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  • So, we're back after over two months of downtime! Glad to see the place back up, but I think we should discuss this in case it occurs again.

    In regards to financial problems. As was discussed on the Skype group chat, some members would actually be willing to assist the site financially if it went down due to payment issues. Obviously not everyone has an income to do so, but a few of us are willing and able.

    This would be easier to negotiate with more communication between members, I think. I don't think the forum's owner is on the Skype chat, and they don't seem to respond to e-mails. I'm not even totally sure who it is that runs this place. Also, it seems not everyone is aware that there is a Facebook page, where some updates were posted.

    I'm wondering if we could make a plan for any future downtime, in which we can more readily communicate with the owners and the host service, if there's payment issues to be resolved? I'd hate to see this site go down again and not be able to offer any help. 😉

  • I don't Skype, or have a Facebook, so I was in the dark…..So, yes, more communication and a plan is what seems good to me!

  • RL is the owner of the site. While I'm not 'friends' with him on facebook, I am friends with his brothers, Seth and CQ. There was a group chat set up on facebook and Seth added RL to the chat.

    Communication is hard when there are so many people using or not using different communication programs.

    All admins are on Skype (we used to have admin meetings every week when RL, Seth, and CQ were more active). I also have Pen on Skype and told him to spread the word to contacts he has.

    Other than that, I am 'friends' with some of the members on facebook, and for those who are not 'friends' we do have a facebook page.
    Even if you do not have facebook, you can still click the link, and it will direct you to the facebook page. We are not a private group so you can still see the updates that are posted up.

    If/when the site goes down, we do not have assess to members' profiles or emails, so we can't send out a mass e-mail or anything.

    What is the best way to communicate to members, when we don't have assess to everyone's email, and facebook and Skype can't reach to you?

    I will pass it down the line that there are some members who would be willing to contribute if they needed to.

  • Interesting, so the 'Redwalls Legacy' account is the owner's only account, then? I know he can send mass e-mails, because he's done so to promote activity on the forum.

    The best way to communicate with the majority of active members is to actually use those facilities. We only got one message on Facebook that just said, "The site is still down, but we are still working out issues for the site." That tells us nothing, really. I recall T.J passed on a message on the group Skype chat that the owners were looking into fixing the problem, but again, no real details.

    The problem is not finding a universal means of communicating with all members. The problem is the channels that were open gave us little more than dead air for over two months. We couldn't send messages to the owner to offer support, and there was no explanation of what was going on from their side.

    I think it's also important to note that this is one of very few active Redwall-themed RP forums. The alternatives are basically the Redwall Survivor scene (which is way more geared to competitive writing), the Vulpine Imperium (An alternate universe setting, and the website is mostly broken), and the Redwall MUCK (An empty server most of the time, with instant message RPs that basically prevent long posts). What we have here is pretty unique now.

    What we really need to talk about is if and how we can contribute to keep the site running. I don't have many places to RP, I virtually never stick around on forums this long. This place is very important to me, and I'm sure it is also to many others.

  • As only admin, TJ and I cant really do anything in regards to contacting the hosting server. We don't have that kind of information. (I tried before, but I needed RL's user and password and all that fun information) We had to get the owners to do it. (and trust me, I was not above texting them in the US from Canada :P)

    After we had told them of the problem, they said they would get on it. Nothing much else they said. So we really didn't have much to report back to the members, once we got a hold of them. It wasn't until about half way through that we found out it was a financial situation. I did tell Pen that and got him to spread the word to his contacts, as I didn't feel right stating that on facebook.

    As they say, hind-sight is 20/20. Any feedback is helpful if things happen again.

  • Yeah, I guessed from T.J's messages that there really wasn't much information available. It just seems rather odd to me that the owners needed to be informed the site was down. I guess they don't get a lot of time to check up on us?

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from them in regards to financial support. I'm happy to talk about it on this site, or on Skype, or via e-mail. 🙂

  • I did email RL and got a reply in a few days as to why the site was down. This was about 4 weeks ago, I think.

    I hope someone can come up with a way to keep all of us in the loop if this ever happens again; we were all very sad at my house when it went down.

    By the way, my little brother is campaigning to get my mom to let him join. So we may have a new member soon. Once he tells her the site is back up, that is. 🙂

  • It my defense that I didn't have much information is I'm not friends with most admins of FB but on Skype and it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with the site. The reason I just messaged you guys saying "the site is down, but we are working on it to get it back up and running" was that I had little to no information at that time and I didn't want to come to a conclusion that wasn't backed up by facts.

    And you guys have to remember, most of us has other obligations outside the site, most of us rpg when we have time, it's not a full job. Just saying. And as kiara stated, we don't have everyone's emails outside the server or any contact info.

    Bright side is that the site is back up, we always encourage feedback on how to improve, yes we did have downtime but eventually we got it back up, sorry this affected some of you and were left in the dark.
    I'll see if I have time and possibly make a mass email list on an excelle spreadsheet of the contact info so when this ever happens again I can send out a mass email to everyone. But this requires that you MUST have an updated email address. My email is my personal work email so you can message me anytime and I'll will respond in a day or less is you have any issues.

  • I totally understand that you guys are busy, I have a life too! And I really appreciate what you do here, it's wonderful. Thank you so much!

  • Yes - Thanks so very much! I can promise you that my email is current. Or did I enter the work one…....? No, I didn't. Sorry, I'm scatterbrained in the mornings.

  • I posted this on the "is your profile current" thread, but thought I would post it here as well…

    Even if you do not have facebook, you can still access the facebook page and see updates that we post on it.

    So if you do not have facebook, click the link below and save it to your favorites so that you can always check in if the site ever does go down.

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