objects of her own choice to wear. Nerissa dresses simply with dark tan breeches, a slate grey short-sleeved tunic, a brown leather belt with a scabbard for her sickle sword, a brown leather sheath for a long straight dagger and a sleeveless thigh-length, high-collared, silver colored gambeson stitched in a diamond pattern that is made from linen and stuffed with left over fur for protection.

    Nerissa likes jewelry and is constantly getting her paws on them, but due to a incident where she had failed to save one of more popular and liked members Claudia's cat knights from a mortal wound, the other cats typically demand such items from her to keep out of spite and will sometimes even throw low valued jewelries into a river or lake in full view of her just to hurt her emotionally. For now in terms of jewelry, she has a necklace made from a long blue-coloured cord with red coral beads strung through it. A common article of Land of Ice and Snow jewelry, and also wears several bracelets of different designs made from turquoise, lapis lazuli and malachite. She typically only wears them in private so she can admire them without the risk of cats seeing and confiscating them._

    _Nerissa has extended knowledge on healing and extended experience as well. Though she is not always successful in fully healing or saving her patients, she has proven herself a expert medicine maid. She isn't just good with medicines either, she has saved several lives with her extensive stitching skills as well and removed infection causing barbed arrow heads and sealed the cuts and wounds with her dagger.

    Because of her profession, she is also has a great memory and a strong will to learn, even if they are not subjects revolving around healing. It also means that typically hordebeasts treat her with some respect because she may end up being one of the healers who has to operate on you or otherwise care for you. Cats have no worry of this because she would be severely punished and killed should she on purposely cause the death of a feline, but in the case of most other races, not many would care too much if she caused an accident to a wounded beast who wronged her…._

    _Nerissa isn't a combat hardened killer or an experienced swordsbeast, she has rarely had any direct combat with any enemy at all and because of her status as a healer, most hordebeasts are wise enough never to wrong her in any way, especially physically. (blacksmiths and cooks also have this little perk) She has recently be mock dueling with Ryker to pass time during their trip to Sampetra, but she still had a lot to learn.

    Nerissa isn't a popular hordebeast, due to a incident where she failed to save a cat knight from death after he was pierced by six barbed arrows, because of this. She had for a long time become a subject of cruel bullying by cats, this has stopped recently since she became well acquainted with Ryker, but she still suffers from paranoia and tries to stick around him as often as possible._



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