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  • Full Name
    Goes by the name "Demyan" and insists on it. Nobeast knows his real name or if he even has a full name. Some beasts nicknamed him "Dye Brush Demyan" and he's showed no hostility towards being called that. His birth name and real name however, is Drogo.


    Fox (Has the appearance of a Blanford's fox)

    Arguably evil.

    Spying and Reconnaissance, however he has lived a double life throughout most of his existence and is a serial killer. Only a few know this secret.

    _His race is shorter than red foxes, white foxes and Marlfoxes and therefore is around the same height of a feral cat. In fact, this fox and another character of mine, Ryker are the same exact height, but unlike Ryker who has a figure that is very athletic. Demyan has the physique of a body builder and has the strength to prove it. Several of his victims have died by strangulation. Demyan had a coat that was a stiff mixture of a mid-lower tanish color that covered his belly and most of his tail and a upper almost saddle-style lightish grey and black upper coat that extended down to his thighs, shoulders and a quarter of his tail length. His face was also tan colored with black marking that extended down his cheeks like a cheetah and part of his muzzle and his hands and foot paws were white. However, now his bush, his face and his hands and footpaws are an explosion of dark blue, dark green, dark red and black. This habit of dying himself spawned from a obsessive curiousity and interest in the betta fish that younger wildcats would use to pass the time by pitting them against other betta fish. They were beautiful, and powerful fighters, just like he wanted to be.

    Demyan has two different coloured eyes, one being dark blue and the other being very very foggy icy light blue, if it wasn't for the solid black slit. It would appear to be a blind eye. Some of the dimmer bullies in his childhood often mistook it for a eye suffering from cataracts and attempted to ambush him on his 'blind side.'

    Being a former war slave, he has several scars, but unlike most warriors, openly despises them and tries to hide all of them, though not all of them can be hidden, especially a particulary few thin, but long ones that start from the back of his head and drag their way down to his left cheek. They are claw marks.

    As a added note, Demyan often tries to bathe whenever he can._

    _Possibly the oldest item he possesses and his all time favorite weapon is a large ratcheting knife (Navaja) that was a war trophy from one of Jandour's many border skirmishes with the natives of the Cold Lands, as the inhabitants there were well known for making unique devices and weaponry such as the cranequin used to reload their heavy crossbows. The knife had eventually found its way to the Great South Coast, and a fifteen year old Demyan would eventually steal the blade from a local market place and use it to murder several maids, including his own mother.

    A favorite method of murder he enjoyed that could be done on beasts with large multifloor houses or who were traveling on the road was to sneak about under the darkest darkness of night and make little, but ample noises. Enough to give beasts the impression that something simply fell off a book self or that a branch must have fallen somewhere. When beasts came to investigate, he would stalk them and feed on their growing sense of fear and paranoia, when he finally got bored of playing with his pray, the last sound they would hear was the unnatural metallic clicking noise of his knife folding out for the kill.

    However, it wasn't his only weapon, he also carried about a sling should he ever need a ranged option to his murders and assassinations and a long, thin dagger. The dagger was obviously made by white cats, its handle and sheath were made with a combination of fish ivory and shark skin. It had previously been in possession of one of the sailors that Demyan had worked with, a middle aged otter, who had bought the weapon as a souvenir for his son. Unfortunately, he would never see his family again as he got eaten by the savages of the Land of Ice and Snow when the crew took a job to retrieve ice from the nation for a pine martin lord from a island called Sampetra. The inside of the sheath was coated in a slimy substance that both the otter and Demyan originally thought was some kind of preservative oil. However, Demyan found out this wasn't the case and that it was in fact some type of toxic from a very poisonous fish or some other aquatic creature.

    Demyan is a huge fan of jewelry, because jewelry is always used to improve one's look. He has earrings, pawrings, toerings, tailrings, bracelets, necklets, muzzle piercings, tongue piercings and even a nose ring. These come in all different styles, shapes, sizes and materials. Which range from studs to rings, from ivory to gold. He is typically seen wearing many of them on his person.

    Demyan has a curious sense of fashion. Wearing a combination of satin, silk, and flannel clothing, he wears a long sleeve silver colored ruffled shirt that is a size or two too large and leaves it looking baggy and a pair of pants that are the same color, but are the correct size. They are both made from a silk or satin fabric that corsairs wear, he also wears a short sleeve shirt under his shirt to keep warm and a knee length kilt over his breeches, both are made from the flannel fabric common in the Northlands and are Egyptian blue and black colored with a tartan pattern. He also wears two sashes that he uses for his waist and as a scarf around his neck and tucked into his shirt that are a dark blue with a black pattern weave.

    Finding boots to be too loud for his job and not a big fan of gloves either, Demyan wraps his feet and paws with black cloth. He also wears a long black silk scarf around his head when out on his missions, the silk was thin enough for him to see through it, but not too thin that his victims could catch sight of his glowing eyes._

    _Demyan is a powerhouse inside a more compact body than most races of vulpine. An assassin with muscle that allows him to easily overpower most of his victims and sometimes even kill them via strangulation. Demyan also uses this strength to bust through, pull open or otherwise do particular feats of strength that some other beasts wouldn't have the strength too pull off. He takes particular pride in working out his legs which has given him uncanny speed and long distance running. Making him pretty much the fastest beast in Juno's forces, even compared to his feline superiors.

    Demyan also is a master assassin, this stems from his secret life as a serial killer who would stalk his victims before finally killing them. He know how to avoid a beast's senses, he knows how to pick locks, he leaves false evidence and often steals from other beasts and uses their objects as a way to frame them and finally, thanks to his experiences with the white cats of the Great South Coast, he even has knowledge on making poisons.

    Also thanks to his place of origin, Demyan is a very resourceful beast. The white cats ran a tough society and he was forced to go through the same militaristic schools that all other citizens of his country had to go through. Because of this, Demyan also shares Ryker's extensive knowledge on aquatic wildlife and their uses, a particular example of this was when he assassinated a beast by stuffing his sea salmon lunch full of puffer fish organs._

    _Demyan isn't mentally stable. He believes that the only way to become beautiful and sexually appealing to the eyes of the opposite gender is to dye his fur several attractive colours, get as many body piercings as he can and wear as much jewelry as he can and finally, eat key body parts of his victims to improve the 'ugly' parts of his own body and give him strength. (Something he learned from the natives of the Land of Ice and Snow.) Obviously, Demyan has severe self-esteem issues, but it is unknown to most beasts because he is extremely secretive about his serial killing ways and does not display any hint of his low self-esteem in public. He so far, has hidden his true feelings well.

    Demyan sometimes has moments where he lacks common sense and self control. Juno found out about his serial killing ways when the fox murdered one of his own via strangulation in the dead of night and ate the fellow foxes' arm muscles and stole his jewelry, the very next day. Several of Juno's cat knights immediately identified the jewelry Demyan was wearing as the victim's. Luckily, Juno saw Demyan's ability to kill a beast bigger than he was silently in the middle of a crowed campsite as a useful skill to make use out of and therefore, spared him and changed his position from a typical war beast to an assassin and scout.

    Finally, Demyan doesn't wear any sort of armour or defense due to his job. He is vulnerable to any type of attack both melee and ranged and has to depend on good sense of awareness and quick reflexes to survive ranged attacks. A stray arrow or crossbow bolt could easily kill him if struck in the right spot._



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